July 2015 - - Newps and Move Update 
July 9, 2015

Our new purchases ("newps") consist primarily of Bust dimes in collector grades, some of which are problem coins.  Usually I don't carry this kind of material, however a friend asked me to help him liquidate his Bust dimes collection quickly for health reasons.  The good news is that the coins are all priced to sell.  And there are some coins that may fill some holes in your collection.

Our star coin of this newsletter is an 1876 Trade dollar, Type 2/2, in NGC MS-61.  This very rare coin is pictured below.  We also have a nice 1807 B-2 quarter and some Bust halves. 


1876 Trade dollar T2/2 NGC MS-61



All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website www.richuhrichcoins.com.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.
Bust Dimes1796 JR-6 R3 ANACS Fine det., plugged, corroded, whizzed, net G-41,100
Bust Dimes1797 JR-2 R4 ANACS AG det., tooled, whizzed, net FR-2950
Bust Dimes1805 JR-1 R3 ANACS AG-3360
Bust Dimes1807 JR-1 R2 ANACS G-6, clip, unsure where clip is495
Bust Dimes1814 JR-3 R2 ANACS F details scratched, cleaned, net VG-860
Bust Dimes1820 JR-1 R4 STATESOFAMERICA ANACS VG details net G-6140
Bust Dimes1820 JR-2 R3 VG-8 scratches50
Bust Dimes1820 JR-4 R5 ANACS VG details scratched225
Bust Dimes1820 JR-6 R3 F-12 many digs, lt. corrosion25
Bust Dimes1820 JR-7 R2 VG-8 many pinscratches45
Bust Dimes1820 JR-9 R4 ANACS VG-10 clnd, many sm. digs115
Bust Dimes1821 JR-1 R2 VG-1080
Bust Dimes1821 JR-2 R6 AG-3/G-4, attempted hole389
Bust Dimes1821 JR-3 R4 ANACS F details corroded, net VG-880
Bust Dimes1821 JR-4 R2 VF-25, obv. scratch130
Bust Dimes1821 JR-5 R3 ANACS VF details, corroded-scratched100
Bust Dimes1821 JR-8 R2 F-12110
Bust Dimes1821 JR-9 R2 ANACS EF details, scratched, net VF-20115
Bust Dimes1825 JR-1 R4 F-12, rev. scratch, cud at stars 4 - 5325
Bust Dimes1825 JR-4 R3- VG-865
Bust Dimes1825 JR-5 R5 ANACS VG details corroded, net G-4 (also scr.)60
Bust Dimes1827 JR-3 R1 F-12 clnd.75
Bust Dimes1827 JR-6 R2 F-12, dark obv, needs slight clng, obv pinscrs95
Bust Dimes1827 JR-7 R3 VG-10 details, corrosion, attempted repair29
Bust Dimes1827 JR-8 R4 ANACS VG details, scratched, net G-450
Bust Dimes1827 JR-9 R4+ ANACS VG details clnd, net G-6115
Bust Dimes1827 JR-11 R2 VG-8 clnd.60
Bust Dimes1827 JR-12 R1 F-12 scrs, obv pitting29
Bust Dimes1827 JR-13 R3 VG-1080
Bust Dimes1828 JR-2 R3 G-6 obv scrs.39
Bust Dimes1828 JR-2 R3 F-12, scrs on portrait, many digs95
Bust Dimes1828 JR-1 R2 F-12 sm digs, scrs.110
Bust Dimes1829 JR-1 R4 ANACS AG-340
Bust Dimes1829 JR-3 R4 VF-25275
Bust Dimes1829 JR-3 R4 ANACS G-445
Bust Dimes1829 JR-4 R2 F-15 / VF-2070
Bust Dimes1829 JR-4 R2 F-12 /1555
Bust Dimes1829 JR-5 R4 ANACS VG details bent, clnd. net G-429
Bust Dimes1827 JR-7 R1 ANACS F-15 nice, some peripheral toning115
Bust Dimes1829 JR-9 R4 ANACS VG details corroded, bent net G-645
Bust Dimes1829 JR-11 R4+ ANACS VF details damaged net VG-825
Bust Dimes1829 JR-12 R3 ANACS G-635
Bust Dimes1830 JR-1 R4+ ANACS G-4 clnd, net G-460
Bust Dimes1830 JR-3 R3 G-6/4 obv scratch35
Bust Dimes1830 JR-4 R2 VG-835
Bust Dimes1830 JR-4 R2 ANACS G-640
Bust Dimes1830 JR-5 R2 ANACS VF details scratched, clnd net F-1565
Bust Dimes1830 JR-6 R2 F-1275
Bust Dimes1830 JR-7 R4 G-4, x on portrait39
Bust Dimes1831 JR-1 R1 VG-835
Bust Dimes1831 JR-3 R1 G-4 scrs, pinscrs30
Bust Dimes1831 JR-4 R2 VG-845
Bust Dimes1831 JR-5 R1 VG-10, scrs., rim nick35
Bust Dimes1832 JR-2 R2 VG-8 45
Bust Dimes1832 JR-2 R2 VG-8 several pinscrs30
Bust Dimes1832 JR-5 R2 F-12, lt obv clng, lt pinscrs55
Bust Dimes1832 JR-6 R3 G-4 / AG-325
Bust Dimes1832 JR-7 R3 G-6 pitting, lt clnd.25
Bust Dimes1833 JR-5 1 F-12 2 obv scrs portrait25
Bust Dimes1833 JR-5 R1 F-15 major obv scrs. and digs19
Bust Dimes1833 JR-7 R5 ANACS G details net AG-360
Bust Dimes1833 JR-9 R2 VG-10 clnd, pinscrs29
Bust Dimes1833 JR-10 R3 VG-10 clnd 45
Bust Dimes1834 JR-2 R3 VG scratches, small ticks35
Bust Dimes1834 JR-3 R5 ANACS F details dmgd, whizzed net VG-870
Bust Dimes1834 JR-5 R1 F-12 dig cheek, couple obv scrs40
Bust Dimes1834 JR-7 R2 VG-850
Bust Dimes1834 JR-7 R2 G-6/4 clnd, scratched25
Bust Dimes1835 JR-1 R1 F-1275
Bust Dimes1835 JR-2 R4 EF-40, scratches, microcorrosion115
Bust Dimes1835 JR-5 R1 VG-10 many pinscrs both sides29
Bust Dimes1835 JR-6 R4 ANACS VG-8 2 digs, 1 pinscr80
Bust Dimes1835 JR-7 R4 VF-20125
Bust Dimes1835 JR-7 R4 ANACS VG details scratched45
Bust Dimes1835 JR-7 R4 G-4 / AG-3 obv scrs30
Bust Dimes1835 JR-9 R2 VG-840
Bust Dimes1836 JR-1 R3 VG-845
Bust Dimes1836 JR-2 R2 F-1565
Bust Dimes1837 JR-1 R4 ANACS VG details clnd net G-640
Bust Dimes1837 JR-3 R2 ANACS XF details scratched, clnd net VF-20, die crack thru 7125
Bust Quarters1807 B-2 R4 F-12, clnd.975
Bust Halves1822 O-105 R3 VG, scratch, rim nick, clnd.95
Bust Halves1828 O-105 R5 ANACS G-4195
Bust Halves1828 O-117a ANACS EF-45 det., clnd.125
Bust Halves1828 O-118a R4 VF-30, clnd.95
Bust Halves1829 O-104a R4 PCGS AU-50550
Bust Halves1836 O-116a R6 G/AG, clnd.160
Trade Dollars1873-S PCGS Gen., clnd, Unc. details1,200
Trade Dollars1874 PCGS Gen., questionable color, AU details800
Trade Dollars1876 Type 2/2 NGC MS-61 very rare9,500
Update On Our Move To Florida
We will be at our new location in Sebring, Florida effective August 1, 2015.  Our new address is P O Box 7096, Sebring, FL 33872.  Our new office phone number will be (863)314-6872 and my cell phone remains the same at (717)579-8238.  If you are mailing anything to us, please mail it to the new address if you send it after July 18.  Just as a gentle reminder, for security reasons, please send mail to Rich Uhrich and do not include the words "Rare Coins" when you mail anything to me. 

My next show will be the ANA World's Fair of Money in Chicago (Rosemont), IL. August 11 - 15, table #1520.  The ANA show is always the best show of the year and it is well worth attending.  If you get to the ANA show, please stop by and say hello! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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