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August 2014

Commissioner of Oaths Services

Commissioner of oaths services are available by appointment at all locations to take affidavits, declarations, oaths, attest/certify true copies of original documents.

For more information contact: nic@tcet.com
Scheduled Events 

Brampton City South: Breathe: Self-Care in Stressful Times on Wednesday, August 13 at 2:00pm

Brampton East: Career Exploration on Tuesday, August 12 at 9:30am 
Malton: Cash Register Training for Woman by YWCA on Friday, August 15 at 10:00am & 3:00pm
Oakville: Start your own business for youth on Wednesday, August 6 at 3:00pm 
Mississauga: Two Men and a Truck- Hiring Event on Wednesday, August 13 at 1:00pm 

Parliament: The Top Job Search Strategies that work on Tuesday, August 12 at 10:00am
Employment Services Workshop Calendar: www.tcet.com/employmentservices/workshop-calendars

Newcomer Services Information Sessions Calendar:







Are you unemployed, 15-30 and not returning to school? 

You may qualify to participate in a 4-6 month job placement.

Click on the link below for more details.



Calling all Apprentices! 

Do you have the passion for a trade but can't find an employer? What is the trick? The key to finding an apprenticeship opportunity that works for you, is finding the right employer.  It's a great way to earn a living while learning.  The employer will teach you the trade and pay you a salary at the same time. 

If you are thinking of entering into one of the in-demand areas for finding employment, think about the trades. There are over 150 occupations within the categories of: Construction, Service, Industrial and Motive Power - with 55 of them being Red Seal trades. This means that once you complete your designated hours and become a qualified journeyman, you can work anywhere in Canada.

The first step is to find the employer who will take you on and who is willing to be a dedicated employer and teach you the tricks of the trade.

So, the first place to look is the newspaper. Your local community paper will usually have advertised apprenticeship opportunities that might interest you and the benefit is that those employers might very well be close to your home.

More so, your local unions that represent your field of interest can also be an excellent place to look - along with trade associations and trade journals. The official trade bodies that regulate the fields are always in touch with the employers in the field. If you are affiliated with a local Secondary School or College, check them out as well for opportunities - some administer apprenticeship sessions, pre-apprenticeship sessions, in class sessions and also have connections with employers.

In addition, there are websites that specialize in the trades and apprenticeships such as:  www.apprenticeshipsearch.com, www.collegeoftrades.ca and www.skillscanada.com . If you have a company in mind that you wish to work with, check out their website too and don't forget the Ontario Job Bank and the Yellow Pages for leads.  Both of these resources are underused and much forgotten sources of valuable information.

Networking with friends and family can also be very helpful because people who work in the trades, often have links to other trades people. Employers will always talk to their employees when they need to hire staff, therefore, you should ask for referrals everywhere you go.

You can also present your apprenticeship proposal at Job Fairs where you can meet employers and ask questions directly and in person. You'll get inside information and a jump on the competition.

Last but not least, if you haven't uncovered an employer after this, Career Specialists at The Centre for Education and Training can provide valuable suggestions on possible employers and can introduce you to Job Developers who will present hiring incentives to employers on your behalf.

Finding an employer is easy once you are armed with your passion and drive to learn a trade and present the employer with the many incentives offered by MTCU (the Ministry of Trades, Colleges, and Universities).


For more information about apprenticeship, please visit our centre. 
90 Day Job Challenge


Days at the beach, camping trips and barbecues! Enjoying the summer so far? So are we! Well, it will be over as quick as it started and you don't want to start the next season out of a job. 


How's your job search going? Need some help on how to navigate your way into your next job? The Centre for Education and Training's highly successful 90 Day Job Challenge is back this year to help with your career goals.


Find out the keys to accessing the hidden job market. What are the secrets to succeeding on those tough interviews? Learn how to create resumes and cover letters that will improve your chances of getting calls for interviews.


Whether you are a new grad, a newcomer or simply unemployed, The Centre for Education and Training's 90 Day Job Challenge will help you Prepare, Look, Find and Keep your job!  Through Employment Services the 90 Day Job Challenge, will assist job seekers in image branding, discovering effective networking and negotiation skills and show them how to use social media to their advantage when job searching.  


Beginning later in August, come on out to any of our Employment Centres to network and meet experts in the field and become more competitive by expanding your network through attending the 90 Day Job Challenge networking events. Get one on one expert career counselling through customized work plans with our Career Specialists. Our job preparation workshops and guest speaker info sessions will arm job seekers with valuable information on how to stay competitive during the job search. 


During the 90 Day Job Challenge, our Employment Services team will also collaborate with employers who will interview on site for various in demand jobs. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter, Facebook and through our website at www.tcet.com/90.  

  For more information please visit our centre or email: nic@tcet.com
kids painting
Hippy Canada  

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is an evidenced-based program that works with families in the home to support parents, primarily mothers, in their critical role as their child's first and most important teacher. HIPPY strengthens families and communities by empowering mothers to actively prepare their children for success in school. 

For more information visit: http://hippycanada.ca/index.html

Career Focus Program

For many new graduates, landing a job without extensive work experience is a challenge. Yet without that first biotechnology position, the necessary experience will never come. BioTalent Canada's Career Focus Program paves the way to employment by helping offset the costs of orientation, integration and skills development. The Career Focus Program funding provides up to $20,000 towards your salary as an incentive for employers to hire and train recent graduates. - See more at: http://www.biotalent.ca/en/firstjobinbio#Program Criteria  


For more information please visit our centre or email: nic@tcet.com

Youth Corner - Buying school supplies for Back to School


Yes it is that time of year when you start thinking and planning to buy school supplies for your children. Here are some tips that could help you plan and also save some money:

  • Sit down with your child and create a list of what school supplies and clothes are needed for the school year. This is your opportunity to help your child distinguish needs from wants.
  • Start by creating a list of items that are needed
  • Make sure you set a spending limit, that way you don't go over budget
  • Check to see what your child already has from last year. Reuse as much of last year's school supplies and clothing as you can-especially those things that are still in good condition
  • Save money by only buying supplies that your child might need immediately. You can buy the rest after school begins and discussing with his/her teachers
  • Balance between name brand and trendy, affordable items. You can explain to them that brand name items are not the only option, and also point out the money they saved
  • Look for clearance sales to stock up on general items such as pencils, colours, and other stationary
  • If you don't do so, look for coupons that you can use to buy items and save money

Here are some links to saving money:

For further information regarding your youth; education, volunteering, skill building and much more; contact our Youth Counsellors at nicyouth@tcet.com

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