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December 2014

Commissioner of Oaths Services

Commissioner of oaths services are available by appointment at all locations to take affidavits, declarations, oaths, attest/certify true copies of original documents.

For more information contact: nic@tcet.com
Scheduled Events 

Brampton City South: OAS, CPP & GIS by Service Canada on Friday, December 12 at 2:00pm

Brampton East: RCMP Career Presentation on Wednesday, December 10 at 10:00am 
Malton: Tax Information Session on Wednesday, December 3 at 10:00am 
Oakville: Citizenship and Immigration Updates on Monday, December 15 at 10:00am 
Mississauga: Obtaining credit in a new country on Tuesday, December 16 at 10:00am 

Don Mills: Chipotle Mexican Grill Hiring Event on Tuesday, December 2 at 9:30am

Parliament: Re-Careering Series on Monday, December 8 to December 12 


Employment Services Workshop Calendar: www.tcet.com/employmentservices/workshop-calendars

Newcomer Services Information Sessions Calendar:

Holiday Job Search Survival Guide! 

If you are eagerly looking for a job this holiday season and you are wondering where you should focus your job search efforts, the best answer would be in retail, grocery stores and even big box department stores.  Jobs in these industries at this time of the year are in high demand.  You must be thinking that everyone knows this and everyone will be applying at the exact same time and to the exact same places as you would.  But the trick is what can you do to make yourself standout from the rest of the applicants?


Make your employment wish list:  Think about the stores you love to shop in or you wish you could shop in.  You may know more than you think about these company's products and services which is crucial in impressing the employer and important in landing the position.  Make a list of the top 5-10 retailers you would like to work for and rank them in order from favourite to least favourite.


Apply online:  Most retailers require that you apply online only so that there is a record of your application in their system. However one's appearance and style are very important to many retailers.  So after applying online, go in person to each of the retailers you applied to and submit the exact same resume you sent online in person.


You made your list now check it twice: Here is where that list you created in step one is important. Take that list that has your favorite retailers ranked in order from favourite to least and flip it over.  You are now going to go to the employer first that you least like because if you mess up with them on your first official try of applying in person you would not feel so bad.  The overall goal is that once you make it to retailer number one on your list, you have mastered your sales pitch and you are also very confident in yourself therefore making a very good first impression with the manager.


Before you go!:  Before you approach the manager of the retailer you wish to work for to make sure you look the part.  Research the kind of clientele and style the retailer caters to. If you don't own outfits that you can wear for when you make your first approach, try and come as close to it as possible with whatever is in your closet.  This will ensure that you standout and you believe in their brand and mission. The best employees for a retailer are usually loyal shoppers.

Secrets to a Successful Work-Life Balance

 The Holidays are fast approaching and we all want to ensure that our loved ones have a great holiday season, whether we are running around buying the latest and greatest toys or gadgets or we are trying to prepare our homes for family and friends we plan on entertaining.  Nonetheless whatever time of the year it is, one thing we must not do is lose sight of our own well-being and therefore work on establishing and maintaining a work-life balance.


Our time is very limited and precious during work and outside of the workplace, so here are a few things we can do to get our work-life balance off to a good start.


1)      Make lunch a "work free zone:"
If your lunch is 30 minutes or one hour, make it your mission not to talk about anything work-related.  Leave the paperwork and your needy clients at your desk and take this time to get to know more about your co-workers.  Consider having your lunch in the park or at a local coffee shop. If there is a park close by take a walk with a co-worker or two, but while you are out - DON'T TALK ABOUT WORK!!!


2)      Thinking outside the fun box: 
Consider taking up a fun or interesting activity that is new and exciting and never in your wildest dreams would you imagine yourself doing something like this.  For example - trampoline aerobics http://www.skyzone.com/ca/toronto, joining a running club http://www.torontorunningclub.com/ or expanding your social network and finding new and exciting things to do in your area through meet-up groups found on www.meetup.com.


3)      A little Professional Development goes a long way:   
Here is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Enhance your knowledge of your current profession or of another field while also enjoying hobbies you have a passion for.  This will keep your mind active and your interest peaked by expanding your resume and your knowledge at the same time. 


The next time you find yourself needing a moment for yourself I hope these easy and fun ideas can be the catalyst to you fulfilling your vision of a healthy work-life balance.

Navut.com - Matches Newcomers with the perfect neighbourhood

A free tool developed by four immigrants to help individuals especially newcomers with the tough job of figuring out where to live, and connecting with landlords and Realtor.

This unique tool is a neighbourhood finder which combines your personalized criteria with official data in order to suggest neighbourhoods that will accommodate individual lifestyles. 

So if your new to the country or just looking for a new neighbourhood to move into, check out Navut.com

nurse-portrait.jpgYour Health System

A unique website from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has been designed to provide comparable and interactive health care data to the health sector and the general public.  

Individuals can explore 37 indicators related to access, quality of care, patient safety and emerging health treads across the country to better understand their health system and the health of Canadians. Search by hospital, city, health region, province or territory.  


To access the website, go to YourHealthSystem

Youth Corner - Make Your Pitch 


 Ontario is giving young entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their business ideas to experts and the public through the Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch competition. 


The competition challenges high school students to pitch their business idea in a two-minute video. The video will be evaluated by judges from the business community and the public can vote for the best pitch online. 


Twenty finalists will present their ideas to a judging panel at the Ontario Centres of Excellence's Discovery Conference in Toronto this coming April 2015. The finalists will also receive business coaching. 


Six winners will be selected and presented with reserved entry into Ontario's Summer Company program, which includes mentoring, training and a grant of up to $3,000 to help launch their business. If a winner does not qualify for the Summer Company program, an equivalent in support will be provided.    


For further information regarding your youth; education, volunteering, skill building and much more; contact our Youth Counsellors at nicyouth@tcet.com

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