July 2016 - - Summer FUN show report and Newps        
July 19, 2016
Summer FUN Show - - First time I attended
We moved to Florida in late July, 2015, and were unable to attend last year's Summer FUN show, so the 2016 Summer FUN show was our first.  Sales were about as expected, but I was able to find a few coins on client want lists, and those coins were sold shortly after the show, and this helped make the show a success.   I was happy to see a lot of customers.  I want to thank my table assistant Dick Graham for doing his usual great job at the show!    
Our newps include some circulated Seated half dimes incl. low-grade 1865 and 1867, an example of the very rare Briggs 3-C variety of the 1858-S quarter in PCGS VF-30, a nice 1802 half in PCGS VF-20, an 1839-O half in PCGS XF-45, an 1850 Seated half in PCGS AU-53, an 1861-O Seated half (Union issued) in PCGS AU-58 with prooflike surfaces, an 1875-S Micro s half in PCGS XF-45, a low-grade 1854 Seated dollar with problems, and an 1855 Seated dollar in PCGS F-12.
1858-S Quarter Br. 3-C PCGS VF-30
1802 Half PCGS VF-20
1839-O Half PCGS XF-45
1861-O Half Union issue PCGS AU-58
1875-S Micro s Half PCGS XF-45
1855 Seated Dollar PCGS F-12
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website www.richuhrichcoins.com.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-7.3 R5 G/AG100
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-1.3 retained cud, AU-55300
Seated Half Dimes1844-O Sm. o coin turn rev, Good-4160
Seated Half Dimes1849/8 EF-40 or nicer, lt. clnd.340
Seated Half Dimes1858 Doubled Date VG-8115
Seated Half Dimes1865 VG-8, business strike, 45 deg. rotated rev.600
Seated Half Dimes1867 G-6, very slight bend, business strike575
Bust Dimes1829 Small 10c PCGS AU-55800
Bust Dimes1833 JR-3 R6 PCGS Gen., VF details, smoothed1,995
Seated Dimes1875-S In Wreath VF80
Bust Quarters1806 B-7 R-5 F-151,950
Bust Quarters1825 B-2 ANACS VF-20875
Bust Quarters1832 B-2 VF-25, lt. clnd.180
Bust Quarters1834 B-5 R-5 VF-20, marks300
Bust Quarters1837 B-4 R3 VG-10/8115
Seated Quarters1853 Arrows & Rays removed F-15150
Seated Quarters1854 EF-40, Br. 4-D, reverse rim cud295
Seated Quarters1858-S Br. 3-C, PCGS VF-302,950
Other Quarters1943 Doubled Die Obv., FS-103, G-4260
Bust Halves1802 PCGS VF-203,550
Bust Halves1807 Capped 50/20 O-112 R1 F-12425
Bust Halves1807 Capped O-112 R1 F-12 or close325
Bust Halves1812 O-105a R2 VG-8100
Bust Halves1817 PCGS VF-25 O-106a R3 Single Leaf375
Bust Halves1828 O-103 R2 PCGS VF-30, curl base 2, no knob200
Bust Halves1832 O-118 R1 EF45170
Bust Halves1839-O PCGS XF-452,650
Seated Halves1842 Med. Date PCGS AU-50 WB-105 tripled date450
Seated Halves1842 Med. Date, Tripled Date, WB-105, VF-20, scrs.110
Seated Halves1842 Med. Date WB-105 tripled date VF, old lt. cleaning195
Seated Halves1850 PCGS AU-531,450
Seated Halves1853 W/ Arrows F-12/1580
Seated Halves1856-S PCGS VG-10295
Seated Halves1861-O Half PCGS AU-58 Union issue4,500
Seated Halves1862 EF-40425
Seated Halves1875-S Micro s Half, PCGS XF-455,500
Seated Halves1876 Large/Small Date WB-106 AG3/G4350
Seated Halves1877-S, Rev of 1878-S, R5, PCGS AU-55995
Seated Dollars1854 G-6 details, holed & plugged obv. K-31,950
Seated Dollars1855 PCGS F-123,395
A Few Thoughts About the Upcoming ANA Annual Convention
Since I started this business full-time in February 2006, I've had tables at every ANA convention except one Spring show, as follows (parens indicate Spring or Fall shows):  2006 Denver, 2007 Milwaukee, 2008 Baltimore, 2009 Los Angeles, (Portland, OR), 2010 Boston (Ft. Worth), 2011 Chicago (Pittsburgh), 2012 Philadelphia (Denver, Dallas), 2013 Chicago (New Orleans), 2014 Chicago (Atlanta), 2015 Chicago (Portland, OR), and 2016 Anaheim (Dallas).

I believe it is important for serious national dealers to have a table at ANA shows because (1) many collectors attend only one big show per year and ANA is it, (2) my clients expect me to have a table at these shows, (3) there are coins at ANA that you won't see anywhere else, (4) the activity level is frenetic with lots of deals taking place, (5) I can meet customers who live in other areas of the country, (6) the ANA convention is the most significant show in U. S. numismatics every year, and (7) buying a table supports the ANA including its many educational sessions during the week as well as exhibits and Young Numismatist programs.

It costs a lot for me to do an ANA show, particularly one across the country.  However, I believe it is a good investment despite the high cost.  I hope to see you at the Anaheim ANA show!
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich 
Upcoming Events
Our next show is the ANA's World's Fair of Money August 9 - 13 in Anaheim, CA, as discussed above.   Please stop by and see us at table #433. 
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
In Remembrance - Gene Gardner
Gene Gardner passed away over the weekend.  Gene was a true gentleman and a friend to many.  He had an amazing collection, but he was always willing to discuss coins with anyone.  He was a modest man and never bragged about his collection.  He regularly attended the meetings of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, and he had been inducted into the LSCC Hall of Fame.  A few years ago, Gene called me and asked me to come to his office and show him a coin I had just acquired.  For a coin dealer, that was like getting a call to come see the Pope!  We both enjoyed examining and discussing coins for an hour.  I always enjoyed my conversations with Gene, and I am sure every other collector feels the same way.  Karen and I offer our sincere condolences to his family and many friends.  Rest in peace, Gene.
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