March 2016 - - Dallas ANA show report and Newps      
March 14, 2016
Dallas ANA Show - - A bit slow, but we bought some nice coins
This year the ANA's National Money Show was in Dallas, TX.  The show rotates around the country and next year's show is in Orlando.  It seemed to us that attendance was down a little, but I turned it into a buying opportunity.  I want to thank my table assistant Len Augsburger for helping out at the show.  I was happy to meet several long-time customers in person whom I had dealt with only by phone and e-mails.
We sold several coins, the highlight of which was our outstandingly beautiful 1814 half in PCGS AU-58 with WOW! toning.  It went to a very happy collector, who plans to put it away for a long time, so you won't be able to see that great coin in my case, although I did put it on our Archives page.  Our Newps were highlighted by a grading set of 1878-CC dimes all in PCGS holders from VG-10 thru MS-64.  The group will be marketed as a set for a month, after which if it has not sold, the coins will be sold individually.  We also acquired a nice 1822 dime in PCGS G-4, an 1866 dime in PCGS AG-3 that is an eyelash from G-4, a fabulous 1880 dime in PCGS MS-67, an 1847-O quarter in PCGS AU-50, an 1815/2 half in PCGS VF-25, an 1834 half in PCGS AU-58, an 1863 Seated dollar in PCGS VG-8 which is a condition rarity, and an 1868 Seated dollar in PCGS AU-53.     
1878-CC Dime PCGS MS-64
1815 over 2 half PCGS VF-25
1863 Seated dollar PCGS VG-8
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1834 LM-1 3/inverted 3 NGC AU-55595
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-5 R2 PCGS XF-40 CAC265
Bust Dimes1822 PCGS G-42,995
Bust Dimes1828 Large Date PCGS F-12500
Bust Dimes1832 JR-2 R2 VG-10 pinscrs, dark, clnd & retoned30
Seated Dimes1866 PCGS AG-3, F-102b, business strike1,300
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS 11-coin grading set10,000
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS MS-64 F-101 Type 1 rev., R43,600
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS MS-63 F-102 Type 2 rev., R52,750
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS MS-61 F-104 Type 2 rev., R4+1,950
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS AU-50 F-101 Type 1 rev., R4875
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS XF-40 F-103 Type 2 rev., R5625
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS VF-35 F-101 Type 1 rev., R4875
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS VF-30 F-103 Type 2 rev., R5525
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS VF-20 F-101 Type 1 rev., R4450
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS F-15 F-103 Type 2 rev., R5360
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS F-12 F-102 Type 2 rev., R5325
Seated Dimes1878-CC PCGS VG-10 F-102 Type 2 rev., R5300
Seated Dimes1880 Dime PCGS MS-674,250
Bust Quarters1818 B-5 R4+ VF-20 or close675
Bust Quarters1821 B-2 R-5 NGC G-6295
Seated Quarters1847-O PCGS AU-502,850
Seated Quarters1868-S VF-20, cleaned275
Bust Halves1815/2 O-101 PCGS VF-256,000
Bust Halves1823 Patched 3, O-101a PCGS Gen., clnd., XF details575
Bust Halves1834 PCGS AU-58 OGH1,350
Bust Halves1839-O PCGS Gen., clnd., XF details1,700
Seated Dollars1863 PCGS VG-81,950
Seated Dollars1868 PCGS AU-531,800
Other Dollars1883-O PCGS MS-63 amazing toning995
Do I Collect Any Coins Now?
I sold the vast majority of my personal collection in 2008, but I was a collector for a long time and I have to collect something.  I collect varieties in some series including 20th century varieties, because I believe some of them are truly rare.  I also am working on a set of colorfully toned proof Indian cents, and one of my personal favorites is shown below:
1902 Indian cent PR-66 BN
Books That Are Worth A Look
Two new books have been published that are worth acquiring:

Truth Seeker:  The Life of Eric P. Newman was researched and written by Leonard Augsburger, Roger W. Burdette, and Joel Orosz, is available from Heritage (search for "Newman book").  The book is a great read on legendary collector Eric P. Newman.

1849:  The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold was written by Michael F. Moran and Jeff Garrett, and is available from Whitman soon.  I got a look at this book at Dallas and it is a good one.  
Upcoming Events
Our next show is the Baltimore show March 31 - April 2, followed by the Central States show in Schaumburg, IL April 27 - 30. 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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