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September 2014

Commissioner of Oaths Services

Commissioner of oaths services are available by appointment at all locations to take affidavits, declarations, oaths, attest/certify true copies of original documents.

For more information contact: nic@tcet.com
Scheduled Events 

Brampton City South: CPA on Thursday, September 18 at 2:00pm

Brampton East: How to start & finance your business on Thursday, September 25 at 10:00am 
Malton: Tax Info Session on Tuesday, September 16 at 10:00am 
Oakville: Working in Canada on Thursday, September 11 at 10:00am 
Mississauga: Employment in the Financial Industry on Tuesday, September 9 at 1:00pm 

Don Mills: 90 Day Challenge Event: Successful Mindset on Wednesday, September 24 at 10:00am
Employment Services Workshop Calendar: www.tcet.com/employmentservices/workshop-calendars

Newcomer Services Information Sessions Calendar:






Do you have what it takes to SECURE THE GAMES? 

TCET Employment Services is now assisting in the recruitment of Security Guards and Supervisors to help secure different venues during the Pan Am Games in the summer of 2015. Be part of one of Canada's largest Multi-Sport event at the Pan-Am games 2015. 

Recruitment sessions will be held on September 2 & 3.  Please visit any one of our sites in Mississauga, Brampton or Malton to register or go online to www.tcet.com/securethegames, to complete your online profile. Once your profile is complete, print out your official invitation letter (sent to you by email) and then visit one of our locations to receive your interview time and location. Recruitment details and requirements can be found at the above link. 
Stepping up your job search for September 


We hope you have enjoyed your summer so far! If you didn't land that dream job during the summer, we have some tips for job hunting in September and the rest of the fall season. While some people think there is a lull in hiring during summer, fact is - many employers do tend to fill really good positions during the break. Employment centres report that they do see a spike in the number of new clients coming in to seek assistance in September.

The typical school year starts in September and this in a way for many, signifies a spirit of renewal or a new beginning. Hence the urge to restart or begin the job search process during this period. Also note that closer to the end of the year, if companies have quotas to meet, they ramp up the hiring process to meet those targets for year end.

Try to increase or keep your search at a steady pace so that you can have a better chance of getting a job before the slowdown that starts in November through to the holidays. It may be that you had put your job search on hold for awhile to spend time with family. You could be a new grad who wanted to take a break after those tough exams and tackle the job market after a fun-filled summer. Or a newcomer who had to spend some time settling down in your new country. Some of the positions could be new ones or ones that will come up after many students return to school at the end of the break. There could also be opportunities related to some summer positions that are extending past the season and into the next.

You can visit your career centre and work with employment service professionals who will be happy to assist you with your search. Do try to make use of all avenues for your job search. Utilize your networks! Conduct research on the positions or companies that you are interested in and have a plan of action. Make sure that all your promotional tools are up-to-date and competitive. These include your resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn and other social media tools that can be used to put you ahead of the game.

If there is a job fair going on with jobs in areas that you may be interested in, do try to attend them. Along with the prospects of getting a job, these provide you with great networking opportunities as well as ways to practice promoting yourself through interviews or your elevator speech.

So, if you are still job hunting this fall, those positions that were not filled over the summer, along with the usual increase in hiring in September and October will provide you with tons of opportunities.

Don't forget that The Centre for Education & Training's 90 Day Job Challenge is on now and in full swing. Visit our website here www.tcet.com/90 or come on in to any one of our locations to take the challenge! 

The tone of your job search

 You sent out 10 resumes this month. After spending hours putting together the perfect resume and cover letter that will stand out from the others and grab the recruiter's attention, the next stage of the process is for you to expect a phone call. According to employers, this is where a lot of job seekers fail - the initial phone screening.

You need to make a very bold and positive statement - as first impressions are the most important. The way you answer the phone says a lot about you. Even if the phone call awoke you from a really nice nap, do not make this show in your voice. Clear your throat before answering and show enthusiasm when speaking. When the employer introduces themselves to you, how do you respond? Do you sound monotonous and unsure? That is a strike against you! Even though the job search process may seem long, always try to sound upbeat when speaking with the employer. The employer is trying to get information from you and he or she will have nothing to go on except your tone, communication as well as your customer service skills during this call.



Answer the phone with a professional tone: You may not know the number that shows up on the caller ID or it could be a blocked number. As long as you are sending out resumes, that call could be coming from an employer. Do not sound grumpy.

Be organized. Keep track of the positions you have applied to: The recruiter does not want to hear that you "have applied to so many jobs this week and I don't know which one you are calling about." You don't want to come across as sounding desperate or just going through the motions.

Use good judgment: Do not be afraid to ask for a call back number if you are in a noisy surrounding that may disturb the call. You can ask to be called back as last resort and try to get to a better location as soon as possible.

Ensure that your voicemail will pass the telephone screening as well: If you are looking for a job, you need to have access to voicemail. On your recording, there should be no music, slang, prank messages or anything that would come across as unprofessional.

Speak clearly: Do not mumble. Stand up and smile during the call.

Always be polite: Do not just say "OK" to everything. It is a conversation and it is OK to ask questions that will show you are interested.

You want to market yourself and skills so well that you make it to next stage of the process. After all the hard work you have put in your resume, you don't want this opportunity to go to waste. There are other candidates competing for the same position. You have caught the recruiter's attention. Seize the moment!

For more information please visit our centre or email: nic@tcet.com
Welcome Pack Canada  

When recently landed immigrants make their first visit to the Centre for Education & Training , a welcome surprise awaits them. It's the FREE WelcomePack gift box they are eligible to receive in the early months of settling in. Filled with gifts, products and special offers from over 40 Canadian brands, the gift box opens up a newcomer's world in more ways than one. And that's not all - they can look forward to receiving helpful tips, valuable information and special offers all year round from WelcomePack Canada. Besides, there are lucky draws and contests that offer a chance to win exciting prizes. Collect yours if you haven't already, and spread the word around - you just might know someone who is eligible. Presenting a Permanent Resident Card or landing paper with passport at the Centre for Education & Training is all it takes to receive a FREE WelcomePack. 

For more information visit:  welcomepackcanada.com for details 

Peel Renovates

Peel Renovates helps seniors and other low to moderate income homeowners cover the cost of major home repairs and/or accessibility renovations. 


To qualify, you:

- Have a yearly household income of $60,000 or less

- Live in Peel Region (Brampton, Caledon or Mississauga)

- Own your home, with a maximum value of: 

*Brampton - $360,385

*Caledon - $525,501

*Mississauga - $400,155

- Need home repairs in at least one of these areas:



*Fire Safety





For more information please visit our centre or email: nic@tcet.com

Youth Corner - The Play in Peel App


The Play in Peel app  has been recently launched (www.playinpeel.org), it's a website that allows an individual to search for local recreation activities in Peel. It's a very easy tool to use and it is accessible on your computer, smart phone or tablet to enter your search terms and click to see whats available. 


This is an initiative of the Peel Children & Youth Initiative (PCYI)

 For further information regarding your youth; education, volunteering, skill building and much more; contact our Youth Counsellors at nicyouth@tcet.com

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