August 2015 - - ANA Show Report & Newps Part 1  
August 22, 2015
ANA Show Report
The ANA show last week in Rosemont, IL near Chicago was a super show for us.  We were constantly busy at our table, and our sales were our second highest for an ANA show.  Sales were strong across all of the Bust and Seated series, and we thank those of you who contributed to these great results, and congratulations on buying some nice coins!  I also want to thank my table assistants, who were very helpful throughout the show:  Len Augsburger, Bill Bugert, Dick Graham, and Richard Meaney.

The ANA show also allowed us to catch up with friends, many of whom we see only once or twice a year.  We also attended the Liberty Seated Collectors Club meeting and the John Reich Collectors Society meeting.  The latter meeting was highlighted by a presentation by Garrett Ziss, a young numismatist whom I have mentioned here previously.  His presentation focused on Bust coins pictured on early currency, and he attempted to attribute all of the Bust coins, even those showing only the reverse side.  His research was thorough, his analysis was accurate, and his delivery was superb.  His presentation was followed by a standing ovation!  Congratulations, Garrett!
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
We were very successful in finding some great new coins to offer to you.  We obtained three great early half dimes (1796, 1797 15 stars, and 1803 Large 8), an 1853 No Arrows quarter, TWO 1871-CC quarters, an 1873-CC quarter, a super 1838 half, an AU-58 1861-S half, an AU-58 1863 Seated dollar, and the discovery specimen of the 1919 Doubled Die Obverse Mercury dime!  And every coin I just mentioned is in a PCGS holder!  Part 2 of our Newps will follow in another week or so. 

Two books were released during the show, the Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide, by Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi and Michael Sherrill, and Early U. S. Half Dollars 1794 - 1807, by Steve Tompkins.  We are offering the dime book at $49 and the half dollar book at $89, both books with FREE shipping! 
1797 Half Dime 15 stars PCGS VF-30
1871-CC quarter PCGS F-12
1838 Half PCGS AU-58
1863 dollar PCGS AU-58 OGH
1864 Lg. Motto 2c NGC MS-65RB
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Half Dimes1796 LM-1 R3 PCGS F-12 OGH4,750
Bust Half Dimes1797 15 stars LM-1 R3 PCGS VF-30 nice obv. toning6,250
Bust Half Dimes1803 Large 8 LM-2 R3 PCGS VF-304,500
Bust Half Dimes1830 LM-10 R6 PCGS VG-10 nice original775
Bust Half Dimes1837 Capped Bust LM-1 R1 NGC MS-642,200
Seated Half Dimes1839-O Lg. O (V-1, R6) PCGS Good-41,500
Seated Half Dimes1865 PCGS VF-20950
Bust Dimes1820 JR-12 R6 G-4 / G-6995
Bust Dimes1821 JR-7 R2 PCGS VF-30325
Bust Dimes1827 JR-9 R-4 PCGS F-12525
Bust Dimes1828 Large Date JR-2 R3 PCGS F-15675
Bust Dimes1829 JR-3 R4 NGC AU-58600
Bust Dimes1833 JR-3 R6 PCGS VF-204,950
Seated Dimes1864 PCGS PR-641,000
Seated Dimes1870-S PCGS VG-8675
Bust Quarters1806 B-10 R5 PCGS G-61,000
Bust Quarters1815 PCGS XF-40 CAC2,500
Bust Quarters1831 B-7 R5 PCGS Genuine, holed & plugged1,250
Bust Quarters1834 B-4 R2 PCGS AU-58, some PL surf. both sides3,000
Bust Quarters1836 B-5 R6 PCGS Genuine, Fine det., cleaned2,450
Seated Quarters1853 No Arrows PCGS VF-203,850
Seated Quarters1871-CC PCGS F-1219,500
Seated Quarters1871-CC PCGS VG-815,500
Seated Quarters1873-CC W/Arrows PCGS G-46,250
Bust Halves1838 PCGS AU-58 wonderful toning both sides2,950
Seated Halves1840-(O) Medium Letters WB-12 R6 NGC VF-302,000
Seated Halves1861-S PCGS AU-58 CAC2,300
Seated Dollars1863 PCGS AU-58 OGH choice original6,250
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1864 2c Large Motto NGC MS-65 RB awesome toning!3,000
Other 10c thru $11919 dime DDO PCGS VG-8 discovery specimen5,500
Other 10c thru $12000-P Sacagawea dollar PCGS MS-68 obv. toned1,150
Update On Our Move To Florida
We are now at our new location in Sebring, Florida. Our new address is P O Box 7096, Sebring, FL 33872.  Our new office phone number is (863)314-6872 and my cell phone remains the same at (717)579-8238.  

We are still sorting out which shows to attend in Florida, but my next big show will be Baltimore, MD, November 5 - 7.  If you get to Baltimore or one of the Florida shows where we have a table, please stop by and say hello! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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