January 2016 - - FUN show report and Newps      
January 15, 2016
Lots of FUN at the FUN show! 
This year the FUN show was in Tampa rather than the usual Orlando.  We were expecting less of a crowd and less activity as a result, but, we were wrong in that assumption!  It appeared to us, and several other dealers with whom we spoke, that attendance was up, and people were buying coins.  So maybe the slowdown is over!  My table assistant Dick Graham and I were constantly busy at this show.  I personally want to thank several of our loyal customers who stopped by, saw how busy we were, and returned to the table when we were less busy! 
We sold a lot of coins, and as usual acquired some great newps!  Our Newps were spread throughout most of the Bust and Seated series we carry.  Our special newps include three very special coins pictured below, an 1803 JR-5 dime, a variety with only 4 known specimens, an 1863 Seated dollar in PCGS MS-63, and an 1873-CC Seated dollar in PCGS VF-30.  We also acquired a decent 1824/2 JR-2 dime, 1806 B-3 and 1821 B-2 quarters, a low-grade 1853 No Arrows quarter and a wonderfully toned 1883 quarter, a rare 1805/4 O-103 half, 1851 and 1851-O halves, an 1861-O Union half, a wonderful 1888 half, an 1861 Seated dollar in AU, 1863 Seated dollars in MS-63 and AU, an 1872 dollar in AU, and a few nicely toned Indian cents.    
1803 JR-5 dime XF det., finest of 4 known
1863 Seated dollar MS-63

1873-CC Seated dollar_ PCGS VF-30

All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website www.richuhrichcoins.com.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-5 R6 Good details, bent179
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-8.2 R5 PCGS VF-20360
Bust Half Dimes1833 LM-2 R6 PCGS XF-451,450
Bust Half Dimes1837 Sm 5 LM-4 PCGS XF-40425
Seated Half Dimes1841 PCGS MS-63, nice peripheral toning775
Bust Dimes1803 JR-5 R7+ NCS XF details, envir. dmg.22,500
Bust Dimes1814 STATESOF R4 PCGS Genuine, clnd.1,400
Bust Dimes1824/2 JR-2 R5 PCGS Gen., envir. dmg., XF det.2,550
Bust Dimes1834 JR-7 R2 PCGS AU-55625
Seated Dimes1841-O Closed Buds, Small o, VG-102,000
Seated Dimes1844 PCGS VG-10275
Seated Dimes1845 F-102 R6 EF-40 clnd.225
Bust Quarters1806 B-3 R1 F-15 CAC1,050
Bust Quarters1818 B-4 R2 F-15 CAC425
Bust Quarters1821 B-2 R5 NGC XF-452,200
Bust Quarters1831 B-7 R5+ PCGS G-62,650
Bust Quarters1834 B-5 R5 PCGS VF-35950
Seated Quarters1847-O PCGS F-12300
Seated Quarters1852 PCGS F-12325
Seated Quarters1852-O VG-8650
Seated Quarters1853 No Arrows PCGS G-61,650
Seated Quarters1855-S PCGS VG-8175
Seated Quarters1857-S PCGS G-4225
Seated Quarters1859-S PCGS G-4360
Seated Quarters1873 W/Arrows NGC XF-45250
Seated Quarters1876 EF-45 with nice toning250
Seated Quarters1879 PCGS XF-40550
Seated Quarters1883 PCGS AU-55, nicely toned1,295
Bust Halves1805/4 O-103 R5 PCGS F-153,400
Bust Halves1806 O-107 R5 VF-201,000
Bust Halves1827 O-116 R5 VF-25, sm. rim marks360
Bust Halves1827 O-132 R3 F-15/12100
Bust Halves1827 O-134 R4 EF, decent lustre, ex Overton 2nd450
Bust Halves1828 O-105 R5+ VG-8450
Bust Halves1829 O-116a R3 NGC XF-45275
Bust Halves1837 NGC AU-581,000
Seated Halves1840-(O) Med. Let. WB-12 PCGS F-12850
Seated Halves1851 PCGS VF-352,150
Seated Halves1851-O PCGS VF-35550
Seated Halves1861-O Union minted, AU, lt. clnd.1,200
Seated Halves1861-O WB-103 AU, lt. clnd.650
Seated Halves1864-S VF-20, harshly cleaned99
Seated Halves1866 EF-40275
Seated Halves1888 PCGS AU-55, attractive toning1,500
Seated Dollars1861 PCGS AU-534,250
Seated Dollars1863 PCGS MS-638,000
Seated Dollars1863 PCGS AU-584,250
Seated Dollars1872 PCGS AU-551,250
Seated Dollars1873-CC PCGS VF-3023,500
Half Cents & Cents1885 Indian cent PCGS PR-65BN, decent color2,000
Half Cents & Cents1890 Indian cent PCGS PR-66BN, decent color3,000
Nickels1870 PCGS G-4 RPD FS-301 clash w/Indian cent395
Nickels1913-S Type 1 2-feather PCGS AU-53500
Nickels1914/3 VF-20400
Nickels1914/3-D EF-40550
Nickels1914/3-S AU-50550
Nickels1914/3-S EF-40400
Other Dollars1880-S PCGS MS-66 DMPL awesome toning1,250
A slight change to the website
We previously had a category called "Other 10c thru $1", whose meaning was clear to most of you, but not to many new visitors to our website.  Therefore, we split that category into 4 new categories:  Other Dimes, Other Quarters, Other Halves, and Other Dollars.  We believe that visitors to our website will be more able to find, say, Washington Quarter varieties, in the "Other Quarters" category rather than the previous "Other 10c thru $1" category.
                                                                    - - Rich Uhrich 

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