August 2016 - - Anaheim ANA Convention Quick report and some Newps         
August 16, 2016
Anaheim ANA Convention - - Better Than Expected

I had relatively low expectations for this show, based on the 2009 show held in Los Angeles. My expectations were greatly exceeded!  Sales were as expected, but the buying was excellent, as you will see from just some selected Newps below.  I acquired over 50 coins!  It was also great to meet in person some long-time clients and some new people. In addition, I submitted lots of coins to PCGS, acquired four coins for my personal collection of colorful Indian cent proofs, and acquired a coin I had been searching for for over forty years!  As I said in my previous newsletter, you can see coins at the ANA that you won't see anywhere else, and this was again proven true.  In short, despite the sizeable expense, I was glad that I had a table at the 2016 ANA Convention in Anaheim!  I also want to thank my table assistants, Bill Bugert and Len Augsburger, for helping at the show.  As most of you know, they add a lot to the business with their knowledge and professionalism.  I also want to congratulate Len Augsburger, Roger W. Burdette, and Joel Orosz for being awarded the Numismatic Literary Guild's Book of the Year for "Truth Seeker:  The Life of Eric P. Newman". 
There were some dealers who decided not to attend the show.  I'm sure everyone had their own reasons, but several people I spoke with believe that a big-time national dealer should attend every ANA annual show, and some of the customers from the West Coast pointed out, and rightly so in my opinion, that many West Coast dealers always attend the ANA when it is on the East Coast, so why should it be different for East Coast dealers when the show is on the West Coast?  Some dealers said they needed some "downtime", so they decided to skip the show.  In my opinion, a national coin dealer who skips ANA is like a florist who decides to skip the week of Valentine's Day. 
On to the highlights of the Newps. I still need to get the coins back from the security service who always transports our coins, then I need to take photos of the 50 newps, and determine pricing, so it will take several days for this to take place. However, if you are interested in acquiring any of the coins below, please call or e-mail me as soon as you can.  Here are some highlights of the newps:

1829 dime, JR-9 R4, Small/Large 10C, PCGS MS-64 
1822 quarter 25/50, PCGS VF-20 and original
1806 B-8 quarter PCGS G-4
1825 B-3 quarter, full cud on reverse, PCGS VG-10 and choice 
1812 half O-103 PCGS AU-53, nice toning 
1823 half PCGS MS-64, fully prooflike on both sides, a true "WOW" coin
1823 Broken 3 half, PCGS AU-53 
1863, 1864, and 1867 business strike dimes, all PCGS Fine or VF
1812/1 Large 8 half VF-XF, scratch
1875-S Micro s half PCGS VF-35 
Sixteen Trade dollars, all PCGS, VF-MS
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