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November 2014

Commissioner of Oaths Services

Commissioner of oaths services are available by appointment at all locations to take affidavits, declarations, oaths, attest/certify true copies of original documents.

For more information contact: nic@tcet.com
Scheduled Events 

Brampton City South: Employment & Communications for ITP's on Wednesday, November 19 at 1:00pm

Brampton East: Woman's Rights at Work on Thursday, November 6 at 10:00am 
Malton: Immigration & Sponsorship on Wednesday, November 5 at 10:00am 
Oakville: CPP & OAS by Service Canada on Monday, November 10 at 10:00am 
Mississauga: Employment Opportunities with Peel Regional Police on Wednesday, November 19 at 10:00am 

Don Mills: Kabuki Restaurant Hiring Event on Tuesday, November 4 at 9:00am

Parliament: Networking Event by John Ribeiro on Tuesday, November 18 at 1:30pm


Employment Services Workshop Calendar: www.tcet.com/employmentservices/workshop-calendars

Newcomer Services Information Sessions Calendar:

Tune Up Your Speaking Skills!

According to Toastmasters International, there are many ways to develop a confident public speaking voice. They include:


Be familiar with your material. Know your topic, use humour, upbeat stories and conversational language.

Be familiar with your audience. Greet some of the audience members as they arrive. It is always easier to speak to a group when you can connect directly to one or two people.

Be familiar with your room. Arrive early, walk around the speaking area and get to know the space. Check all the technical and visual aids to make sure they are working.

Be familiar with the goal. Realize that the goal of the audience is for you to succeed. Audiences are always on your side and will be rooting for you even if you are nervous. 

Tune-up Your Listening Skills

According to many people, speaking is easy. It is listening that is difficult. Most workplace training and employment preparation workshops are focused on developing interpersonal skills which often focuses on speaking abilities. Listening skills are often neglected.  


The main reason is technology. There is so much going on with cell phones, iPhones, Blackberries and PDA's that it is difficult to focus on what people are saying.  To become a better listener try the following 3 tips.


Be in the moment:

-          Stay involved in what you are doing and concentrate on every second of the conversation.


Use the proven salesperson's technique:

-           Pay close attention to what a person is saying and repeat back what the person has just said so that the thought is understood and remembered.


Ask for a business card:

-           On the back of it write the date of the conversation and information about the conversation.


Tune up your listening skills by applying your brakes, focusing on what is being said and you might be surprised by what you hear and remember. 

Culinary Training For Newcomer Youth
by Catholic Crosscultural Services 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in food service?

Are you a Newcomer to Canada between ages 15 - 29?

Did you arrive in Canada within the last 5 years?

You may be eligible for paid placement!!

For more information contact: nic@tcet.com for details



November is Financial Literacy Month (FLM) in Canada, and FCAC is proud to play a role in raising awareness and mobilizing organizations across Canada to take part. 


Financial literacy means having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. 


Get involved now! Check the calendar of events to find activities and resources to help you become more financially literate and reach your financial goals. 


For more information please visit our centre or email: nic@tcet.com

Youth Corner - Maintaining good grades!


 As we all know keeping up with school could be quite difficult for youths. Most high school students are involved with extra-curricular activities around the school, volunteering in order to gather hours, sports, teams and clubs. With all those extra responsibilities it is hard to balance your assignments and studying along with the other priorities. In order to help here are five ways to achieve and maintain good grades throughout the years in high school. Once you have this as a routine it will be easier for you to have time for studying and keeping the good grades you deserve.  Most scholarships and bursaries go to those students that have a tremendous amount of volunteer hours as well as high grades. If you start and continue to follow these patterns that scholar could be you. 


1. Remove all distractions while studying:

Studying is difficult within itself. However, it will be extremely difficult if you continuously have your phone going off with twitter, facebook and instagram notifications as well as your friend notifying you with the latest gossip. In order to avoid that, find a quite spot such as the library or your bedroom and put your phone on silent.


2. Don't try to crunch everything in one study period:

While studying your brain can only consume and keep a portion of information at a time. Instead of trying to study everything break it down to 30-60 minute intervals and then give yourself a break. 


3. Finish your assignments a couple of days before the due date:

Try not to leave your assignments to the last minute procrastinating is not always the best way to go when it comes to keeping up with the due dates. When you get your assignments done ahead of time its another stress removed. Not only that but you have time to check it over.


4. Have a positive attitude when taking test:

When writing a test, it will benefit you in achieving a good mark because you studied and you are confident you will pass.


5. Don't be afraid to ask question:

It is proven that the most common fault in youth that pertaining to failing grades is that they do not ask questions when they do not understand what they are being taught. If there is something in your notes that does not make sense to you take it up with your teacher so that you can pass it when it comes to your test. Also, it does not hurt to ask questions to other peers that also have good grades to help you in the subject you have difficulty with.


With these 5 steps you are even closer to be the top mark student in your school.

Keep up the good grades & Rock on!!


For further information regarding your youth; education, volunteering, skill building and much more; contact our Youth Counsellors at nicyouth@tcet.com

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