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 LUTW Winter Newsletter: January 2012  

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Solar in India
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India Begins to Live up to It's Solar Ambitions
"The efficiency of solar technology will continue to increase, and with the increasing demand in solar energy, cost will continue to decrease," Mr. Wadhwa said.
Two years ago, Indian policy makers said that by the year 2020 they would drastically increase the nation's use of solar power from virtually nothing to 20,000 megawatts - enough electricity to power the equivalent of up to 15 million modern American homes during daylight hours when the panels are at their most productive. Many analysts said it could not be done. But, now the doubters are taking back their words.
Read more about solar in India.
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2011 4th Quarter Project Updates

Costa Rica 

LUTW worked with ACEM and dedicated volunteer, Brian Minielly, to design four solar PV systems which were installed in schools operating in the Talamanca region in November and December. 162 solar PV systems were also supplied to LUTW's partner organization, ACEM, with funding provided by the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America (EEP).     


Refer to our Regional Office Update for details on our activities in Peru.  


Papua New Guinea
We are currently seeking more funding to assist our partner in Papua New Guinea, ATprojects, with the resources to keep installing solar PV lighting systems in the remote aid posts. Donate today to help us continue to improve health care services in Papua New Guinea in memory of Captain Nichola Goddard.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we provided project support and guidance to 12 organizations and supplied two organizations with solar PV equipment. These organizations are working in 12 countries including:
- Ethiopia
- Cameroon
- India
- Nepal
- Guyana
- Zimbabwe
- Nigeria
- Malawi
- Honduras
- Guatemala
- Palestine
- Uganda
A New Years Resolution You can Keep
It's never too late to get down to the business of becoming a better person.
Exactly what "better" means is different for each of us: more efficient, more patient, more adventurous. Less tobacco-scented, less workaholic, less messy.
Instead of focusing on JUST you, consider resolving to make more socially conscious choices this year. Instead of a better you, try aiming - modestly or boldly - for a better world, starting with you.
SCiP Interns
We are pleased to welcome three interns who have joined us through the SCiP program to help out and gain experience working in the international development sector.
Sarah Pynoo is the Social Media Coordinator intern and is currently working on a Communications degree from the University of Calgary and a Journalism degree at SAIT.
Casey Knoll is the Marketing and Communications intern and a third year student in the Bachelor of Communications Studies program at the University of Calgary.
Rachel Feddema is a Fund Development Assistant helping out with donation processing, and researching new funding opportunities and strategies. She is in her third year studying Communication and Development at the University of Calgary.
Happy New Year's everyone - and what a year it is going to be! We cannot tell you how gratifying it is to know the work we do has been affirmed at the highest level. 2012 has been declared the year of Sustainable Energy for All by the United Nations General Assembly.
We have joined the United Nations Energy Access Practitioners network. The Practitioners network is comprised of organisations and companies that expand access to energy by introducing appropriate technologies to communities around the world.
To learn why energy access is one of the great enablers that has the potential to improve social and economic well-being for billions of people in our world Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, prepared a vision statement.
Check out the video in our Project Profile to understand more about our projects. As always, we are thrilled to continue doing our part in bringing renewable energy and light to the world.
Best regards,


Linda Tyler
Communications & Finance 
Project Profile: Alto Nanay
The District of Alto Nanay is located in the Peruvian Amazon and, like most areas in this region, is rich in natural resources.  ConocoPhillips and the Municipality of Alto Nanay had already worked together on various projects when LUTW was just beginning to develop a relationship with the Mayor and Municipality ofAlto Nanay.
After discussion and understanding our respective goals joining forces seemed like an ideal match. LUTW, ConocoPhillips and the Municipality came together to propose a project which resulted in the October installation of solar PV systems in high priority buildings like medical facilities, community centres and a school. 
LUTW would like to thank ConocoPhillips for financially supporting this initiative from which approximately 2,600 people are benefiting. Click on the picture below to watch a short video about the implementation of this project.
Light Up The World - Solar Energy Project in Alto Nanay, Peru
Light Up The World - Solar Energy Project in Alto Nanay, Peru
Regional Office Update
Time flies when you're in weaving through rivers in the Amazon, and climbing mountains in the Andes all in the name of renewable energy!  
In October and November we facilitated training workshops and subsequently installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in six community buildings in the District of Alto Nanay benefiting the Santa Maria, Diamante Azul and San Antonio communities. Seven technicians took part in training workshops and played a key role in installing the solar PV systems. One of the most important installations was a 260 Watt system for the the emergency and delivery rooms in the Medical Center in Santa Maria. TAlto Nanay Traininghis lighting system facilitates emergency evening procedures which previously were extremely limited.
Solar home system installations were completed in 30 homes in the communities of Santiago de Belen Anta and Ccenta in early December. This project was delayed on various occasions due to protests in the region. In total, LUTW and our project partner in Apurimac, Kuyacc Ayni, trained more than 20 technicians and installed solar home systems in more than 120 homes in this region in 2011.
We made our first visit to the province of Huancavelica where we met with representatives from the NGO San Javier and community leaders. We are planning our first project there in 2012 and the initial visit is an important part of assessing conditions in the region. Huancavelica has always been one of Peru's most deprived regions, with 80 per cent of families, largely indigenous farmers living at heights of up to 5,000m, subsisting below the poverty line. Approximately, 44% of the population does not have access to electricity.
Nationally, November was fraught with social and political uprisings. Although the protests were against mining activities the impact was widespread.  It was difficult to get information at times, understand the impact and true nature of the protests, and for mediators and groups involved to create a resolution that was acceptable, appropriate and sustainable.  
The disquiet only highlights the importance of sensitization and empowering local structures with decision making power. Fortunately we have already taken this to heart and our project methodology, partner seleAlto Nanay Communityction and community engagement acts to strengthen positive outcomes and participatory processes.  We bring all parties together in our projects, striving for shared benefit and positive outcomes for all.
Recipient Profile: Teodor Huasco Rosales
 Mr. Teodor Huasco Rosales lives in the valley of Pachcce Pata, an annex to the town of Santiago Belen Anta, a small community in the Andes of Peru. As a resident, he had heard of the LUTW project being implemented in his community but, like some other members of the town, he had doubts about the technology and initially declined to take part in the project.   When LUTW arrived with the Peruvian partner organization Kuyacc Ayni to start the training, Teodor decided to sit in on the workshop, albeit with some pessimism. As the training workshop progressed, Teodor's interest in the technology he was seeing grew as he considered the impact it could have on his home life. By the end of the workshop, he had made his decision.
Teodore Training
Teodor (in the back) absorbing the new technology.
Early the next morning, he walked to the nearest town to sell one of his cows, using the proceeds for the household contribution required to receive a solar home lighting system of his own. To Teodor's great pleasure the team of recently trained technicians, LUTW and Kuyacc Ayni were able to install a system in his home the following day.   
Despite efforts to inform communities about the technology and its benefits, community members often need to see how the technology works firsthand before taking a decision to invest in it. Educating community members about the technology and the benefits it brings is one of the various project challenges that LUTW and our partners face in bringing solar PV and high-efficiency lighting to remote and isolated communities. For this reason, communication with households and demonstrations to the community are critical to the success of any project.
Upcoming Events
SATURDAY, January 7th - 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Fish Creek Bottle Depot

The Club will be holding a bottle drive to support LUTW.

WEDNESDAY, February 29th  5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
University of Calgary, MacEwan Event and Conference Centre

The Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy Students Association (ISEEESA) will be hosting their Sixth Annual Networking Dinner. Students, industry, academia and government will come together over a four course meal to engage in conversation and hear from a distinguished keynote speaker. ISEEESA will be holding a silent auction with LUTW as the designated beneficiary.


The Vision 2012 joint convention of CSEG, CSPG and CWLS are supporting LUTW with the proceeds from their silent auction. The convention takes place at the Telus Convention Centre May 14 & 15, 2012.


Bidding opens Monday, May 14th items available for viewing on the exhibit floor.  Bidding will continue on May 15th with the close of the auction at 4:00 before the Tuesday night reception on the floor at the Telus Convention Centre.
Thank you for your support! Because of your commitment, we can continue our mission of improving the quality of life for people without access to electricity.
Your backing assists us in empowering people in need by providing access to renewable energy and lighting. You are a necessary component of our efforts to enhance health and safety, foster local education, help to develop economic infrastructure, and protect the environment by reducing dependence on harmful, carbon based fuels. On behalf of our partners and the communities with whom we work, thank you!

The LUTW Team
Light Up the World