WashburnParallaxe Washburn Parallaxe Electric Guitars
Washburn Guitars' new Parallaxe Series combine 130 years of guitar crafting knowledge into the brand's most advanced rock/metal guitar. Designed specifically for modern chops-intensive shredders, the Parallaxe line consists of three different series, currently totaling 16 different models. PXM and PXS Series are both double cutaway guitars and the PXL Series is a single cutaway design. Depending on series/model, features include Stephen's Extended Cutaway/full access set neck joint, Original Floyd Rose bridge, tremolo spring silencers, 36mm brass block tremolo, Grover 18:1 locking tuners, Seymour Duncan or EMG USA pickups, series/parallel switching (Duncans), The Buzz Feiten Tuning System, super jumbo frets, and a full-contact bridge. MAP $699 to $999.

ProXcables ProX Cables
ProX Cables offers a new range of high-performance sound cabling for live sound engineers, studio owners, and audiophiles. Uncompromised signal power, frequency handling, and sound reproduction are the hallmarks of ProX Cables, specially created by a team of engineers to protect the user's sound from being altered. Bending, twisting, and flexing are no match for Pro X's premium, tour-grade audio cables, which are designed to provide years of dependable sound reproduction and outlast every cable on the market.
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MeinlTvlDidgi Meinl Percussion Travel Didgeridoo
Didgeridoos have become popular in the percussion world as well as the in the music world in general over the last few years. In addition to offering traditional style didgeridoos, Meinl Percussion has now introduced an innovative Travel Didgeridoo that's small in size but big in sound. The internal zigzag chamber design enables production of authentic didgeridoo sounds. The Meinl Travel Didgeridoo is made of mahogany and features a hand-selected goatskin head. The instrument's compact size--8-1/2"x5"--makes it ideal for travel and studio work where space is limited.

DANSRvSystem Vandoren V Sax System Harness
Vandoren's new V Sax System harness is said to make the instrument feel weightless to the player. The V Sax System has no straps to hurt the player's neck or restrict breathing, and its ergonomic design moves with the musician to make playing easier.

ProXtruss ProX Lighting Truss System
A professional durable Truss System is arguably the most crucial element of any live audio-visual event, providing stability and shaping the impact of your show. ProX offers unparalleled Truss Systems that are 100% compatible to connect along with many other manufacturers' systems, forming a rock-solid backbone for even the most demanding light show. Want the most high quality Truss construction in a wide array of designs, for the lowest price on the market? Look no further than ProX Truss!
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EarthquakerCrimson Earthquaker Crimson Drive Germanium Overdrive
In a much-anticipated reissue, Earthquaker Device's Crimson Drive Germanium Overdrive offers a cutting and dynamic overdrive designed around a single germanium transistor and vintage germanium diodes. This pedal creates a very open tone with excellent harmonics and a pleasing raw grit that can't be duplicated with more common FET or opamp based overdrives. With a simple twist of the gain control, the Crimson Drive can go from a gritty Rangemaster-style treble boost to a rattling overdriven sound reminiscent of a vintage plexi-style amp at full bore. The Crimson Drive works great with both single coils and humbuckers, and has excellent clean-up with a guitar's volume control. MAP $165.

SaraTransSax Sara-Trans Bags Offer Toughness And Style
Taking gig bags beyond a utilitarian product to hold a musician's gear, the Sara-Trans group has added its own innovations to take instrument and accessory bags to the next level. Its "Hard Soft" bags, offered for almost two decades, stepped up the concept of instrument protection with a range of bags that are hard on the outside to withstand rough handling but soft on the inside to cushion the gear. Later innovations have included Sara-Trans' Ground Protection systems, proprietary shock-absorbent padding, and "Breathers" to deliver more comfort. The New Delhi, India-based company now produces 2,500 bags each day for the music, sports, and travel industries, which are sold around the world. Bags are available for every instrument from guitar to saxophone, keyboard, percussion, effects pedals, and beyond. The complete line offers maximum durability along with innovation and style.
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AirTurnJamUp AirTurn Pedals Drive Guitar Effects App
Positive Grid, the developer of JamUp Pro XT for iOS, has added support for AirTurn's wireless BT-105 pedal controllers to its popular guitar and bass amp and effects processor app. The JamUp/AirTurn is the world's first iOS multi-effects system for guitar and bass with wireless foot switch hardware. JamUp Pro XT users will be able to use AirTurn's two- or four-pedal BT-105 Bluetooth controllers to switch between dozens of studio-grade amp and stomp box effects hands-free. Each AirTurn pedal can be customized within JamUp Pro XT to perform various functions, from toggling amps and effect switches to moving between presets, controlling Jam Player's iTunes song playback functions, triggering various sampler recording and dubbing options, and even controlling the built-in metronome or tapping out the tempo, wireless and hands-free. The AirTurn BT-105 features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides power for up to 100 hours of continuous use and works with all models of the iPad, as well as with the iPhone 3GS and up and the iPod Touch. In addition to AirTurn's two- and four-pedal boards, which are outfitted with their own ATFS-2 silent pedals, the AirTurn BT-105 can be configured to work with a wide range of momentary normally open (NO) switches, such as the Boss FS-5U and the Boss FS-6 dual foot switch. The AirTurn BT-105 with two ATFS-2 Pedals and Pedal board retails for $119.95; Four pedal AirTurn BT-105 with ATFS-2 pedals retails for $159. JamUp XT can be downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store.

GraphTechPicks Graph Tech TUSQ Picks Offer 'Built-In Tone'
Graph Tech's expanded range of TUSQ guitar picks are made from the same highly resonant TUSQ man-made ivory material found in Graph Tech's TUSQ nuts, saddles, and bridge pins to impart harmonic content right from the first attack. After exploring the tonal range of the TUSQ material, the company has introduced picks with three distinctive tones: Bright, Warm, and Deep. "The tone, the feel, the stiffness, the weight, the thinness, and the articulation are unlike anything out on the market now," said Graph Tech founder and President Dave Dunwoodie. "It is truly something you just have to try." These picks have a high stiffness-to-thickness ratio like real tortoise shell, but with a harmonic content only TUSQ can deliver. Players experience a smooth, balanced feel and a clean, articulate attack. New teardrop and triangle shapes and heavier gauges are also being added to the product line to meet growing customer demand. Response to the initial launch of TUSQ Picks has been phenomenal, with unit sales exceeding 700,000 in the first six months.

ProXlaptopStnd ProX Laptop Stands
Deceptively simple to the eye yet essential for the modern touring DJ/producer, ProX Laptop Stands facilitate optimal placement of a laptop in any DJ booth. Durable, sturdily-built, and featuring a lightweight design that easily folds for quick storage and travel, ProX Laptop Stands can handle the equipment needs of every DJ. Quick, painless assembly and an industrial-duty metal construction that can withstand the heaviest laptop, drum machine, and CDJ ensure maximum effectiveness in the use of a DJ and production workspace. The ProX Laptop Stand is an indispensable addition to today's high-octane DJ environment.
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GretschRenown Gretsch Redesigns Renown Series
Gretsch's newly redesigned Renown Series features a re-engineered, low-profile, lightweight GTS Tom Mounting System, a newly designed badge, and classic, easy-to-grab Gretsch T-Wing thumbscrews on all components. Renown Series Drums have all-maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges, Silver Sealer interiors, die-cast hoops, and for the first time, Remo USA drumheads. The new Gretsch Renown is available in six attractive finishes and in three- and four-piece shell packs. MSRP range from $2,310 to $2,615.

K&MiPadRack K&M iPad Bracket
K&M, the innovative German-based stand company, has applied its engineering expertise to create a slick new iPad bracket that clips onto standard mic stands. Best of all, a ball joint and swivel allow you to angle the iPad in any direction for greater visibility. MSRP $92.99.

CympadModerator Cympad Introduces Cymbal Moderators
Best known for its Optimizer and Chromatics accessories for cymbals, Cympad's new Moderators help drummers control the sound of cymbals that were too loud or ring too long. Cympad inventor and Swiss drummer Reto Hirschi explains, "They can be used to 'dry out' a ride cymbal in a live application, reduce the volume and shorten the decay of a crash in a lesson or practice session, and add focus and definition to a cymbal set in a recording studio. They don't completely deaden the cymbals; they are subtle and musical. In addition, Moderators can quickly and easily be placed under the bell of any cymbal--and removed just as quickly and easily--offering highly effective yet flexible and temporary tone control." Available in 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100x15 millimeter sizes to allow incremental modification of virtually any cymbal's sound, Cympad Moderators feature the same quality and consistency, and are made from the same advanced foam material, as Cympad Optimizers. They come in convenient two-packs, a handy assortment "cube" (one of each size) and a versatile double box set (two of each size).

Spectraflex Spectraflex Advanced Design Pedal Cables
Spectraflex invites guitarists to put the legendary performance and reliability of its Original Series guitar cables to work on their pedal board. Spectraflex pedal cables use the same cable and internal construction as their longer counterparts. Cable construction consists of a rugged, engineered nylon braiding available in many color/pattern combinations, covering a tough PVC outer jacket. The center conductor is 20 AWG Ultra-Pure copper, surrounded by a 95% overall copper shield and 100% coverage conductive PVC inner shield. The new high-reliability connectors have nickel-plated contacts with corrosion resistant powder-coated housings. Opposite direction plug configuration is available on dual right angle models. Available lengths include: 6", 9", 12", 18", 24", 30", and 36". Prices start at $17.95.

QSCS8T QSC Expands AcousticDesign Series
QSC Audio Products' AcousticDesign Series premium surface-mount loudspeakers are ideally suited to a wide variety of foreground/background sound reinforcement applications, combining an elegant design with rugged durability and both constant voltage (70/100V) and low impedance operating modes. Designed for easy installation, the included patent pending X-Mount enables them to be quickly and securely deployed either vertically or horizontally from a flat surface. Knurled surfaces on the X-Mount's pivot points allow the loudspeaker deployment angle to lock in place in 7.5-degree increments and ensure that aiming stays fixed. Pan, tilt, and yaw adjustments further ensure that the loudspeakers can be positioned to minimize impact on any interior or venue sight lines. To complete the installation, integrators simply lift the loudspeaker onto the mount and it automatically locks it into place. All models also include M10 mounting points for suspension via eye-bolts as well as mounting points for an optional yoke-mount bracket. For added convenience, Euroblock connectors enable installers to pre-wire the system and terminate connections prior to the final installation of the loudspeaker. AcousticDesign S8T, S10T, and S12 loudspeakers also incorporate Directivity Matched Transition (DMT), QSC's acoustic design approach that matches the coverage angle of the compression driver to the coverage angle of the woofer at the crossover point. This results in remarkably consistent coverage, an optimum power response, and smooth, accurate reproduction both on and off-axis. The weather-resistant (IP-54) AcousticDesign S8T, S10T, and S12 enclosures are constructed from rugged ABS and include a seismic mount molded into the enclosure for added safety. Available in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9010), the AcousticDesign S8T, S10T, and S12 loudspeakers feature logo-free aluminum grilles, with enclosures that can be painted to match any decor.

Levy'sHemp&Denim New Levy's Hemp And Denim Straps
Now available from Levy's Leathers, new hemp and denim guitar straps are printed with colorful '70s stripe designs and finished with suede leather backing. Pictured model M17DH is available in six original designs.

SabianHoopCrasher Sabian Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher
Designed by Jojo Mayer, Sabian's new Hoop Crasher dual-ring effects device simulates modern electronic production sounds. Manufactured from a set of premium B20 bronze hi-hats, the top flotation ring is punched with 32 holes for lightness and lift, while the heavier bottom ring is designed with an X-Celerator Air-Wave lip to eliminate airlock and minimize contact area with the snare head. The rings are attached by a pair of cotter pins, which can be removed to allow more flotation and lift of the top ring. For even more sound possibilities, the Hoop Crasher can be placed on a snare loose or tightened down with a trio of adjustable clamps whose tension affects sustain. This allows the player to dial in long sounds, as used in a dubstep tempo, for instance, or shorter, tighter sounds. The snare drum can be played with or without the Hoop Crasher affecting its sound. This allows the player to bring in the effect of the Hoop Crasher whenever it is needed, making it ideal for playing subdivisions. Also, the Hoop Crasher is not limited to the snare drum; it works equally well on toms as well as cymbals and hi-hats.

SimatWebsite Simat Goes Live With New B2B Website
Simat Co. Inc., an importer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories, has launched its new B2B website. Serving music dealers for 25 years, Simat offers fast delivery, excellent service, and worldwide shipping. Simat distributes products by Korg, Otto Link, Meyer, BG France, Berg Larsen, Hodge, Bari, Micro, Qwik Tune, Rovner, Jones, American Plating, and Glasser.

ProXdjCase ProX DJ Flight Cases
Live shows can really take their toll on prized DJ equipment. ProX Cases offers the right DJ Case to protect, store, and transport professional equipment. ProX's modern, high-durability products are built to last: Every DJ case is reinforced in all the right places with rugged anodized aluminum and ATA 300 3/8-inch plywood. ProX Cases offers a wide range of solutions, from a Sliding Laptop Shelf and extra rack mount space to optimal protection for valuable gear.
[email protected]

Plectone Plectone Pick Coupler Enhances Tone
The new Plectone guitar pick coupler is a patent-pending device that enables guitarists to use two ordinary, off-the-shelf guitar picks at the same time. Manufactured by Plectone LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this device enables the guitarist to produce new and complex tones and increased volume from striking each string twice, as well as optional additional effects depending on the strikes' velocity. MIT-educated design engineer and Plectone inventor Robert Taylor (not related to Taylor Guitars) commented, "The Plectone is a very simple solution based on understanding the dynamic behavior of a single guitar pick within the human hand. Its biomimetic design is easy to use--some say 'intuitive'--and captures the functional attributes of the human finger so that each pick moves and behaves as if it is being held individually." A customer in Missouri noted, "I'm a veteran guitarist, and I find the Plectone pick [coupler] a very creative enhancement. My first use was very enlightening on how multiple picks enhanced the tone and mix quality of the guitar, creating a fuller sound....Very impressive to say the least." Other customer comments include, "I experience less fatigue when performing for several hours" and, "I will never go back to a single pick again!" MSRP $10.

LowreyEZ3P Lowrey Unveils EASY Piano
Lowrey's new EZP3 EASY Piano is a compact yet full-featured 88-note digital piano. Authentic tone and a true piano action that delivers natural piano touch response make the EZP3 a high-performance instrument. The EZP3's six-speaker sound system features bass reflex enclosures and delivers a full dynamic range from deep, clear bass through distinct treble for piano, organ, strings, and other instruments. A selection of reverb types, chorus, delay, tremolo, and other effects, plus features such as dual sounds, keyboard split, four hands, EQ, transpose, and a long menu of other performance enhancers create a uniquely versatile instrument. Perfectly suited for stage, school, or home, the EZP3 responds powerfully whether played conventionally or with the Lowrey EASY button activated for effortless left-hand play. MSRP $1,550.

GodlykeMaxon Godlyke Offering Maxon AD10 Pedal
Maxon's new AD10 analog delay pedal, available from Godlyke Distributing Inc., comes housed in Maxon's new "Compact Series" enclosure and offers 600 milliseconds of pure analog delay with a warm yet powerful delay tone. The AD10 features Maxon's proprietary low-noise circuit with minimal distortion on delay repeats. Short delay settings create rich, natural reverb effects while longer settings offer a clear and brilliant delay sound. Higher feedback settings yield self-oscillation and runaway "spaceship" delay effects. The AD10 can be used in combination with other effects or in an FX loop. It also features Buffered Bypass Switching to drive long cable lengths with no tone degradation. Street price $249.

AlfredFamous Alfred Famous & Fun Rock Book Series
With its new Famous & Fun Rock Books 1, 2, and 3, Alfred Music Publishing expands on its popular Famous & Fun series with a collection of carefully selected rock hits arranged for elementary piano players. Arrangements are geared for students from the early elementary to late elementary levels, yet remain faithful to the original tune. Famous & Fun Rock Book 1 has 11 arrangements that can be played within the first few months of piano instruction. In Book 1, no eighth notes or dotted quarter rhythms are used and most playing is done with the right or left hand independently. Songs include "Cheeseburger in Paradise," "Don't Stop Believin'," "Great Balls of Fire," and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Book 2's pieces, including "Eye of the Tiger," "Hey There Delilah," "Mr. Tambourine Man," and "Wipe Out," become slightly more challenging, with an increase in double-handed playing and the introduction of slurs and phrasing. Book 3 introduces students to quarter-note rhythms and increased use of chords with a collection of nine song arrangements. Many tunes found in Books 1 and 2 have been rewritten with a more dynamic and advanced arrangement to demonstrate the student's progress throughout the series. MSRP $6.99 each.

PeakiPad Peak Offers iPad Mount
Peak Music Stands is now offering an extremely versatile iPad accessory made to mount the iPad safely and securely to a wide variety of stands. Several adapters are included to fit stands of virtually all sizes. A quick locking mechanism provides easy access to the mounted tablet--simply snap off and go. Both portrait and landscape viewing angles can be accessed while using the iPad accessory. Peak Music Stands' iPad accessory is available in two sizes: one that fits both the iPad 2 and the New iPad (SAIP), and another to fit the iPad Mini (SAIPM).

JBEr4000 JBE R4000 Pickups For RIC 4001/4003 Basses
Rickenbacker 4001/4003 series basses are an all-time favorite of many bassists, but the hum and noise of their original single coil pickups and the limited range of their sound have left them lying idle in many collections. JBE Pickups' new R4000 Bass Pickup set is designed to give these classic basses a new level of clarity and versatility, making them a go-to choice for gigs and recording sessions. "We developed the R4000 bass pickups at the insistence (and persistence) of a bassist who literally donated his instrument to us for product development (we returned it of course!)," said "Frank T.," president/owner of JBE Pickups. "I knew we could develop a hum-canceling pickup, but questioned how it would affect the already distinctive tone and look of a Ric bass. When it comes to new pickups for any instrument our first rule is to preserve and build on the vibe of the instrument and 'do no harm.' The R4000s were an immediate hit with the initial group of Ric players who were desperate for a solution for their beloved Ric basses." Aside from the improvements in performance and tonal benefits, players appreciate that the look and vibe of the instrument is not fundamentally changed by the R4000s, as it was with other replacement pickups that have been attempted for this bass. In fact, the characteristic dual blade design of JBE pickups blended seamlessly with the appearance of the instrument because JBE took great care to reuse the already installed Ric pickup mounting hardware. $299.95 MAP. New dealer inquiries welcome.


HWpadSaver HW Products Pad-Saver De-moisturizer Swabs
Pad-Saver de-moisturizer swabs from HW Products instantly wick corrosive moisture from pads, tone holes, and bore, extending the life of the pads and saving money on repairs. These swabs are made from a proprietary microfiber material that will not shed, shrink, or bleed. Suited to the needs of musicians at all levels, HW Pad-Savers may be stored inside or outside the instrument.

KalaCedarAcacia Kala Cedar Top Acacia Ukulele
Kala Brand Music Company's new Cedar Top/Acacia Series ukuleles feature a solid cedar top, acacia back and sides, and rich gloss finish. The sublime design of these ukes make them hard to put away, while the rich, full-bodied tone make them hard to stop playing. Available in concert and tenor sizes, the ukes' other design details include a distinctive slotted headstock with multi-wood cap; and padauk binding on the body, fingerboard, and rosette. A rosewood fingerboard, Aquila strings, and Grover vintage open geared tuners are also standard on both sizes. Model numbers are KA-ACP-CTG for the concert size and KA-ATP-CT for the tenor size. Established in 2005, Kala Brand Music Co. offers more than 120 models of ukulele, the Kala U-BASS, and an extensive line of ukulele accessories. Kala Brand Music Co. also distributes Aquila Strings.

EHXpedalboard EHX Introduces Pedalboard Cradle
Electro-Harmonix' new Pedalboard Cradle provides a convenient, secure way to mount any of its innovative Next Step Effects pedals to a pedalboard. The Pedalboard Cradle has been custom-designed using a lightweight, durable polymer. Measuring 8.875" x 4.375" x 0.625", it adheres to a pedalboard with a hook-and-loop fastener, and the pedal rocks freely and securely within the cradle. When the musician is ready to pack up the pedalboard, a security strap locks down the Next Step Effect for transport. The Electro-Harmonix line of Next Step Effects consists of the Crying Tone Wah, Expression Pedal, Pan Pedal, Talking Pedal, and Volume Pedal. The Pedalboard Cradle is now available at a U.S. list price of $16.96.

MikeBalterGlock Mike Balter Offers Glock/Bell/Xylo Mallets
With a slate of new mallet introductions, Mike has expanded the tonal color palette for orchestra bells, glockenspiels, and xylophones. The glock/bell/xylo series lets the player create new sounds for a full, rich tone that will resonate throughout the concert hall. Each mallet in this series features select rattan handles, shorter in length for greater dexterity and control. For orchestra bells or glockenspiel, Mike Balter has six new models, each in a different material: the G1 (1" Poly), G2 (1" Lexan), G3 (1" nylon), G4 (1" PVC), G5 (5/8" brass), and G6 (7/8" aluminum). For xylophone there are four models: the X1 (1-1/8" nylon), X2 (1-1/8" PVC), X3 (1-1/4" Sarlink), and X4 (1-1/4" Santoprene). In weighted heads for bells and xylophone, Mike Balter is offering three Lexan models--the 7/8" GL1, 1" GL2, and 1-1/8" GL3--and three Phenolic models-- the 7/8" GP1, 1" GP2, and 1-1/8" GP3. Each of these models is now available at Mike Balter dealers.

AIMbling 'Bling' Tote Bags From AIM Gifts
New "Bling" tote bags have scored a hit as the latest addition to AIM Gifts' line of music gifts and accessories. With their attractive, modern musical designs, these bags are great for carrying music books, gear, and accessories but also make a versatile carry bag for nearly any situation. Offered in basic black or with fashionable zebra trim, Bling bags promise to impress current customers and attract new ones. "These tote bags offer a new style and design that expresses the interest of today's female musicians," said AIM owner and President Albert Elovitz.

StudioogicSledge Studiologic Sledge Synthesizer
Studiologic's new Sledge Synthesizer features a generous set of controls that interact directly with the sound engine. Its synth modules follow a highly logical setup, mirroring the signal flow of a classic analog synthesizer. Studiologic tapped German synth specialist Waldorf Music and the DSP heart of the latest Waldorf modeling technology to deliver the richest analog pads imaginable. Besides the classic analog synthesizer waveforms, the Sledge offers a complete set of Wavetables derived directly from the mother of all digital synthesizers, the PPG Wave. The sum of three fat oscillators and a noise generator is fed into the Sledge's powerful multimode filter with selectable 24/12 dB slope. The highly recognizable Waldorf filter algorithms enable a wide variety of sounds: from smooth to harsh, from fat to distinct, from pure HiFi to completely brutal. Ultra-fast, accurate envelope generators deliver fantastic punch. Two LFOs plus one extra Wheel-LFO offer huge yet easy-to-understand modulation capabilities. Two built-in effect units deliver sophisticated synthesizer effects such as chorus, phaser, and flanger, as well as a rich reverb or an analog style delay. There are no double or multiple functions on any of the knobs or pushbuttons. All parameters are clearly and ergonomically arranged in full view and directly accessible under the fingertips. This makes sound design a blast and takes users back to the pure synth experience they crave. Studiologic products are available from American Music & Sound.

ProTecMutes Protec Expands Liberty Aluminum Mute Line
Protec recently added five new models to its popular line of Liberty aluminum mutes. Liberty mutes are known for their quality craftsmanship and materials and excellent playability at an affordable price. New models include copper- and brass-bottom trumpet straight mutes, which offer unique buzz characteristics. Protec also added free-blowing compact practice mutes for trumpet, tenor trombone, and bass trombone that allow horn players to quietly warm up before a performance and are small enough to store inside the bell.

PickGrips Pick Grips: Ingenious Aid To Guitarists
Pick Grips help ensure that guitarists will never lose or fumble for another guitar pick again. The patented design makes it a quick, easy, and convenient way to hold a guitar or bass pick on stage, in the studio, or at home. No more doubled-over duct tape that some guitarists still use; no more weaving picks between the strings, only to lose them when they fall out; and no more picks jammed under the pick guard. Pick Grips will hold virtually any size pick and come in a variety of colors. Pick Grips can also be trimmed to size, from five pick slots down to one. Best of all, Pick Grips' special adhesive leaves no residue. When the user is ready for a new one, he simply peels off the old one and applies a new Pick Grip. Pick Grips' mass appeal to consumers, combined with their low production cost, makes them ideal for companies' branding and promotional purposes.

OMGrotosound Rotosound Wobbler Pedal From OMG
Following OMG LLC's release of the '60s-inspired Rotosound RFB1 Fuzz, the new RWB1 Wobbler pedal is a tremolo unit with the same retro styling and traditional roots. Designed by John Oram of VOX and Trident fame, the Wobbler employs a vintage optical attenuator, has a high headroom, a smooth, wide-range control of rate and depth, and allows unique control of both silicon and germanium signal paths. The Wobbler is the first of six new additions to the Rotosound pedal lineup that will all be on display at the OMG Music booth during Summer NAMM.

Gibraltar9908 New Gibraltar Drum Throne
The new Gibraltar 9908 premium adjustable-height drum throne features a four-point base with a spindle height adjustment and an oversized 17" motorcycle-style seat with contoured lower lumbar support and stylish accent stitching. The 9908 also features double-braced legs. MSRP $290.

MetropolitanRockin Metropolitan Distributes Rockin' Rosin
Metropolitan Music is now distributing Rockin' Rosin', a medium-amber student rosin made into fun shapes such as stars, hearts, flowers, and skulls wrapped in corresponding-themed fabric and packaged in a playful case. In its first year Rockin' Rosin has been especially popular with three audiences: teachers, who are always looking for a practical gift or incentive for their students; parents who want to give their child something special; and students who are excited to rosin their bows. MSRP $11.95

GuitarGripLadies GuitarGrip Ladies Series Guitar Hangers
GuitarGrip has expanded its line of hand-shaped guitar hangers with the GS Ladies series, a new range of wall-mounted hangers shaped like female hands. Like the other Guitar Grip models, Ladies series hangers are built from durable resin with felt on their "wrists" to protect the wall, and cushioned inserts inside the hand to protect the guitar or bass. The new lineup is available in seven high-gloss finishes, four of which are based on vintage Fender colors: Cosmic Purple, Atomic Pink, Silver Bling, Ocean Turquoise, Shoreline Gold, Burgundy Mist, and Lake Placid Blue. GuitarGrip GS Ladies guitar hangers are available now and priced at $39.99. GuitarGrip products are made in the USA.

GalaxyAS-1800 Galaxy Audio AS-1800 Monitor
Galaxy Audio's AS-1800 Wireless Personal Monitor features 640 selectable frequencies, a Naming Function that clearly displays which transmitter is for each performer, Variable Transmission Output, and Mixed Mono mode for greater versatility--all at a very affordable price. The body pack features True Diversity Antennas and is made of magnesium alloy. The standard unit includes Galaxy's EB-3 earbuds. Users can also upgrade to a set of EB-6 single driver earbuds, or EB-10 professional dual-driver earbuds for the ultimate listening experience. From world tours to local gigs, the AS-1800 stands up to the roughest conditions with the utmost dependability. Street price starts at $749.99.

AXLbulldog AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog Guitar
To create the unique look of AXL's new USA Hand-Aged Bulldog, expert craftsman have aged these guitars to perfection, making each a one-of-a-kind instrument. Limited to a first run of 50 pieces, the Hand-Aged Bulldog has the look and feel of a guitar that's been played for years. Like AXL's award-winning USA Bulldog, the Hand-Aged model features a solid mahogany slab body and one-piece set neck. Top-shelf components include a Lindy Fralin dog-ear P-90, TonePros Featherweight wraparound bridge, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor, TonePros Kluson vintage-style tuners, and AXL's "Bite Switch," a push-pull pot to bypass the tone potentiometer for a biting mainline sound. For custom shop performance, every Bulldog is assembled by hand in AXL's Hayward, California workshop--from pressing the frets to wiring the electronics. The limited-run AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog is available in Transparent Red and Antique Brown at a MAP of $699.

OMGhenryHeller OMG Henry Heller Woven Jacquard Straps
New from OMG LLC, Henry Heller Woven Jacquard series guitar straps are 2.5" wide and come in ten different patterns and vibrant colors. Made in North America, they feature a cotton backing with garment leather ends and a Tri-Glide adjustment.

RegalTipAdair Regal Tip Debuts New Drumstick Models
Regal Tip product specialists worked closely with Nickelback drummer and longtime endorser Daniel Adair to create his new B52 signature model. With extra length, a heavy taper and neck, and an acorn tip, this stick is designed to hold up under punishing treatment. The Daniel Adair B-52 measures 16.25" in length and .590" in diameter. Regal Tip's Session model is built for balance and finesse, featuring a fast sloping taper for greater bounce and speed. The compact tip brings out precise quality and warm tones on the cymbals. This stick measures 16" in length and .555" in diameter. The new Ulysses Owens "U" Stick was created especially for the new "young lion" of the jazz world. "My new 'U' stick is perfect," Owens said. "Great feel, touch, and balance continuing with Regal Tip's reputation of creating the best-feeling stick in the business." This stick measures 16" in length and .530" in diameter. The new Daniel de los Reyes Power Grip, created for the two-time Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band percussionist, has a rubberized comfortable sleeve for grip enhanced grip and for cymbal swells. It measures 16" in length and .555" in diameter. All new models are made of first-quality U.S. hickory, crafted with extreme attention to detail, and powered by Regal Tip's famous P.E.F. finish.

NinoBaker's Nino Percussion Baker's Shaker Assortment
New from Nino Percussion, Baker's Shakers have the familiar shapes of various baked goods. Fun for every child to make music with, this assortment of six durable plastic shakers is a "must-have" for the classroom. Nino also offers a selection of durable plastic Fruit Shakers that look amazingly real and sound great.

PageFlip PageFlip Pedal For Hands-Free Turning
By simply tapping the PageFlip Cicada pedal, digital sheet music can be flipped or scrolled in either the forward or reverse directions for convenient hands-free reading, rendering the hassles of page turning a thing of the past. Long hampered with the inconvenience of page turning, musicians are now discovering the benefits of storing vast collections of sheet music on tablets and computers. Not only does this relieve musicians from carrying heavy books and large binders, it makes it easy to turn pages. The PageFlip Cicada pedal works with any app that uses keystrokes (e.g., arrow keys) to navigate through digital files. This is universal on Macs and PCs since they come equipped with keyboards, but not on iPads and Android tablets. Any app that is responsive to a Bluetooth keyboard is also responsive to the PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth pedal. Most apps respond to up/down arrow to advance through pages. For added versatility, though, the PageFlip Cicada offers five modes for the dual pedals: PageUp/Down, Left/Right arrow, Up/Down arrow, Left/Right mouse click, and Space/Enter. Changing modes is as simple as pressing a button. No software installation or programming is required. The PageFlip Cicada can be powered by two AA batteries or with a USB AC adapter. The pedal features an auto-repeat mode for fast browsing or scrolling, and includes two 1/8" mono outlets so that musicians can attach external pedals instead of using the built-in pedals on the unit. MSRP $89.95 including free shipping in the U.S. and Canada.

Swirlygig SwirlyGig's New Way To Store Headphones
SwirlyGig Industries, the Twin Cities manufacturer of the SwirlyGig mic stand beverage holder, recently launched the SwirlyHook, a new way to store headphones, tambourines, or cables right where they are needed. The SwirlyHook is easy to install--there are no moving parts, and nothing to assemble; just slip the hook onto a mic stand or any 5/8" tube. Made of coiled spring steel and resilient PVC, the SwirlyHook stays in place using friction and gravity. The SwirlyHook is available individually or in a four-pack.

HipshotUMP Hipshot 'UMP' Offers Easy Guitar Upgrades
Hipshot's new Universal Mount Plate (UMP) is a new way to upgrade guitars with the Hipshot Griplock or Classic guitar tuners without permanently altering or damaging the instrument. No screws or drilling are required. The patent pending UMP consists of a thin metal adapter plate that sits between the tuners and headstock of the guitar. Tabs on the face of the plate prevent the tuners from slipping against the headstock. At the same time, reach nuts inserted through the existing headstock holes into the tuners keep the whole assembly securely in place. The tuners, interlocking as one unit, use the headstock holes themselves for stability rather than individually drilled locator pin or mounting screw holes. The simplicity of the product and the ease of installation and removal make this system ideal for guitarists who don't feel comfortable drilling their instruments--or those with antique guitars who don't want to reduce their instruments' value by permanently modifying them. The UMP is offered individually at $10 MSRP or free as part of a Hipshot Tuner Upgrade Kit, which range from $80.10 to $99.90 and are available for guitars with either six-on-a-side or three-on-a-side tuner configurations. A separate kit is available for PRS guitars, which have a smaller headstock.

AldonPackAStand Aldon 'Pack A Stand' For Trumpet & Clarinet
Aldon Enterprises' "Pack A Stand" for clarinet and trumpet is the only stand on the market that folds to store in the instrument's bell and fits in the case. With its lightweight, durable design, Pack A Stand opens easily and locks into place. Long, spring-loaded legs form a sturdy base for the instrument. When the locking mechanism of the trumpet stand is disengaged, the stand folds easily with no parts to unscrew. Pack A Stand models for both trumpet and clarinet are available from major distributors.

GraphTechPrePlay Graph Tech CHOPS PrePlay Hand Care Solves Instrument Corrosion
The natural acidity of hands is responsible for deteriorating a guitar's finish, hardware and shortening string life. Chops PrePlay solution from Graph Tech Guitar Labs neutralizes acidity on contact. Most seasoned pros know what your hands can do to your instrument, hardware and strings. The acidity (approx. 5.5 pH) attacks and deteriorates a guitar's finish, shorten string life, and eat away at precious hardware. Formulated to balance skin pH to a neutral 7pH, PrePlay neutralizes the acid and protects the instrument. Its lubricating nature also adds slide, glide, and a comfortable feel to the neck. PrePlay contains natural ingredients and oil extracts including sandalwood, lemongrass, black tea, mallow, clove, Irish moss, rosemary, and chamomile. Hypoallergenic and never tested on animals, PrePlay has a fresh, clean citrus smell and is fast absorbing and non-greasy. PrePlay comes in a 30ml pump action bottle that contains up to 200 uses. MSRP $19.95, or about 10¢ per application.

TocaEasyPlace Toca Easy-Place Mounted Tambourine
Toca's new Easy-Place Mounted Tambourine instantly converts between a convenient mounted tambourine to a hand-held. The bracket attaches to any stand in a player's drum set or percussion rig. The tambourine features bright and crisp nickel-plated jingles, an easy-to-grip handle, and a rugged ABS frame with a durable plastic edge for stick hits. MSRP $59.

Towner Towner Parts Enhance Bigsby Performance
In support of the after-market installation of Bigsby tailpieces, the Towner USA Down Tension Bar adds to the intonation of the guitar setup, giving control over the break angle of the strings. No other down tension bar allows for control with these vibrato systems. Also, with a less dramatic break angle, the Towner USA Down Tension Bar reduces string breakage. Also from Towner USA, the V.Block allows for the Bigsby B3 or B11 tailpiece to be installed on Les Paul guitar bodies. The V.Block provides the necessary distance of the spring cup on the Bigsby B3 or B11 vibrato tailpiece and stud. It also eliminates the need to drill four holes in the tail of the guitar.

BryanPerotta Zany Professor Perrotta Straps From Fort Bryan
Always whimsical and never to be taken too seriously, the Zany Professor Perrotta series from Fort Bryan straps offers a collection of real attention-getters. These highly visual straps are characterized by their engaging themes and silks screened on 2" Duralux polypro webbing. The black end pieces are made from 100% genuine top grain 6 to 6-1/2 oz. struck-through leather and embossed with the Fort Bryan logo in silver. Attached to high-strength D-loops, all straps are adjustable from 35" to 60" and are proudly handcrafted in the USA.
(800) 367-7985
[email protected]

RovnerKit Rovner Products Introduces Boost Juice
The Boost Juice Saxophone & Pad Performance Enhancement Kit from Rovner Products includes a revolutionary system for transforming the saxophone pad and resonator components into a power-boosting mechanism that increases harmonic richness and improves overall performance. It also increases pad longevity and reduces the need for costly repairs and adjustments. Each kit includes a jar of Boost Juice damping compound, several reusable applicators, and key clamps sized appropriately for soprano, alto, tenor, or bari sax. With just a few applications, players will notice a more focused sound, increased tonal "ring" and substance, and greater ease of play.

GroverOriginal Original Style Tuners From Grover
With its "Original Style" series, Grover Musical Products has expanded on its Vintage line of tuners. This new series of Grover tuners features the famous Rotomatic model with the original bottleneck housing found on so many guitars produced in the '60s and '70s. The #102V series is outfitted with the famous standard Grover "kidney"-shaped button and will be available in nickel, chrome, and gold. The #103 series features the "pearloid" button made famous by Ace Frehley and will be available in chrome and gold only. Other new items will follow.

ModtoneSHS Aria Japan Distributes ModTone Effects
Aria Japan has entered into an agreement with SHS International, parent company of ModTone Effects pedals, to become the exclusive distributor of ModTone Effects in Japan. Established in Nagoya, Japan in 1956, Aria has since developed the worldwide manufacturing and supply channel that became Aria International. Aria Japan has also been manufacturing guitars for the U.S. market since 1967. As ModTone Effects expands the depth and breadth of its product line, it will seek to develop other relationships with distributors in countries around the world.
[email protected]

NadyPSS300 Nady Offers PSS-300 Portable Sound System
Building on the popularity of the PSS-150, the power and portability of Nady's new PSS-300 portable p.a. system make it ideal for church and school use as well as live music/DJ and public address/speaking applications. The PSS-300 includes two full-range 8" speakers and one 8-channel 300W class D stereo powered mixer. Features include: recessed speaker mount for easy transport; 8" woofer and 1" titanium high frequency driver; XLR mic, 1/4" line, and stereo RCA inputs (all with bass, treble, and reverb controls); separate left and right 1/4" master output; adjustable digital reverb with built-in peak limiter; and storage compartment for cables and accessories built into the speaker. The PSS-300's assembled weight is only 21 lbs., and it's quick and simple to set up.

NeotechTubaPad Neotech Marching Tuba Shoulder Pad
Neotech's Convertible/Marching Tuba Shoulder Pad offers ideal protection and ease of use when marching with a tuba on the shoulder. It is weather-resistant and non-marring to the instrument's finish, and extremely comfortable. The comfortable shoulder pad is made of neoprene with anti-microbial memory foam cushioning. The non-skid surface rests snugly against the instrument to prevent slippage while marching. The Convertible/Marching Tuba Shoulder Pad attaches conveniently to the instrument using hook-and-loop fasteners so it can be removed quickly and easily to clean the instrument as well as the pad. This combination of features makes it a "must-have" accessory for the added comfort and support it offers the player during long marching band rehearsals and performances. Neotech products are proudly made in the USA with top-quality materials.

EarthquakerWarden Earthquaker Warden Optical Compressor Pedal
Earthquaker Devices's new Warden effects pedal is an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio-grade units. Built with high-grade components and 18v internal power, The Warden has loads of gain and sustain on tap and will allow everything from a heavy squash with fast attack and release to a wide open, "barely there" subtle sustain by backing off the ratio. The ratio controls how much the LED affects the LDR (basically, compression intensity). Dialing it all the way up delivers full signal compression; more of the unaffected signal will come through as it's turned down. It's a cool departure from the more common clean blend. The tone control is actually treble boost/cut, which allows the tone coloration to go from warm to bright and lively and everything in between. Optical compression has a reputation for offering more character than a VCA or FET based compression, and The Warden brings that difference to life. MAP $195.

MetroThings4Strings Metropolitan Now Distributing Things 4 Strings
Metropolitan Music is now distributing Things 4 Strings bow hold accessories, which are designed to help shape and stabilize bow holds, aiding beginning players to a functional bow hold in an instant. The accessories uniquely train the hand to hold the bow correctly and naturally, through muscle memory, thereby freeing the player to learn and enjoy other elements of string playing. Things 4 Strings accessories are great for Suzuki violin, viola, and cello students; traditional private lessons; school orchestra programs; and independent learners. MSRP $19.95 and $29.95.

YamahaDTX562K Yamaha Redesigns DTX-502 Series E-Drums
Yamaha's completely revamped DTX-502 electronic drums have newly designed tom pads, a lighter-weight steel rack, and a more powerful drum trigger module. With almost twice the wave ROM and more than 250 more sounds than the previous model, the new DTX502 drum trigger module is the first to incorporate drum and cymbal samples from top VST developers, plus cymbal muting, natural swells, and smoother snare drum rolls. Plug-and-play USB connectivity enables easy interfacing with a computer. New training and educational functions include eight practice routines to help develop rhythmic timing, pad accuracy, and drumming endurance. The DTX522K, the most affordable model in the series, includes the three-zone XP80 8" DTX-PAD snare and three newly designed TP70 7.5" tom pads. The new TP70 pad is softer and quieter, yet more expressive than the previous model. In addition to its three-zone, choke-able ride and crash cymbals, the DTX522K is also the first electronic drum kit to feature a three-zone hi-hat pad. The new RS502 rack system uses steel pipes to offer solid performance and flexible setup options in a lightweight package. The DTX532K features an upgraded hi-hat and two large PCY135 13" three-zone choke-able cymbal pads. The series flagship DTX562K includes the large cymbals and real hi-hat pad, and upgrades the toms to an all-DTX-PAD configuration with three XP70 7" pads. The DTX-PAD's Textured Cellular Silicone head features a proprietary manufacturing process that introduces small air bubbles into foamed silicone to provide playability and feel unlike any other pad. MSRPs are DTX562K $2,637, DTX532K $1,732, and DTX522K $1,507.

IbanezArtStar Ibanez Artstar "Guitars Of The Highest Order"
New from Ibanez are the new Artstar jazz guitar line. After decades of building guitars for such legends as George Benson, John Scofield, and Pat Metheny, Ibanez has brought its expert jazz guitar luthiery to its latest hollow and semi-hollow body Artstar line. "Our slogan for Artstar is 'Hollow Bodies Of the Highest Order,'" said Ibanez USA Electric Guitar Product Manager Junji Hotta. "With Artstar we're answering the needs of the working jazz or blues player." Players who know their old-school jazzboxes will immediately grasp Artstar's influences: bone nut, smokey flamed maple tops, and Ibanez's signature Super 58 pickup. "In other words," said Hotta, "the concept is pure jazzbox--both well-built and inspiring."

Loxx LOXX Updates Line For Thicker Straps
LOXX USA has expanded its line of XL strap locks to cover a complete range of strap sizes and thicknesses. All strap lock sets now include felts and updated vacuum sealed packaging for better product presentation. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany, the LOXX strap lock system combines low-profile looks with a pinch-and-pull mechanism, making it the most advanced and effective strap lock design available. The unique LOXX design's inner spring and high-grade materials keep instruments safe without sacrificing ease of use even under the most extreme conditions. LOXX strap lock systems are available in a number of different finishes, with a version for electric and bass guitars and another version for acoustic guitars. Retail prices run from $24 to $55.

ZoomMS-608 Zoom Debuts MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Pedal
Zoom's first-of-its-kind MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Pedal offers the power of a multi-effects pedal and the flexibility of an amp modeler in a single stompbox design for only $99. It offers 58 classic stompbox effects and amp models, an easy-to-use interface, auto-chromatic tuner, and versatile power options, bass players will be astonished with how much this pedal offers. The MS-60B's compact, easy-to-use design features a large LCD, single footswitch, and analog-style cursor keys/parameter knobs. Together, they allow users to easily control the pedal's 58 diverse effects types, including some of the world's most popular bass pedals (BaFlanger, Bass Muff, M-Filter, etc.), amp models (B-Man, HRT3500, SVT, etc.), and processors. With the MS-60B, musicians can utilize up to four effects simultaneously, as well as create and store up to 50 of their own sounds. The MS-60B can operate on three different power sources: AC adapter (sold separately), USB bus power, or two AA alkaline batteries (included) for up to seven hours of continuous use. MSRP $99.

LavaFountainCable Lava Fountain Microphone Cable
The Fountain, new from Lava Cable, is a no-compromise star-quad microphone cable designed to provide superior high-end quality performance at a bargain price. The Fountain uses the purest available American-made oxygen-free copper for both the shield and its four 24 AWG conductors to achieve extremely low resistance and high conductivity--key to dynamic frequency response and efficient signal transfer. An outer diameter of .245" black high-grade PVC makes the Fountain very flexible and rugged. Abbatron's new gold-plated beryllium and trillium alloy copper contact XLR plugs provide lower resistance, increased conductivity, and greater stiffness for better contact and insertion/extraction durability than standard plated brass XLR plugs. This and a designed capacitance of 37 pF per foot give the Fountain an industry-unique configuration of insulation, conductors, plugs, and materials, resulting in a superior microphone cable for both studio and stage use. Signal really flows through the Fountain microphone cable! The bulk cable is made and assembled in the USA. A 25' Fountain microphone cable is $89.95.

SagaCatalaCC-1 New Catala A "True Spanish Classic For An Unbeatable Price"
With a purely Spanish body outline and a noble peghead shape similar to those favored by the masters, the new Catala CC-1 student classical guitar brings a new measure of authentic Spanish tradition to the low-price field. Any student can now afford a Spanish-inspired nylon-string guitar with a properly proportioned neck and low, easy action. The mellow, pleasing tone will inspire students to new heights in their musical achievements and the super-affordable price will appeal to parents, schools, and rental programs. The body is of select birch and the slim, fast neck is of solid mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard are of stained-hardwood and the top is delicately braced with a true Spanish fan-bracing pattern that ensures the optimum tone and volume. The neck is perfectly shaped to promote good technique and practice habits.

Lollartron Lollar "Lollartron" Humbucker Pickup
Lollar Pickups' new Lollartron is a humbucker-sized pickup that channels the sound of a vintage Filter'Tron with A2 magnets, custom covers, and "lots of attitude." Company founder Jason Lollar commented, "Starting with a '60s Country Gentleman as a benchmark, we went after the classic rock-a-billy 'bucker tone, adding some Lollar "secret sauce" along the way. The neck pickup is warm and buttery, with a clear, present top end. The bridge pickup is fat and honky, with a rich low end and great clarity. Combined, they sparkle and spank with clarity and punch. They'll cover everything from 'OZ' rock to "Nashville Super Pickers," and all points in between. We chose the humbucker size to make installation easier in a wider range of instruments." Available in singles or sets, with nickel or gold covers, Lollartrons start at $175 each.

Cordoba30SeriesUke2 Córdoba Elevates Ukulele Line With Groundbreaking 30 Series
Córdoba has partnered with renowned luthier Pepe Romero, Jr. to design a new line of premium all solid ukuleles. Available in four wood combinations, the 30T, 32T, 35T, and 35TS models will hit stores in the second quarter of 2013. Breaking away from the traditional Portuguese build and ornamentation of their other ukuleles, Córdoba has adopted Romero Jr.'s vision of building ukuleles as if they were small guitars by using traditional Spanish methods. The result is an incredibly lightweight tenor ukulele with a deeper and wider body, featuring a Spanish heel neck joint, fan bracing, and a wider fingerboard for easy playability. Romero Jr.'s ukuleles are currently played by a variety of artists including Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. Entirely handmade, the 30 Series are Córdoba's first ukuleles featuring 12 frets to the body rather than fourteen. This creates greater movement of the soundboard, greater resonance and volume, and a warm, balanced tone. Each model features an abalone rosette, premium all solid woods, Grover tuning machines, and includes a durable Cordoba polyfoam case. Street prices range from $499 to $599.

GetzenBousfield Getzen Ian Bousfield Signature Trombone
The Getzen Company's new 4147IB "Ian Bousfield" Custom Reserve tenor trombone, designed by Christan Griego and world-renowned trombonist Ian Bousfield, features a handslide, leadpipe, neckpipe, tuning slides, and bell that are all exclusive to the 4147IB. It is Getzen's first premium, professional model trombone built around a narrow handslide configuration. Other Getzen firsts include a singular version of the patented Edwards Harmonic Pillar system and a revolutionary handslide cross brace. This new brace is not only more comfortable in the player's hand, but its design, material, and position dramatically improve the trombone's resonance and response. The 4147IB is a truly premium, professional trombone worthy of the name Ian Bousfield. The 4147IB Custom Reserve comes standard in the same Getzen fiberglass case as the 4047DS and a Getzen Custom Griego CS5 mouthpiece. Initial supplies will be extremely limited. The company is accepting pre-orders now with anticipated delivery beginning in June 2013 on a "first come, first served" basis.

GodinKejam Godin Distributes Kejam Percussion Instruments
Montreal-based Godin Guitars is now the exclusive North American distributor for Kejam Percussion instruments & accessories. Founded in 2007 and based in Quebec, Kejam specializes in the production and fabrication of handcrafted percussion instruments including a variety of handcrafted cajons, djembes, bongos, and accessories. "Kejam Percussion is very proud to be joining the Godin team," says Kejam President, Serge Dagenais. "As with Godin Guitars, our percussion instruments are designed with the same level of finesse and precision, not to mention entirely made in Canada. This level of quality is what we offer to percussionists, along with our confidence in the Godin team as exclusive distributors and collaborators in Kejam Percussion's product developments."

RolandFP-80 Roland FP-80 Digital Piano
Roland's new FP-80 portable digital piano features SuperNATURAL Piano sounds, 88-note Ivory Feel keyboards, a large selection of onboard rhythm accompaniments with advanced full-keyboard chord recognition, and easy operation. Stylish, compact, and available in black and white, its equally suited to home enjoyment and stage performing. Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers pro-level acoustic pianos with extremely natural response, wide dynamic range, seamless variations in tone, and a large selection of SuperNATURAL-based classic electric pianos, as well as strings, organs, and many other versatile sounds. Dual Play and Split Play functions allow users to easily layer two tones together or split two sounds across the keyboard. The FP-80's Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement features the same progressive hammer action and escapement found in Roland's top-line pianos, plus keys that replicate the unique appearance, texture, and moisture absorbing properties of real ivory. At the touch of a button, users can add impressive accompaniment with 90 newly created rhythms covering jazz, rock, and many other musical styles. Thanks to full-keyboard chord recognition, the accompaniment intelligently follows chords played anywhere on the keyboard to create interactive real-time backing. Via optional USB memory, users can easily record their performances and play along with their favorite WAV audio songs. Full, dynamic sound comes from a built-in stereo speaker system. Roland's Acoustic Projection technology adds an additional speaker pair for an even more impressive sound with extra depth and dimension. The FP-80 also has a microphone input with a dedicated harmony effect, allowing vocalists to sing along and enjoy pleasant vocal harmonies that automatically follow the chords in the rhythm accompaniment or chords played on the keyboard.


WashburnN4Authentic Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4 Authentic Guitar
The new Nuno Bettencourt N4 Authentic was painstakingly re-created by master luthiers in Washburn Guitars's USA Custom shop, replicating every dent, ding, story, and nuance of personality contained in the artist's original N4. The N4 has been inseparably associated with Nuno Bettencourt since its 1990 introduction. Close attention to detail addresses details down to the two replacement tuners the artist added and the EVH D-Tuna on the Floyd Rose. The N4 Authentic features an alder body with a Seymour Duncan '59 bridge pickup and Bill Lawrence L-500 bridge pickup complemented by a Floyd Rose bridge and locking nut system with a D-Tuna for instant drop from E to D tuning. The original 4 Gotoh tuners are augmented by a newer Gotoh and a Grover 18:1 tuner, exactly as it is on Nuno's guitar. One of the hallmarks of the N4 is the Stephens Extended Cutaway on the maple neck, which allows for exceptional upper fret access. An ebony fretboard with dot inlays makes for silky smooth comfort and playability. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System allows for perfect intonation at every point on the neck. The stripped-down control layout features a three-way pickup selector and one volume control. MSRP of $3,999.90 includes hardshell case.

SagaCerviniHV-100 Cervini Quality Student Violin Outfit Less Than $100 Retail
The new HV-100 violin outfit from the Cervini Educator Series offers a world of value for a very low price. It features a lovely traditional red finish; select spruce top; and maple back, sides, and neck. The HV-100's fingerboard and fittings are of dyed hardwood and the Cremona VP-201 bridge is of select, aged maple. A lightweight, composite tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners makes tuning easy for the novice. This superb outfit includes an A. Breton AB-100 quality bow strung with unbleached horse hair plus a rigid-foam, semi-shaped case with black exterior and blue plush interior. Every HV-100 outfit is thoroughly shop-adjusted and ready to play. Sure to please students, teachers, and parents, this outfit sets a new standard in violins at this most affordable price point. Available in full (4/4) size only.

TamaIronCobraHP600 New Iron Cobra Pedal From Tama
Tama is expanding its Iron Cobra bass drum line with the new HP600D and HP600DTW models, which feature a clever changeable cam. Hayashi says, "The Duo Cam lets you switch between our "Rolling Glide" and "Power Glide" cams by simply pulling the cam out and reversing it. Players can adjust the action to fit their style, as well as the style of music they're playing." Another new feature, the Speedo-Ring, streamlines the pedal's rocker motion by incorporating a smooth, high-quality ball bearing. The same HP900 series double chain drive that was lauded by the drum gear press is also used on the HP600 series.

CasioXW-P1CO Casio Offers XW-P1 In Limited-Edition Color
Casio has added a limited-edition Chrome Orange model of its XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer. Equipped with 61 keys and Casio's exclusive (HPSS) Hybrid Processing Sound Source, the XW-P1 provides screaming virtual analog monophonic leads and basses, drawbar organs, complex layers, stereo pianos, drums, and more to deliver the sounds and real-time control any performing musician needs. A six-oscillator monophonic solo synth is just one of the exceptional sound engines in the XW-P1. Two virtual analog style oscillators, two PCM-based oscillators, a noise oscillator, and an external oscillator via mic and line inputs can be combined to make up a single solo synth tone. Each oscillator has an independent filter, envelopes, independent key tracking, portamento, two LFO's, and access to master resonant filter. Additionally, the XW-P1 has four real-time controller knobs, pitch bend and modulation wheels, along with nine sliders to provide control over internal sounds and external devices. Through standard MIDI ports and with a class-compliant USB port, the keyboard can be used as a controller for other instruments, including computer software and iPad-based software applications. It also includes an audio input allowing users to monitor an MP3 player, computer, or other device without the need for a mixer.

SnarkPowerSupply Snark Offers High-Profit Power Supply
Tuner specialist Snark is adding a new high-profit tool to its lineup in the Snark 9 Volt Supply. This solid and steady pedal power supply promises never to waver or "eat tone" like lesser supplies. Powering up to 15 pedals, the Snark 9 Volt Supply offers "zero-hum" noise filtering for silent operation. With a list price of $19.95 and a "buy ten, get one free" offer, it also delivers high margins for dealers. Also new from Snark is the 9 Volt Daisy Chain, with a list price of $9.95 and a "buy ten, get two free" offer for dealers.

AlfredBurdon Alfred To Publish Eric Burdon Memoir
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Eric Burdon is working with Alfred Music Publishing and ABKCO Music and Records on his book Breathless, an account of his 50 years of music making and the people he's met along the way. Best known as the frontman of legendary British Invasion rock band the Animals and the groundbreaking, multi-ethnic rhythm and blues band War, Burdon continues to write music history, delivering a stunning performance at this year's SXSW. Burdon's distinctly soulful voice, powerful lyrics and musical choices are often credited for shaping the landscape and history of rock 'n' roll over the last few decades, influencing such greats as Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, and Iggy Pop. Earlier this year he released 'Til Your River Runs Dry, heralded as his most personal album to date. Burdon was recognized by Rolling Stone as one of the "100 Greatest Singers Of All Time." Though Alfred is traditionally a music education publisher, Breathless joins a growing roster of memoir-style texts. "Eric Burdon is such an important voice in history, musically and lyrically," said Alfred CEO Ron Manus, who is working personally on the project. "What I find the most interesting in listening to him speak is his choice of words. They are very deliberate, very mesmerizing. "

WaveDNALiquidRhythm WaveDNA Launches Liquid Rhythm
WaveDNA'S new Liquid Rhythm is a powerful new beat creation software instrument designed for music and audio enthusiasts. Powered by Music Molecule technology, Liquid Rhythm delivers complex drum beats for fast and easy rhythm creation and synthesis. Liquid Rhythm is VST, RTAS, and AU compatible and operates as stand-alone software. The introductory retail price is $199. A box version will be available in Q2 2013; the download is available now.

EminenceD-fend Eminence D-fend Keeps Loudspeakers Safe
Eminence Speaker LLC's new D-fend SA300 is a fully programmable stand-alone unit designed to protect passive loudspeakers from excessive power conditions. Employing patent-pending technology, D-fend allows maximum driver performance while ensuring damage-free operation. With D-fend there are no more worries about blown speakers, HF drivers, or crossovers--or even worse, fire caused by excessive heat. D-fend protects not only gear, but the venue and audience as well. The user simply sets the thresholds and D-fend monitors and limits the amount of input power it passes through to the loudspeaker. D-fend is USB-compatible and can be programmed to the user's specifications from a desktop or laptop computer. Powered by a standard speaker-level signal, the D-fend SA300 requires no auxiliary power unless being used in low-power applications. D-fend loudspeaker protection is ideal for system installers, p.a. gear rental companies, OEM manufacturers, and any end-users who own passive loudspeakers.

Get'emStraps Get'm Get'm 'Reptile' Straps And More
Guitar strap specialist Get'm Get'm Wear is now offering new velvety Reptile-look fabric straps and beautiful 100% genuine leather 3" straps, offered with the option of suede or webbing backing. Recently Get'm Get'm also had the opportunity to design and manufacture a line of high-end OEM guitar straps for C.F. Martin, and to collaborate with Ernie Ball on a limited-edition line of guitar straps exclusively for Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. Get'm Get'm Wear has been designing and producing top-quality U.S.-made musical accessories for the past 16 years. Artists such as Prince, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Taylor Swift, and Weezer have favored the Get'm style. Get'm straps have also been featured on TV and award shows including American Idol.

OdysseyScrimWerks Odyssey Scrim Werks Light Columns
Odyssey Innovative Designs, a leader in cases and accessories for the audio market, is now shipping its Scrim Werks Light Columns. Designed to create dramatic lighting effects, Scrim Werks Light Columns are composed of aluminum frames and scrim sleeves ranging in height from one foot to ten feet tall. Odyssey's patent-pending columns are a sturdy, lightweight, and cost-effective alternative solution to traditional square truss setups. Designed with portability in mind, the columns set up easily in minutes and ship in a flat and compact footprint. Each column design consists of four individual aluminum tubes, top and bottom plates, and a corresponding scrim sleeve. Odyssey Scrim Werks Light Columns are fully collapsible for convenient compact storage and transport. A center bolt hole on plates allows users to secure lighting fixtures or other gear. Scalable sizing allows columns to be attached on top of one another. Includes a white column scrim made from machine-washable, flame retardant-treated durable stretch material. Prices range from $379 to $899.

EpiphoneThunderhorse Epiphone Brendan Small "Thunderhorse" Outfit
Epiphone's new Limited Edition Brendon Small "Thunderhorse" Explorer Outfit is a one-of-a-kind signature guitar custom-made for musician/comedian Brendon Small and DethKlok, the "virtual metal band" he co-created for the hit animated program Metalocalypse. The Thunderhorse features a striking Silverburst gloss finish on a classic Explorer profile, mahogany body and neck, 24.75" scale neck that is hand-set and glued-in for resonance and sustain, and a 1960s SlimTaper 'D' profile. The super-smooth and super-fast phenolic fingerboard--which can only be found on the Epiphone Thunderhorse--has a 12" radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, a 1.68" nut, and pearloid dot inlays. This guitar has single-ply cream binding on the body top and along the fingerboard, and the classic Explorer truss rod cover on the Explorer headstock is black with "Thunderhorse" in silver silkprint. The neck pickup features a Gibson USA BurstBucker-1 humbucker, while the bridge position features a Gibson USA BurstBucker-2 humbucker that is slightly overwound to emulate the legendary hand-wound PAF humbuckers produced at the historic Gibson-Epiphone factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the late '50s. BurstBucker pickups are made with unpolished magnets and non-potted coils, just like the originals, for a combination that gives players one-of-a-kind sound. Push/pull coil-tapping controls on the neck volume and bridge volume knobs are also Epiphone exclusives. Includes a premium-fitted custom gigbag with three "Dethklok" stickers only available from Epiphone. Epiphone/Gibson limited lifetime warranty and 24/7/365 customer service. MSRP $999.

OptionKnob Option Knob Introduces GloKnob Boutique
Option Knob, Inc. has added to its Option Knob family the GloKnob Boutique, a glow-in-the-dark version of its Boutique OKnob. The GloKnob has a blue luminescent color for easier visibility, and even on the darkest of stages its glow properties illuminate the pedal's controls. The GloKnob fits boutique-style pedals. MSRP $11.95.

SamsonExpeditionExpress Samson Bluetooth-Controlled P.A. System
Samson's Expedition Express portable p.a. is an all-in-one sound system that goes anywhere great sound is wanted. It's battery powered, weighs ten pounds, and is Bluetooth enabled so the user can pair it with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and play music without any need for cables. For $199, it's perfect for parties, presentations, classrooms, and the rest of a rapidly pairing world. Delivering pristine, full-range sound, the Expedition Express employs a two-way speaker design with a 6" woofer and a 1" high-frequency driver. The unit also features a three-channel mixer with XLR (microphones), 1/4" (guitar and line-level devices), and 1/8" (MP3) input options. A link output facilitates cascading multiple systems together. In addition, a master two-band EQ (bass and treble control) allows the sound to be adjusted to match each specific setting and audience. The Expedition Express is extremely lightweight and offers a convenient integral top-carry handle. These features, along with an internal rechargeable battery that delivers more than ten hours of use, make the Expedition Express suitable for use anywhere. MSRP $199.

PreSonusNimbit Language And Currency Updates For Nimbit
Nimbit, a PreSonus company, will be updating its direct-to-fan sales and promotion platform to enable musicians around the world to sell in their local currencies. In addition to support for local currencies, Nimbit subscribers will be able to set their storefronts to display in English, French, German, and Spanish. The updated platform will initially support the following currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Singapore Dollar, and U.S. Dollar. Support for additional currencies and storefronts in other languages will be introduced as needed to meet customer demand. Nimbit provides an easy way to sell and promote music, merchandise, and tickets through attractive stores on Facebook, Twitter, or any website while building a supportive fan base. Users can drive sales and grow their fan bases with sharable promotions--featuring music, videos, personal messages, free downloads, and discounts--for Facebook, Twitter, and email. Adding an in-cart "tip-jar" can bring in additional funding. One in 20 transactions on Nimbit receives support averaging $7.80. The Nimbit platform can also help users get discovered by selling music on iTunes and getting placement on Spotify.

DixonK-SeriesThrone Dixon Introduces K-Series Hardware
Dixon's K-Series drum hardware line includes cymbal, tom, hi-hat, and snare stands along with single pedals, double bass drum pedals, and a variety of thrones. K-Series stands feature rotating toothless tilter for one-step adjustments; A-frame joint castings with precision memory locks and nylon tube inserts for rattle-free performance; and a road-ready design that features heavy-gauge, sturdy double-braced bass and double chrome plating.

iDanceSDJ iDance SDJ Series Lifestyle Headphones
"DJ-tested and street-approved," iDance's SDJ series provides outstanding sound isolation and bass response and is available in six eye-catching colors. Features include a large 40mm driver unit; an inline mic for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and many other tablets; a dual-color flat cable; tightly sealed acoustic design for a high level of sound isolation and booming bass sound; and ultra-thick pressure-relieving earpads to cushion ears for supreme comfort. Power handling capacity is 1,000mW. Muffin and PCDJ software is included. Users can even express their inner DJ using free software vouchers for PCDJ 3DEX LE and Magix Mufin, provided by iDance. MAP $69.

ZoomA3 Zoom A3 Pedal Restores Natural Acoustic Tone
For musicians who use a pickup system to amplify their acoustic guitars onstage, Zoom's new A3 pedal re-creates a guitar's natural tone, counteracting the flat, generic tone acoustics can take on when amplified. The A3's high-quality pre-amp features both mic and pickup input/mixing options, a three-band EQ, balance control, and super-low noise design. It also provides remodeling presets for 16 different body types/shapes and 28 world-renowned acoustic guitars. This allows players to rebuild the true sound of their own guitar or simulate the tone of other instruments. The A3 has 40 onboard effects, of which two effects and one acoustic guitar model can be used simultaneously and in any order. Users can create and store up to 20 original patches. A large LCD, three footswitches, analog-style cursor keys/parameter knobs, and LED indicators allow users to control all of the pedal's functions with ease. Great for use in live settings, the A3's Anti Feedback function can be used to eliminate up to three frequencies of unwanted noise at once. In addition, the pedal's Clean Boost footswitch can be set to instantly add up to 12dB of volume to a performance. A balanced XLR output with a Ground switch allows the pedal to be used as a direct box, giving acoustic players a clean, balanced direct output to send to a p.a. system. Other features include an auto-chromatic tuner with smooth, real-time response and a tap tempo function that makes matching the tempo of a song quick and simple. Four standard AA batteries (not included) provide players with up to eight hours of continuous use. The A3 also features USB bus and AC (adapter included) power options.

KorgLP-380 Korg Low-Profile LP-380 Digital Piano
At just over 10" in depth, Korg's new LP-380 Digital Piano is slim enough to fit virtually anywhere. The soft-fall, wooden key cover is flat on top, allowing the instrument to blend elegantly into a room when it's not being played. This model is available in black or white. Among the 30 expressive, high-quality sounds, particular emphasis was placed on the six electric piano sounds, which reproduce not only the way the tone responds to touch, but also the subtle noises that occur when a key is released. Acoustic piano sounds switch between four piano samples according to the player's dynamics, responding realistically from subtle touches to powerful crescendos. Three pedals support realistic half-pedaling on both the damper and soft pedals. Layer Mode lets two sounds be played together. Partner Mode divides the keyboard into left and right regions so that two people can play the same range of pitches at the same time. This is useful not only for duets, but for teacher/student interaction. Two headphone jacks make it convenient for two people to play the LP-380 together. The amplifier boasts the highest output (22 watts x 2) in its class, properly reproducing expressive piano sounds with authentic, detailed tone and damper resonance. Two 3.9" speakers mounted inside the cabinet allow the sound to resonate for even richer depth. The Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard reproduces the same playing experience as on a grand piano, with a heavier response in the lower register and a lighter response in the higher register. In addition, a Key Touch Control function lets the user choose one of three levels to specify how the performance dynamics will affect the sound. U.S. street price $1,199.

EngleNew New Engle Is World's First Guitar Mallet
Engler Innovations has introduced the world's first percussion mallet designed specifically for the guitar. The Engle allows a guitarist to capture increased rhythmic accuracy, dynamics, and tonal quality. The unique guitar hammer includes an elongated arm with a polymer head and cherry wood handle. Depending on the position in which the Engle is held, players are able to strike one or multiple strings on an acoustic or electric guitar. The entry-level Engle is available at a retail price of $19.95, while a Special Edition unit retails for $29.95. In the Special Edition unit, the Engle is offered in an attractive leather mini guitar case, with a code to access professional workshops with renowned artists--such as Christie Lenée.

IbanezAEG Ibanez Expands AEG Acoustic Guitar Line
The Ibanez AEG line, the acoustic guitar line made to give electric players a stage-ready instrument built for comfortable play, has been expanded with seven new models. Among the new additions are two new AEG20IIs, three AEG10IIs, and two nylon stringed AEG10IIs that reflect the company's commitment to the line's continual improvement. "The new models are even easier to handle and to play, what with smaller body size, which is also shallower, for the sake of feedback resistance," said Ibanez USA Acoustic Guitar Product Manager Frank Facciolo. "We're doing a slightly shorter scale length and we switched to a satin finish on the back of the neck. These are all ease-of-play improvements. We've also paired a Fishman Sonicore pickup with our AEG-FT1 preamp and onboard tuner to really elevate the value of these incredibly affordable guitars. They look great, and sound even better in both acoustic and amplified settings."

YamahaPR7recorder Pocketrak PR7 Portable Recorder From Yamaha
Yamaha's new Pocketrak PR7 is an easy-to-use, ultra-portable linear recorder. Equipped with newly developed XY stereo microphones, the PR7 captures high-resolution, natural sounding stereo recordings regardless of the surrounding environment. Essential practice functions include an onboard tuner and metronome. It comes with 2GB of internal memory (with the ability to expand the capacity with micro SD/SDHC memory cards) and features long battery life, mic line inputs for microphones or instruments, 24bit/96kHz recording, and a built-in speaker. A dedicated overdubbing button allows for the instant addition of solo sections and harmonies over an existing track and the ability to work out respective parts of a song. Musicians can punch in and out at specific sections of an audio file to ensure that only the parts needed are committed to the file. Marker editing lets users insert up to 36 index markers in audio files either during recordings or playback, providing the location of a particular playback position. These markers can also be used to loop a specific section of a file for practicing certain phrases of a song. Five optimized presets are tailored to rehearsing, songwriting, speaking engagements, and field recordings. The PR7 comes with Steinberg's WaveLab LE audio editing and mastering software that provides two-track audio editing with high-end EQ and dynamics processing to improve the sound of the audio file. This software also includes professional level VST plug-ins, giving users a wide range of effects for mastering and enhancing tracks. MSRP $249.

LavaC229plug Lava 229 Plug
Lava Cable has partnered with Switchcraft Inc. to introduce next generation pancake-style plug, the Lava 229 Plug. Improving on the original and popular Switchcraft 228 plug, the Lava 229 plug features two plated copper alloy solder contacts and a Mylar shorting protector along with a single-piece tip and rod assembly for greater strength and reliability. The Lava 229 plug has a body width of only .425" and a capacitance is just 8 pF. Proudly "imported" from Chicago and made in the USA, the new 229 plug is sold individually and as part of DIY kits with Lava's Mini ELC cable. Retail price is $5.95 each.

IbanezES2B5 Ibanez Echo Shifter Effects Pedal
The new ES2 Echo Shifter from Ibanez pairs its golden-age-of-analog design with analog "bucket brigade" circuitry for warm sonic character that vintage stomp-box fans know, love, and cherish. "But rather than simply being an homage to the vintage delays," said Ibanez USA Electronics Product Manager Frank Facciolo, "we wanted to go a step further--to create a real analog box that in a small way leverages the possibilities of DSP. This way you get real true analog sound but with advantages the old pedals can't match, like tap-tempo-on-the-fly tempo adjustment. We weren't interested in bringing out another delay with the all the 'normal' modulation tricks, like chorus. We took an unorthodox approach to the use of pitch shift and modulation, and cooked up some sonic combinations that will, without a doubt, turn heads during that last part of the jam when everything is headed into the stratosphere." Controls include: Feedback w/ Oscillation on/off, Mix, Delay Time, Depth with Modulation on/off, Tap Tempo, Delay Time: 30ms - 1,000ms, and I/O: Mono.

TamaLMPsnare Tama Studio Maple Snare
Following last year's launch of the affordably priced, pro-grade S.L.P. snare drums, Tama is augmenting the line with the LMP1465F Studio Maple. With a clean, round tone and no unwanted harshness, this beautiful 14x6.5 snare is perfect for the weekend warrior and studio stalwart alike. The six-ply, 5mm all-maple shell delivers extra clarity with the addition of Sound Focus Rings on both top and bottom. "What really sets this drum apart," comments Tama Product Manager Charlie Hayashi, "are the 100% maple hoops. There just aren't other drums at this price point that come with that kind of upgrade. We think this particular drum is a recording engineer's dream."

RetailUpASM Retail Up! Expands Website, POS, Scheduling, Announces All Sheet Music
Retail Up! introduced numerous new services at the 2013 NAMM Show. New custom (bespoke) websites offer extensive interactive and transactional features. The company's expanded product data now covers more than 500,000 products and more than 300 brands. Its new Data Port is a service for dealers who don't want to manage their data. Retail Up!'s new At Last! POS/ePOS system offers many new features including: serialized products, rentals, lessons, repairs, and more, as well as expanded integration to Quickbooks, Sage, and Peachtree. It's About Time Scheduling offers many new tools to manage lessons billing and make-goods as well as a new lessons-specific website program. In partnership with Music Search, Inc., Retail Up's All Sheet Music service allows consumers to use a dealer's website to research more than 1.5 million sheet music titles and request those titles from the store. Retail Up! also announced special incentives for members of specific dealer organizations. For an online demonstration, email [email protected] or call 800-691-8172 (U.S.), 800-843-0373 (CA), and (0)207964216 (U.K.).

Manhassett53DH New Curved Manhassett Stands For Drummers
Manhasset's new Drummer Stand for Hi-Hat (Model #53DH), designed by drummer/author Andy Ziker, features a dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system, full-size desk, and a new curved shaft that allows it to be connected to all types of hi-hat, cymbal, and snare stands. This allows the desk to be positioned with unlimited variations where the drummer is used to it. This Drummer Stand for the Hi-Hat also comes in a wide model (Model #53DWH), featuring Manhasset's four-score 32"-wide desk for multiple page display. The Drummer Stand Super-Pack, including both the curved and straight shaft (along with the multi-clamp and the full-size desk) is now also available. In addition, the curved shaft is sold separately for those drummers who already own the original #53D and would like the increased versatility of the other shaft type. The Manhasset Drummer Stand is endorsed by Peter Erskine, John Riley, J.R. Robinson, and Tommy Igoe.



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