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February 2013                                Biz Buzz
Vol. 15, No. 6
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2012/13 Board of Directors

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Larry Summers

Nancy Farey


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New Members
Nina Anderson
BC Island Homes

Elva Murdoch

Presentation Tips


3 Things to Avoid Doing When Presenting to a Group


#1 Apologizing for Yourself

Your audience does not want to hear excuses such as "I'm nervous/I'm jetlagged/it's not a good day".   


 #2 Lacking Relevance

Starting your presentation with a rambling of all the wonderful things you have done. Stick to the point of what you can offer to your audience, and make it engaging.  


#3 Hiding Behind Your Slide Show

Don't put too many points in your power point slides-a good rule of thumb is to put a maximum of 3 points per slide.  :Set up your laptop between you and the audience so that if you need to read from the slide, you are not facing away from them.   


"Excerpts from the author of Storytelling in Business by Carla Rieger:

 Source: Scrivener Magazine

Shared by - Marg Szafron

Tips for 


1. Use CEO




to close deals

2. Grab Your


3. Complete

your profile

4. Connect to

your warm


5. Use LinkedIn

to follow up

after other




For more tips -
by Ken Krogue,


Shared by 

Mark Erickson -

Norse Code Technologies

(250) 339-7031 


Sparkling Graphics  

and The Writer  

Connection Move

Linda Graceffo's has moved from her

downtown office

space to Unit

106-2270 Cliffe  

Avenue, Courtenay



Two Eagles Lodge 

was one of three

finalists for the  

Comox Valley

Chamber of  

Commerce's 2012

annual award -Small Business 

of the Year.


Debaura Hall of

Divine Connections Educational Network 

is offering evening

and weekend

workshops and

individual sessions.

For more


check out our website or send us an email


Bach Flower 
March 2 & 3
For more info
Sarah Brune
email or
visit our website

Feel nervous about speaking in public?
Check out the clip from the Dr. Oz show explaining how Rescue Remedy can help
President's Message 
As January quickly slips by, I hope you have had a chance to reflect on what you have accomplished in 2012 and what you would like to accomplish in 2013.  Hopefully you've made some resolutions and drew up a new business plan to make this year the best year ever.  Your board, is planning for a successful year ahead and with your help we will make it happen. 


There are some very important upcoming events to plan for, but your help will be needed.   


There is no better time than the present to start planning for our Awards Night in May where we honour our members as we help them celebrate their successes for the 2012/13 year.  I'll have to admit that as a recipient of a couple awards in the past it is pretty exciting and very gratifying.   


This year the HBSBA is celebrating our 15th Anniversary as an organization, so I think I see a party on the horizon.   


Also, there is no time like the present to start thinking about our AGM in June.  Over the next few months you will be hearing from your Board of Directors and what it means to them to hold their board position.  We hope that this will encourage you to become more involved as a committee chairperson, volunteer or even a board member.   


Finally, the Canada Day Parade - yes we will be asking for volunteers to participate again this year.  Each year there is a special theme and for several years we have walked in the parade promoting both the organization and our businesses... and I'd like to mention that we've even won a couple awards.   


As you can see there is never a dull moment.  If you would like more information, or you would like to volunteer on any of the above mentioned events please email me at donna@clairmontdraperies.com


I look forward to seeing you at 6 PM on February 7th for our meeting at the Best Western Hotel. 

Donna Clairmont 

Clairmont Custom Drapes and Design 

250-339-6785 - Email
Directors' Reports
Program Report 


For our February 7 meeting the keynote speaker is Area Governor for Toastmasters, Katie Healey. She will explain how the Toastmasters program builds communication and leadership skills that we all use on a daily basis. There will be a demonstration of the meeting format and an explanation of the importance of these skills and how the program is designed to build them in a supportive and friendly environment.  February is Toast Masters month.


The spotlight member presentations are Russ Ball of AudioXcellence and Larrie and Marg Szafron of Prestige Video Transfer.



Katie Healey

Healey works as an analyst and joined Toastmasters in 2010 to improve her communication skills at work. "I realized that technical ability is not enough; the ability to collaborate with others and communicate my work is equally important." After her first club visit, the benefits of Toastmasters were immediately apparent. "The members at the club were so confident and articulate, I signed up right away. I was surprised at how quickly I began to notice the improvement in my interactions with those around me, professionally and socially." Since joining Toastmasters, she has attended industry conferences and given verbal presentations on behalf of the company she works for. "When I joined Toastmasters, I never dreamed that I would be standing in front of a crowd communicating our work, but now it's my favourite part of the job!" However, the most rewarding aspect of Toastmasters is the rapid increase in confidence she sees in new members when they join.


"We excited to visit the HBSBA and describe how Toastmasters can benefit you and improve the skills you use in your business. And with three Toastmasters Clubs meeting weekly in the Comox Valley, there are many options if you'd like to join us."



  Prestige Video Transfer - Larrie & Marg Szafron

Larrie started Prestige Video Transfer in 2005, as he realized the need to be able to re-capture and view old visual or sound media such as film, slides, VHS/Beta and camcorder tapes, photos, music tapes, etc.  These items were part of his and wife Margaret's family history but were in a form that could not be viewed by the younger generations - especially grandchildren. 


Since Larrie had an extensive background in computers after working in the industry for 30 years, he soon realized that this knowledge could be put to good use in a new business.  Extensive research provided the necessary high-end consumer and commercial-quality equipment to facilitate the transfer of old media to DVD in a professional manner while preserving its original quality. 


Margaret retired early in 2010, after 30 yrs in various parts of the real estate industry, to join Larrie in Prestige Video Transfer.  This allowed the company to expand into other areas such as specialty presentation projects, as well as some documentary-style videography such as the capturing the memoirs from elderly members of families


Both Larrie and Margaret are active members of the HBSBA, CVWBN, Chamber of Commerce and CVBN.   They both enjoy helping others in the small business community by being available to discuss new and old ideas. 


They provide personal service which includes discussing details about your project such as editing out scenes, adding background music, etc.  You are ensured that your precious family history is processed locally, rather than 'tempting the fates' by having these items being shipped to distant locations.


AudioXcellence - Russ Ball
Began in 1995 as an "All Around Sound" in Cold Lake Alberta, while I was serving with the military as a technician. My thought was that I wanted to provide the highest quality sound systems possible as a mobile DJ service. I started out with two turntables, a wooden crate of LP's, an amp, speakers, and mixing board.

I was posted to Comox base in 2000 and decided to call my business "AudioXcellence" as a reminder of what the business strives for. I was invited to join HBBA in 2001. Business soon picked up again, word got around, and I was soon back to being busy every weekend.
Every summer I was asked to provide the sound and video for YANA's 24 Hour Relay.


In the winter of 2010 I retired from the military after 27 years of service, and devoted my time to home and business. This past summer, I married Lori, love of my life (at Two Eagles Lodge), and business is once again coming back into focus. She has been my working partner ever since.


This past year we have focused on building our share of the local DJ market,
retaining existing business partnerships, and working towards becoming more environmentally friendly.  We have put up a web page (through Linda Graceffo) and this year plan to upgrade it (www.comoxvalleydj.com) and we have built a Facebook page too, www.facebook.com/ComoxValleyDJ.

Our aim remains to provide the best possible sound systems and music content for our customers.    


Sean Murphy  



Website Report

I know that our website isn't the most user-friendly, and it has left a bad taste with some of our members.  As a result, not all of our members have a presence on our website.  It's time to stop the confusion.


I will be doing a short presentation during the February 7 meeting on how to create your User Profile and Business Post. I will go through each step, explaining the difference between your user profile and your business profile, how to make a post and how to insert an image.


A website is a terrible thing to waste. Don't miss your opportunity to showcase your business on the site any longer.

Ginny Alliston

Ginny's Graphics & Web Design




Newsletter Report  

Please send in your submissions for the March newsletter by February 21. Of course submissions are accepted before the deadline! 


Calling for content...

Do you have any hot tips that you would like to share with your fellow members... marketing, graphic design,

social media, technology, money managing, health etc. or what have you learned over the years for your business to succeed?  Submission accepted any time. Everyone who contributes will have a link to their website.


Sarah Brune  

Inner Harmony Healing 

250 331 3228 - Email