January 2016
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Four Motivating Reminders For a Long Job Search
What to tell yourself when you feel like quitting your job search

Job Searching can be tedious, agonizing, and sometimes really discouraging. After spending hours upon hours perfecting resumes, customizing cover letters, and receiving "Thanks, but no thanks" emails, you probably feel like throwing in the towel. 

Remember: There's a reason why you started searching for a job - probably multiple reasons - and if you stop now, those reason will all still be there. So rather than settling for what you have now - push yourself a little bit further and believe that it'll all be worth it. 

1. You can't compare yourself to anyone else
It's really easy to feel discouraged when you see someone around you land an awesome new job while you're still searching for yours. But the reality is, you don't know what his job search was like. All you're seeing is the end result - he got a new job and he took it. What's important to keep in mind is that just as you and he are different people, your job searches will be different too. So rather than beat yourself up when you think people are moving faster than you, focus on your own career goals. And if you don't have those literally written out, do that now. Seeing them clearly will help you remember that you're on a personal mission here - and it can't be completed by accepting any old position. 

2. You can't lose confidence in your abilities
When your efforts continue to be met with silence and rejections, it's easy to start doubting yourself and your skills. But once you start believing you're not qualified for the positions you're going after, the search will only get harder. Give yourself credit for the experience you do have, the things you know, all your past accomplishments, and your shining strengths. And if you're struggling to remember these as the "no" emails pile up, make a list. Not only do you know so much more than you realize, but you've also accomplished a lot over the years. 

3. You can't take  your eyes off the goal
I bet you've heard the saying "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" more than enough times. If you quit applying for jobs, you're not going to get one. And then you'll be right back where you started when you decided you wanted to look for a job in the first place. So keep that personal mission mind every time you think about quitting this process. You've got this!

4. You can't let this process consume you
We hear a lot about work-life balance these days-and while this means different things for everyone, the same principles apply to your search, too. Looking for a job is work in itself, and you shouldn't let it take up all of your free time.
Sure, you may have to spend some of your weekend hours submitting applications, but if you spend every waking minute working at this, you'll drive yourself crazy. 
Next time you find yourself growing frustrated or antsy, take a deep breath, and move onto a new activity. 
So, if you are really serious about job searching, keep at it. When you land the next job, you'll be glad you didn't quit. And while these four reminders won't make the hunt for a job fun, per se, they will hopefully make it a little less painful. 

What Skills Will You Develop This Year? 
By: Shelley Lowe Dorsey

2016 is a Leap Year. How will you make use of that extra day? Why not make this the year to leap into a new skill that will benefit your career. Another year is upon us and the majority of us will find ourselves thinking about resolutions, ways to change for the better, coming up with ideas to improve ourselves and, yet again, thinking about more ways to meet our goals.


Experts will tell us not to take on too much. In order to be successful, break down your tall dreams into manageable steps. This brings us to what are the things I need to learn this year in order to bring me closer to my goals and closer to that ideal job I've got my eye on.


Here are the top 4 areas in 2016 that make the leap year list for improvement. Concentrate on these and employers will be impressed. 

Social Media

Employers are checking you out on LinkedIn. Are you there?  All keen employers will Google you and log into Facebook to see what you have been up to. Have you Googled yourself to see what's being said about you? Social Media is the fastest growing area for job searching today. Do you even know what Twitter, Snap Chat, Pinterest or Hootsuite are?  Make this the year to find out.


LinkedIn is not for everyone, but it's the latest growing trend in job finding. Social media will assist you with your research, key words and industry language, networking and in finding those job postings that aren't advertised elsewhere. You can make valuable connections and introduce yourself to employers in a professional way. Gone are the days of mailing out 100 resumes and waiting for the interview invitations or pounding the pavement or relying on temporary agencies.


Find out more and how to get it into social media by registering for a workshop at one of the TCET employment service centres.



Mindfulness is not just a passing fad. It is the art of being aware of what is happening around you. Do you read or watch the news?. What's happening in your immediate world, and the world at large? Where can you be of value? So many problems need solving this year. What can you do to help solve them?


Google your address. Do you see anything interesting to work with? What's happening in your neighbourhood? Check out the labour market, read the signs in the windows, analyse your junk mail. What's going on out there? Find some new websites to access. Find connections between your transferable skills and interests. If you have been working for a while, you have gathered a multitude of skills.  Now is the time to put them to work. What motivates you? Make note of how certain products, industries, situations, people, companies or services get you excited. Find the connections, and look for trends.


Who do you know that knows someone that knows who you want to know?  Networking is so important. As you've probably guessed, sending out 100 resumes by the batch does not work anymore and the number one way to find work today is through networking and connecting, and connecting with the person who has the power to hire you. Develop your interpersonal skills, get out there and make those connections.


Getting along with others as well as working in teams is the norm, not the exception. Employers hire positive, upbeat individuals. Have you checked your communications skills in the mirror, on paper, face to face, on the phone or in your emails? Maybe this year you should? Making a connection, following it through and providing value is the fastest way to a job. Spend some time boning up on your communication skills. It will pay off.


Become an Entrepreneur:

Even though you might not have any intentions of hanging up a shingle for a small business, try thinking like an entrepreneur - after all, you are 100% responsible for your life. Don't leave something as precious as your career in the hands of someone else. In this new world of work, we need to be our own CEO. Job finding is harder than ever but see how much faster things come to you when you are in charge of you. You know yourself better than anyone. Think strategically, own your skills, own your individuality and market you. It will pay off in 2016 if you think like a business owner.


There is an age old saying that "if you keep doing the same things over and over, you will keep getting the same results". So, if you need new results, try learning something new this Leap Year.  You have one extra day to make it happen.

Small Business Enterprise 
Have you thought about starting your own business?
Do you need help getting? 
Perhaps 2016 is the year for you!

Small Business Enterprise is a resource centre for aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs, who offer a wide variety of tools, seminars and workshops which help in starting and growing your business. 

Contact Information: Small Business Enterprise

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- Participate in the  industrial (warehouse) and/or clerical component
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- Obtain Canadian references

Contact Peel Career Assessment Services to register and enroll in their new program: 
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