September 2015 - - ANA Newps Part 2 & My First Impressions of Florida   
September 8, 2015
ANA Newps Part 2
As I previously reported, we were very successful in finding some great new coins to offer to you.  Part 2 of our ANA Newps includes some Bust and Seated dimes, quarters and half dollars, including PCGS, NGC, and some raw coins.  We found a nice mid-grade 1815/2 half in a PCGS VF-25 holder, and a nice 1869/'8' 3c silver in PCGS PR-63 Cameo!  There are only twelve 1869/'8' 3c silvers certified by PCGS!  
1815/2 half PCGS VF-25
1869/'8' 3c silver PCGS PR-63 CAM
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-1 NGC XF-40 w/cud375
Bust Half Dimes1836 LM-2 R3 Small 5c PCGS XF-40385
Seated Half Dimes1840 With Drapery PCGS Gen., AU det., clnd.650
Bust Dimes1820 JR-6 notched stars R3 VF-20 or close275
Bust Dimes1825 JR-2 R2 F-12 or close original150
Bust Dimes1825 JR-2 R2 VG-8, rim bump125
Bust Dimes1825 JR-4 R2 ANACS F-12175
Bust Dimes1833 JR-7 R4+ VG-8, obv. scr.140
Bust Dimes1835 JR-1 R1 PCGS VF-25 very original295
Seated Dimes1838 F-106a Cracked obv. R4 VG-875
Seated Dimes1840-O F-111 R5 VF-30 obv. / EF-40 rev.300
Seated Dimes1850 F-109 R4 VF-3560
Seated Dimes1854 F-101 High date rim cuds R3 VF-20, lt. clnd.75
Seated Dimes1868-S F-101a VF-20, convex obv., R6225
Seated Dimes1875-CC Below Wreath F-104 R3 VF-30115
Seated Dimes1891 F-108 2-tailed 9 R4 EF-4585
Bust Quarters1806 B-10 R5 PCGS G-6 (2nd one)950
Bust Quarters1807 B-2 R-3 F-15, lt. clnd.1,000
Bust Quarters1819 B-4 R4 LDS PCGS G-4750
Seated Quarters1853 Arrows & Rays removed VF-20150
Seated Quarters1877-CC RPD FS-301 PCGS Gen., smoothed, AU det.495
Seated Quarters1882 PCGS VG-10395
Bust Halves1805/4 O-102'a' R7? G-6+1,450
Bust Halves1810 O-102 R1 Meyer PCGS Gen., AU det.950
Bust Halves1815/2 O-101 PCGS VF-255,500
Bust Halves1827 O-116a R5? EF-40475
Bust Halves1827 O-122 R5 VF-30475
Bust Halves1827 O-125 R3 PCGS XF-45350
Bust Halves1827 O-135 R3 VF-25140
Bust Halves1827 O-146 R2 VF-20 clnd.100
Bust Halves1833 O-102 R1 PCGS F-15100
Bust Halves1836 50/00 O-116 PCGS XF-45775
Seated Halves1851-O PCGS AU det., clnd.1,800
Seated Halves1851-O NGC AU det., clnd.1,650
Seated Halves1861-O WB-103 PCGS VF-35900
Seated Halves1877 EF-40100
Seated Dollars1870 NGC XF-45 toned1,250
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1869/'8' 3c silver PCGS PR-63 CAM3,950
Other 10c thru $11952 Quarter Superbird PCGS PR-67 FS-901325
Other 10c thru $11952 Quarter Superbird PCGS PR-66 FS-901225
Other 10c thru $11963 quarter DDO FS-103 PCGS MS-65775
Gold Coins1876 Calif. 25c BG-880 PCGS MS-63425
My First Impressions of Florida
  • As previously stated, we moved to Florida to get closer to my in-laws, to avoid the harsh winters in Pennsylvania, and to avoid the sales tax on coins proposed by the Governor of Pennsylvania. So we drew a circle 100 miles in radius around the in-laws, and searched for houses in that area. My in-laws checked out a lot of the houses that Karen found on-line. It turned out that Karen found a great house about 15 minutes away from her parents. She showed me pictures on-line, went down to look at the house, made an offer on it and she bought it. The first time I saw it in person was when we got down here, about 1 hour ahead of the moving van. That, my friends, is called "trust".
  • Sebring is two hours south of Orlando and midway between the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. If you put a dot in the center of the peninsula called Florida, Sebring is there. It is a small town wrapped around a lake called Lake Jackson. Land and houses on the lakefront are very expensive, probably like just about anywhere else. The population of Sebring increases dramatically in the winter months as a lot of people up North come down to Florida. These people are called "snowbirds". We had thought about becoming snowbirds but we didn't want to move twice a year, and we didn't want to own two houses, and it is difficult to change the business location twice a year.
  • It is hot and humid in Florida in August. Although the residents here say August was a mild month.
  • Radar can show the weather clear as a bell, yet half an hour later you will have a big thunderstorm, that seemed to come out of nowhere.
  • People are friendly here, which is a good thing.
  • The people at the Post Office are very good at what they do, just like in Hershey. Another good thing.
  • If there is an official state animal in Florida, it must be the lizard. Lizards are everywhere, some of them even talk to you about car insurance in a British accent.
  • I am guessing that mosquitoes and fire ants are protected species, there seem to be so many of them.
  • The department of motor vehicles is very efficient, we both got drivers' licenses, car registration and voter registration in a total time of one hour. And the photos are accurate, not like the driver's license of Maxwell, the Geico pig. ("Next!")
  • Changing lanes Florida style: We saw someone change from Lane 2 to Lane 1 then immediately into a left-turn lane, then abruptly stop and cross 4 lanes of traffic to go into a shopping mall through its exit-only lane.  My goal is to stay away from drivers like that one.
Upcoming Events
We will be attending the Collectorama show in Lakeland, FL October 16 - 18.  We will of course be attending the Baltimore show November 5 - 7.  If you get to either or both of these show, please stop by and say hello. 

We are now at our new location in Sebring, Florida. Our new address is P O Box 7096, Sebring, FL 33872.  Our new office phone number is (863)314-6872 and my cell phone remains the same at (717)579-8238. 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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