Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                   February/March 2013

Calendar of Events



April 6

Global Pet Food Outlet

Torrance, CA

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 CAST FundraisingEvent


April 20

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Sensory Friendly Gym Day

Grants Pass, OR


May 18-19

Pet Fair at Josephine County  Fairgrounds

Grants Pass, OR


June 8

Dog Care Fair

Riverside Park

Grants Pass, OR


June 15

Music and Wine

Grants Pass, OR


June 15

Booth at 

Sensory Friendly Gym Day

Grants Pass, OR


 June 29

6th Annual Graduation

Grants Pass, OR

Jazz, Zumba, Bridget, Bolero and Samba in Advanced Training 
A Very Special 
Thank You
 A VERY special thank you goes out to 11-year old Racquelle Vellandi of Southern California. Her Girl Scout troop has assisted our organization several times at events such as the Abilities Expo and the Dog Walk, and Racquelle decided she wanted to launch a project that would help us even more. In December, Racquelle personally baked and delivered 200 orders of specialty dog treats to family members, friends and supporters. Her efforts were incredibly successful, and Racquelle presented a donation to Canine Angels in January for $2,000! She also plans to launch a new fundraiser soon, with extra help and a goal of raising $10,000! Thank you, Racquelle! You are one amazing kiddo!
Here are an article and video about Racquelle's donation:
Kennel Wish List

Please help our new students settle in by donating to CAST
Any donation, large or small, helps with turn-in expenses such as vet bills, transportation and medical tests.  Sturdy dog toys, dog treats, shampoo, and flea control products are always needed as well.
Thank you!

Dog food is always needed...
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 California Natural Foods 
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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - Are you a federal employee or member of the military? Do you know someone who is? If so, you can help Canine Angels! We are a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program, an annual fundraising drive in which donations are made through payroll deductions of employees who designate CAST as their charity of choice. Our CFC number is 43661.   

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We hope your 2013 is off to a great start! Last year brought Canine Angels many wonderful gifts for which we are deeply grateful. With our ever-growing system of teamwork and support, through time lovingly given, in-kind donations, and financial contributions, our organization was able to accomplish our fundraising goals for 2012.


CAST made the Top-Rated list through Less than 1% of eligible nonprofits have received this distinction. The mission of GreatNonprofits is to inspire and inform donors and volunteers, enable nonprofits to show their impact, and promote greater feedback and transparency. To view our profile and read reviews by our graduates and volunteers, click here.


We were also accepted to start the accreditation process for Assistance Dogs International (ADI), a coalition of not for profit assistance dog organizations created to improve the areas of training, placement, and utilization of assistance dogs, staff and volunteer education, as well as educating the public about assistance dogs, and advocating for the legal rights of people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs.


Canine Angels is looking forward to another productive and rewarding year with a great deal of exciting things coming our way. With your support, we can do it!


Take good care,

Kelly Stack
Executive Director
Advanced training - A Letter Home
(this letter was lovingly dictated to head trainer Sandy Mays at the CAST Training Facility in Grants Pass, OR.)


Zumba, Jazz, Bolero, Bridget and Samba at CAST

It's time! It's time! It's turn-in time!  I'm finally old enough to pack my bag and travel to Grants Pass, Oregon, for advanced training. I've waited my whole life to be old enough for this adventure. What an amazing reunion it will be. My siblings and I will all be together again, romping and playing with each other just like when we were little puppies. I've heard t here will be lots of other new friends too.  Finally, a chance to travel someplace on my own and live in the dorm  without my puppy parents constantly telling me what to eat and how to act. The freedom! It's going to be amazing . . . I just can't wait another day.  My bag is packed with my favorite toys, chew bones and a few weeks' worth of the health food I've had to eat since I was a little pup. I bet we'll get junk food at the cafeteria. I even put my favorite blanket in so I can snuggle up at night and dream of home. Don't tell the other guys about my blanket. I'm sure they would all just laugh at me.

To tell the truth, I am a little worried about going. I have such an

incredible family and home to live in now. It's been the best time of my life getting to play, be loved and grow up with my puppy parents. I will never ever forget them and all they've done to help me move closer to my dream of becoming a service dog. It's cool, though. I've heard that in advanced training we get cell phone and computer time. Not during our training time, of course, but plenty of opportunities to call home and share how we are doing or ask for money for our free time shopping days. Some families have even sent care packages with bones, toys and goodies to share.

I've heard our trainer only plays country music. We'll have to gang up on her with something new. I can't imagine listening to country for the next 8 months. I'm going to totally buy a few new tunes for the kennel.
It will be awesome, though - no more sleeping in crates! We get our own dorm room and can decorate the walls with whatever we like. I'm thinking Air Bud and Bieber for me. This is going to be the best adventure ever. Once we're settled in, I've heard the real fun begins. The trainer wants to show us the town so we get to go on lots of field trips together.  You'll never believe it - we even get

School Field Trip

 to ride in the back of a truck without seat belts! Ok, ok, it does have a camper shell and is totally enclosed and safe, but can you imagine a whole group of us in the back getting to sing, yell and talk about whatever we want while we sight-see around town? Maybe we'll even write some new camp songs. I am so lucky to be a Canine Angel!
 In case you are wondering, I do know it won't really be all fun and games. Rumor has it I'll be carrying a pretty big work load, too. Not long after we arrive we have evaluations, testing and health exams. Depending on how those results turn out determines what happens next. Some of us, I'm sure, will decide to Career Change and head home as we aren't all trying to be doctors and lawyers here. I'm still a little undecided. Being a service dog has always been my dream but I've also heard you have good options back at home too. Some of my friends became therapy dogs, did search and rescue, or went on to do competition obedience and agility. There are so many choices. For now, I'm just going to study hard, play hard and live in the moment while I figure out what my future holds.   

Graduate Story -  Assisted Service Dog Twister

 (from Christina Wiebe, mom of Jacob and his Assisted Service Dog, Twister)


Living with service dogs has changed Jake's life for the better in so many ways. Now that Jake has Twister, he is much more outgoing and eager to participate in the life that goes on around him. He even has a louder voice and he is stronger both mentally and emotionally.

When we go to parties, Jake wants to play games with the other children. Jake sometimes asks me to take Twister for him so that he can zip around in his wheelchair. I simply need to keep Twister close so that if he needs her, she will be there for him. Playing in games with other children NEVER happened before Twister. Jake is even talking about going to school now!  He is helping me find just the right online school where he can go out on field trips and take her with him!


The first example of Jake's new mental strength came in late August when Jake had his med port removed. Although the surgery went well, the recovery was very difficult for Jake. We had to go into the doctor's office every two or three days to have the Steri-strips changed, which was painful for Jake. He sat there completely calm and never moved because he had Twister's leash in his hands. When things got a little tough for him he would talk to Twister. Just knowing that she was there for HIM was enough to soothe and calm him. Jake got his first cold with Twister in September. By then Twister was already his "girl". She was determined not to leave his side. She literally nursed him back to health. When I was near Jake, she would leave his side to get a toy and bring it to him to make him feel better. She collected every toy and bone in the house.


Twister truly is Jake's Canine Angel. She is perfect for him and she absolutely LOVES him. I know that she will never leave his side and Jake will always have her there when things get rough.



Training Facility Upgrades - Many Thanks
concrete pad 2 Our CAST Training Facility received much needed improvements last fall.
The Grants Pass Rotary club financed the materials for a large concrete apron in front of the facility through a Fund Grant.  Labor and professional expertise for  the project was generously donated by Brad Silveira of One Way Builders, Jeremiah Kirkland and Kerry Kirkland of Calvary Construction, and  Ron Hager of Ron Hager Construction.  Copious thanks to all of them for their hard work.

Thanks also to Cheryl Bright, our volunteer groomer, for her generous donation of materials and assembly of our new block wall.