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June 2014                                 Biz Buzz
Vol. 16, No.10
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2013/14 Board of Directors

Donna Claimont

Vice President

Past President
Larry Summers
Linda Graceffo


Program Director



Community Events




The Annual Awards

Night recognized

members for their


The recipients of

the 2014 SBA

awards include:



Angela Zumbo,


The Mortgage Center,



Nancy Farey,


The Mustard Lady,



Donna Clairmont,

Clairmont Custom

Draperies & Décor,


Janet Martyn,






Russell Ball,


DJ Systems,



Nina Andersen,

Orca Marketing Group,




Sarah Brune,

Inner Harmony Healing,


Steve & Carolyn Touhey,

Two Eagles Lodge,




Women's Business


This year's recipient of the Minerva Award was Maureen Glowasky,


Grace Costmetics




President's Message 

Wow--It's hard to believe that another year has passed.  This is my 7th year on the board, and the time has been amazing.


With the AGM around the corner, I wish to take this time to thank everyone who has served on the board with me in various capacities over the years.    Serving on the board has had such a huge impact on my personal business.


It has given me a chance to get to know other members much more intimately than the monthly meetings will allow.   Many of these other Board members have gotten to know me, and they either need my services or I need theirs.  


The way my years on the Board has allowed me to forge long-standing business relationships, and many personal friendships, has been a bonus to belonging to a group like ours and is truly priceless.


The Small Business Association is comprised of such a dedicated group of business owners who all are on the same mission--to grow a business efficiently and effectively while maintaining a balance in life to enjoy this amazing place we call home.


While many of the faces of membership have changed over the years I've been involved with the group, the relationships--business and personal-- often continue outside of the monthly meetings.


For any of you who are hoping to find a way to maximize your investment in the SBA--to get out of it way more than you will ever put in--consider joining the Board next year.  For those who are returning to the Board, new ideas are always welcome.


There is no better way to make the SBA what you want it to be than to be on the board where those decisions can be made.


For those who are leaving the Board after years of service, I send a heart-felt THANK YOU.   Your ideas, your friendship, and your commitment to make the SBA such a vital organization for entrepreneurs is so appreciated.


I do hope you will all make it to the fun-filled evening we have planned for the June meeting.  And, remember that you can't win the Free Membership if you are not there to claim your prize.


Donna Clairmont 
250-339-6785 - Email 
Directors' Reports

Program Report
So let's swing into summer with AudioXcellence DJ Systems. Russ and Lori will be providing us with music, music trivia games, prizes and a fun social evening before the elections. Everyone is welcome to promote their business with a door prize.   We look forward to a great turnout for this year's AGM.

Janet Martyn



Membership Report

Congratulations to all the winners who were acknowledged at our Annual Awards last month! Our June meeting is the AGM, as well as elections.  


I want  to stress the benefits of being a board member and getting involved in the association. Being the membership director has helped me to get to know the members a little bit better.  


falling-money.jpg Don't forget that our AGM is the night we will also have a draw from the cards of all the members who brought a guest(s) during the year.  This lucky member will win a free membership for the next year starting October 1, a $95.00 value.


Linda Graceffo

Sparkling Graphics 

250 871 3323 - Email 


Social Report

Summer BBQ info to come - stay tuned!


Angela Zumbo   

The Mortgage Centre 

250 898 8821 - Email 

Newsletter Report

Submissions for the July newsletter are due on June 19th.


As my term is coming to an end, I would like to thank all those who have proofread the newsletter for me:

Ginny Alliston, Val Little, Terri Perrin, and Carolyn Touhey.


Sarah Brune   

Inner Harmony Healing 
250 331 3228 - Email 
Member Profile
A business card is drawn at random for this feature.  

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Income statements, accounts receivables, cash flow reports,  and accounts payables are all significant management tools that can mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.


Yet, most young businesses or solo-preneurs don't invest in a professional bookkeeper and proceed blindly without these reports.  As a result, they often spend more money with accountants than needed...or they make costly mistakes due to inadequate information.      


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