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NEW! Natural Yellow Wax Medium
Enkaustikos Wax Mediums

Enkaustikos has added a new wax medium to our product line. It is called Natural Yellow Wax Medium and as the name implies, it is made with yellow beeswax. Just like our original and the XD Wax Medium, Natural Yellow Wax Medium is made from U.S. Pharmaceutical grade beeswax, meaning there are no bleaches or solvents used in the refining process.


Beeswax gets much of its color from the pollen that the bees gather as they go from one flower to another. Since pollen varies in color, so too will beeswax. You will see color ranges from the palest of yellows to much darker brownish yellows. Our original Wax Medium and our XD Wax Medium use the absolute palest beeswax obtainable. Our new Natural Yellow Wax Medium is made from a beautiful, warm and sunny yellow, not too dark, but just enough to offer you a noticeable difference. 

Take a look at the image. You will see our three varieties of wax medium coating a decorative paper and an example of the paper untreated. On each sample there are two layers of medium. It is easy to see the effects that any of the wax mediums impart. Each has a slightly unique appeal and it is quickly evident what the Natural Yellow Wax Medium offers. Perhaps, it is a little more difficult to distinguish between our original Wax Medium and the XD on your screen. The XD is more transparent, shinier and harder due to the higher concentration of damar resin. 

Just like our original Wax Medium, our new Natural Yellow Wax Medium has a 6:1 ratio of Beeswax to Damar Resin. Natural Yellow Wax Medium can be used similarly as a non-pigmented paint medium, a basecoat, topcoat, as a collage medium, and to extend Enkaustikos paints when a more transparent effect is desired. The natural yellow properties of this wax medium will provide a warm cast. We recommend working at temperatures between 150 -175 degrees F and not to exceed 200 degrees F.


Natural Yellow Wax Medium is available in the 40 ml Wax Snaps, in the 6 fl. oz. (177 ml) Hot Cakes tin, and in 5 lb. bulk. 

The Possibilities of the Let's Get Started Intro Set

Lets Get Started Set  

Are you just getting started working with encaustic paint? Maybe you are instructing and you are looking for a good basic palette to work with in your classes and workshops. The primary palette of red, blue and yellow is always a good place to start. Of course, you will also want a white. The Let's Get Started Hot Cakes Set gives you all those colors plus Wax Medium for extending your colors and Slick Wax for cleaning. The exact colors in this set are Naphthol Red, Bismuth Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. There is also an empty tin included, and as with our other Hot Cakes Sets a mail-in coupon for a free paint of any color you want from our color selection. If you take a look at the image you will see a wide variety of mixes you can make with these four colors. Can you imagine what colors you can mix with adding just one more color?


Intro Set Color Possibilities  

Since the same professional quality pigments are used to make our encaustic paint that are used to make other artist paints, like watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels, to name a few, you can expect the same color mixing properties to apply when mixing encaustic paint. You don't have to mix your colors, but if you do, the primaries are a good place to start.


We also offer this palette selection in The Primary and The Basic Hot Stick Set with the addition of Burnt Sienna and Bone Black. 

Send Us Your Encaustic Work!


Allyce Lees and her husband, Ted, are the owners of The Paint Store, Inc. in Waupaca, WI. The Paint Store has been very active in offering Enkaustikos workshops. "Zipping Through The Galaxy" is one of a series of encaustic paintings that Allyce has created. 


If you would like to send us an image of your art using our wonderful paint, please do. We would love to see it! Photos can be sent to enkaustikos.design@gmail.com