May 2016 - - Central States show report and Newps        
May 7, 2016
Central States Show - - A good show
We are usually in the Chicago area for two shows a year - - Central States and ANA.  But this year's ANA show is in Anaheim, California, so Central States is our one Chicago area show in 2016.  Central States is a four-day show, Wednesday thru Saturday.  Wednesday is dealer set-up and the early birds are admitted starting at noon.  As a result, Wednesday was a slow day.  But Thursday thru Saturday were busy.  In fact, our highest sales were on Saturday!  I was happy to meet several long-time customers, many of whom we see every year.  I want to thank my table assistant Len Augsburger for doing his usual great job at the show!  

We are seeing that sales at shows are sometimes good and sometimes average.  Websites are better than ever, and pictures on many coin websites are better, plus good return policies allow collectors to buy coins from the privacy and security of their homes.  What this means is that we  are selling more and more coins from our website, and therefore we are less dependent on sales at shows.  We will continue setting up at shows because many clients want to see our coins in hand at a show, and we enjoy meeting our clients, and we will be happy to sell as many coins as we can at those shows, of course.  
Our newps include part 2 of our Baltimore newps, plus a collection of Capped Bust half dimes we recently acquired, and also our Central States newps.  Highlights of our newps are a nice 1846 half dime in PCGS VF-20, an 1820 JR-2 "Office Boy reverse" dime in NGC MS-62, an 1833 R6 dime in PCGS VF-25, the rare business strike 1867 dime in PCGS F-12, some nice PCGS graded Bust quarters incl. 1805 B-5, 1818 B-7, 1818 B-9 both EDS and LDS, 1819 B-4 MDS, 1825 B-1; a nice 1810 Bust half in NGC XF-45 with nice toning, an 1882 half in PCGS F-15, a gorgeous 1868 Seated dollar in PCGS AU-55 with nice toning, an 1871 Seated dollar in PCGS XF-45 with the most colorful toning I have ever seen on a Seated dollar, and a gorgeous 1964-D Kennedy half with fabulous toning.
1846 half dime PCGS VF-20
1820 JR-2 dime NGC MS-62
1871 Seated dollar PCGS XF-45
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-2 R-1 V-3 XF40, obv pinscrs ex NGC w/tag150
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-3 R-2 V-2 PCGS VF35150
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-5 R-1 V-6 VF30 slt rough60
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-13.1 R-1 B-13 XF45, obv scr & rub150
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-2 R-3 V-9 XF40, clnd, pinscrs115
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-3 R-2 V-8 VF30, obv scr, pinscrs90
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-7 R-2 V-7 F-12, clnd & scrs40
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-8 R-1 V-6 AU-55 color!325
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-12 R-4, VF20 obv pinscr60
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-12 R-4 B-11 F-12/15, obv scrs40
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-13 R-3 V-2 F-1565
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-1.2 R-1 V-6b Both S\'s filled, top of M, VF30100
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-2 R-3 V-7 PCGS AU-55200
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-5 R-1 ex NGC w/tag AU55, couple obv digs225
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-6 R-1 V-1 VF2595
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-7 R-2 V-3 PCGS VF35185
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-1 R-4 B-10 VG10 clnd35
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-2 R-3 V-3 VF30, clnd75
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-7 R-2 V-9 VF30, scratches35
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-8.1 R-3 V-5 VF30, clnd.40
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-10.1 R-3 B-13 F1565
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-12 R-2 V-2 VG8, scratches19
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-13 R-3 V-6 VF20 scrs clnd55
Bust Half Dimes1833 LM-1 R-3 V-7 AU50 clnd, pinscr, scrs175
Bust Half Dimes1833 LM-7 R-2 V-5 VF20/F15 nice toning115
Bust Half Dimes1834 LM-1 R-2 V-5, 3 over inverted 3, G4/F12, slightly bent19
Bust Half Dimes1834 LM-2 R-1 V-1 VF3065
Bust Half Dimes1834 LM-4 R-1 V-4 VF25 scrs65
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-3 R-1 V-3 Large Date and 5c F12, dig on rev.45
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-4 R-3 B-11 Large Date and 5c F12, pinscratches60
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-6 R-2 V-9 Large Date, small 5c VG8, obv graffiti9
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-7 R-3 V-4 Large Date and 5c VF30 scrs65
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-8.1 R-2 V-5 PCGS Sm. Dt., Lg. 5c CAC XF40 CAC, obv pinscrs165
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-8.2 R-2 V-5 Small Date, Large 5c AU50 clnd, pinscrs225
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-9.1 R-2 V-6 Small Date, Large 5c F12, scrs, nice color55
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-10 R-1 V-7 Small Date and 5c F15 lt. clnd55
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-3 R-1 V-4 Large 5c, 3 over inverted 3, VF20, lt. clnd,70
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-3 R-1 V-4 Large 5c, 3 over inverted 3, VG8, pinscrs40
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-4 R-2 V-2 PCGS Small 5c VF30 original, pinscrs150
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-5 R-2 V-6 Small 5c VF30 lt clnd100
Bust Half Dimes1837 LM-1 R-1 V-3 Large 5c VG850
Seated Half Dimes1843 EF-45, shattered reverse340
Seated Half Dimes1846 PCGS VF-203,950
Seated Half Dimes1853-O W/Arrows NGC AU-50200
Seated Half Dimes1856-O NGC AU-58500
Seated Half Dimes1857-O NGC AU-58360
Seated Half Dimes1860 ANACS AU-50 RPD, V-3c I think110
Bust Dimes1820 JR-2 NGC MS-62 Office Boy Reverse5,500
Bust Dimes1820 JR-6 R3 PCGS XF-40495
Bust Dimes1825 JR-5 PCGS VF-30 David Davis700
Bust Dimes1827 JR-8 R4 VF-20360
Bust Dimes1830 JR-1 PCGS VG-8 CAC reverse cud550
Bust Dimes1833 JR-3 PCGS VF-254,350
Seated Dimes1867 PCGS F-121,895
Bust Quarters1805 B-5 R-5 PCGS VG-81,995
Bust Quarters1818 B-7 R-4 PCGS F-15775
Bust Quarters1818 B-9 EDS R-5+ PCGS VG-8, choice995
Bust Quarters1818 B-9 LDS PCGS VG-101,650
Bust Quarters1819 B-4 MDS PCGS VG-10725
Bust Quarters1825 B-1 PCGS VF-302,850
Seated Quarters1854-O Crumbled Obverse F-12, scr.295
Bust Halves1806/5 O-104 Prime PCGS VG-101,250
Bust Halves1808 O-110a R5 PCGS VG-10400
Bust Halves1810 O-102a R2 NGC XF-45 toned1,950
Bust Halves1827 O-116a R5? PCGS VF-35500
Bust Halves1827 O-120a R3 VF-30150
Bust Halves1829 O-119 R2 VF-20130
Bust Halves1835 O-109 PCGS AU-53995
Seated Halves1882 PCGS F-15825
Seated Halves1887 PCGS G-6895
Seated Dollars1868 PCGS AU-55, gorgeous!2,850
Seated Dollars1871 PCGS XF-45 incredible toning!3,750
Nickels1914/3-S PCGS AU-55675
Other Halves1964-D PCGS MS-64 amazing toning!1,500
How Do We Decide Where to Display Our New Purchases?
A collector needs to spend time, money, and effort to attend a coin show.  My view is that I should have some new purchases in my display cases that have not yet been displayed on my website.  After the show, those new coins will go onto the website.

When I buy coins at a show, some coins go into the case and some do not.  One reason for that is that I can't come home and issue a newsletter that says, "Every coin I bought at the show, was sold at the show, so I don't have any newps for my website clients."  Other reasons include coins whose attributions haven't yet been verified, and coins which I haven't yet decided on a price.

                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich 
Upcoming Events
Our next show isn't for a while, which means I will have time to reorganize my office.  I will attend my first Summer FUN show July 7 - 9 in Orlando, FL, followed by ANA's World's Fair of Money August 9 - 13 in Anaheim, CA. 
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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