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August 2013                                    Biz Buzz
Vol. 15, No. 12
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Three great networking tips...

Taken from August 2000 newsletter


Sometimes people wonder why they don't get better results from their networking efforts.  Usually it is because they are not making the most of networking opportunities.


Here are a few things you can do to improve your track record.


1. Arrive at meetings and group activities at least fifteen minutes early. Always attend the social hour if there is one.  This is the time when the most networking occurs.


Once the program for the evening has started there is usually little time for networking.


2. Stop waiting for something to happen.  Approach the event as if you were the host greeting people yourself.  Strike up a conversation.


If you smile and extend your hand, 99% of people you meet will smile back and introduce themselves in return.   


3.Carry a stack of business cards at all times.  


President's Message 
I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer on Vancouver Island.  Who needs to go away when you can vacation right here in your own backyard? 

There was no time like the present to have our first board of directors meeting to plan for an exciting year ahead.  We will be focusing more on educational meetings, more networking opportunities, monthly social nights and mini trade shows to name a few.

Got a great idea for a guest speaker and event? Don't hesitate to call or email today, we welcome all your suggestions.  


I look forward to seeing you all on September 5th at the Best Western Hotel as we kick off the new season.

Have a safe and happy summer.


Donna Clairmont 
Directors' Reports

Membership Report

I am very pleased to be involved with the CV Small Business Association as the Membership Director this year and look forward to getting to know the members and the potential new members who attend our meetings.


Just a heads up there is one big change coming up as of the October 3 meeting. At our AGM in June it was determined that the price of membership will increase from $75/year to $95/year and everyone will renew annually on October 1. This makes it more efficient for the association in the long-run. In the last week of August, I will be emailing all the members with their pro-rated dues amount letting you know about the membership rate increase and giving you the option to pay at the September or October meeting.


Membership has its benefits and it is my intention this year to talk about it at every meeting and in these newsletters. Please email or phone me with any questions and I will be happy to answer them.


Linda Graceffo,

Sparkling Graphics

250-871-3323 - Email


Web Report

With our new name change, what a better time to change our website....for the better. I figured the only way to get the website we want is to completely start from scratch. One of the most important changes will be to have all our members prominently featured where everyone can find us or you...on the front page!  


What else would you like changed or added to the site? Send me your suggestions and comments via email and I'll do my best to make the SBA website the best ever.


Ginny Alliston

Ginny's Graphics & Web Design

250-941-5543 - Email

Social Report
The summer barbeque was enjoyed by all who attended - thank you to Steve & Carolyn Touhey for hosting this fun event.


I really want the members' input to ensure our Christmas party this year is a huge success.  Please be sure to complete your survey that was sent out in July as I want your opinions!


And now for something new - drum roll please...  Introducing the "SBA Social Night"!  The new SBA Social Night will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at a local establishment, starting in September, and will give members a chance to visit and network in a low-key, relaxed setting. We are booked for Thurs, Sept 18 5-7pm at Fluid for our 1st Social Night

Party On!!!  
Angela Zumbo  
250 898 8821


Community Events Report

Hello everyone, how is your summer so far?  I am so excited to be your new Community events co-ordinator. We are looking forward to an exciting year of getting our name out there.


The first event we have this year is the Cumberland Motorcycle round-up, coming August 10th.   The SBA is going to have a spot to hand out balloons to kids.  We are renting out 3 tables that day so that SBA members can showcase their businesses, the tables are 1-1.5 hrs at $10 per table.


The event will be from 10am-4pm, so far I have one table rented for 1 slot.  I will build a schedule shortly, as soon as I get a list of everyone interested.  Please email

to get your name on the schedule.

I am looking forward to a new
exciting year on the board, and remember if you hear of any community events going on that we can use to get the name of the SBA out there, feel free to let me know.

Yolanda MacLaren

Epicure Me - Email

Newsletter Report
Please send in your submissions for the September newsletter by August 19.  


Calling for content... 

Do you have any hot tips that you would like to share with your fellow members... marketing, graphic design,

social media, technology, money managing, health etc. or what have you learned over the years for your business to succeed?


Sarah Brune 
Inner Harmony Healing 
250 331 3228 - Email