May 2015 - - Central States Show Report & Newps
May 3, 2015



Central States Show Report and Newps

The Central States show in Schaumburg, IL, by many reports was a slow show.  However, we were very busy greeting customers, selling coins, wholesaling coins, and buying a few coins, and we came out in the black for the show.  PCGS had a great special on crossovers, so we took advantage of that, and we also submitted a lot of coins for grading.  We were fortunate to have Len Augsburger as our table assistant for the entire show, and we had a blast!  After all, we were at a coin show!  We both enjoyed examining some of the Pogue coins that we were reviewing for a client.  The proof 1820 and proof 1834 Bust Quarters are amazing and we wouldn't be surprised to see record prices for both coins.  


Our new purchases ("newps") are highlighted by a very historic coin.  We acquired a Scott restrike Confederate half dollar that has the same WB-102 obverse (with the die crack from the rim to the nose) as the 4 original CSA half dollars.  In other words, it was struck with the same obverse die as the original CSA half dollars, and it was also struck with the same reverse die as the original CSA half dollars.  The only difference is that it was struck on a planed-down 1861-O half dollar, and not a half dollar blank planchet.  There are 4 known Scott restrikes with the WB-102 obverse.  And our coin is less than one-twentieth of the price of one of the CSA original half dollars, two of which sold recently for $881,250 (NGC VF-30) and $646,250 (NGC XF-40).


Our other newps include an 1872-CC quarter in NGC F-12 that is fully original, an 1873 No Arrows Open 3 quarter in NGC MS-64 CAC, an 1878-CC half in PCGS AU-53, an 1855 Seated dollar in PCGS VF-20, and a gorgeous 1936 Lincoln cent that is not only a top-pop coin, but it also has standout color!  Plus our latest addition, a 1795 LM-4 half dime in NGC MS-61.


1861-O Scott Restrike w/CSA obv.


1872-CC Quarter NGC F-12
1878-CC Half PCGS AU-53
1936 cent PCGS PR-65 RB
1795 Half Dime LM-4 NGC MS-61


All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Half Dimes1795 LM-4 R-6 NGC MS-6118,000
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-6 EF-45250
Bust Half Dimes1834 LM-1 R-2 w/ cud F-15+400
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-4 R-3 PCGS AU-58475
Bust Half Dimes1835 LM-8.1 R2 G obv. / VG rev.40
Seated Half Dimes1865 ANACS F-15950
Seated Half Dimes1867 VG-8700
Bust Dimes1820 JR-13 R2 VG-890
Bust Dimes1821 Lg. Date JR-6 R2 F-12, scratch60
Bust Dimes1823/2 JR-1 R3 VF-20300
Bust Dimes1823/2 JR-2 R5 PCGS F-12300
Bust Dimes1823/2 JR-3 R2 F-15150
Bust Dimes1827 JR-9 F-15, rev. rim bump250
Bust Dimes1829 JR-5 F-12, sm. scratches150
Bust Dimes1829 JR-8 R4 G-6125
Bust Dimes1829 JR-9 G-4, sm. scratches60
Bust Dimes1832 JR-2 R-2 PCGS VF-35165
Bust Dimes1836 JR-1 R3 G-640
Seated Dimes1842-O Small o VF-20, scratches175
Seated Dimes1876-CC Type 2 Rev.   VG-8125
Bust Quarters1825 B-1 R5 AG-3 obv. / G-4 rev.360
Bust Quarters1831 B-3 R-5 PCGS F-15495
Bust Quarters1834 B-2 R4 AU-50600
Seated Quarters1857 Lump in obv. shield VF-30, scr.100
Seated Quarters1872-CC NGC F-125,950
Seated Quarters1873 No Arrows Open 3 NGC MS-64 CAC3,450
Bust Halves1801 O-101 R3 PCGS VG-10 OGH1,900
Bust Halves1823 O-105 PCGS VF-30250
Bust Halves1827 O-147 R4 ANACS VG-10140
Bust Halves1830 Large O O-122 R-1 NGC AU-53500
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery PCGS XF-452,600
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery PCGS EF-402,400
Seated Halves1840-O WB-1 F-12 or close R5200
Seated Halves1853-O W/Arrows VF-25400
Seated Halves1861-O Scott Restrike PCGS MS-61 w/CSA die crack26,500
Seated Halves1861-O PCGS VF-35250
Seated Halves1863 PCGS Gen., XF det., clnd.275
Seated Halves1865 PCGS VF-25395
Seated Halves1865-S PCGS XF-45675
Seated Halves1878-CC PCGS AU-536,500
Seated Dollars1846-O PCGS VF-30875
Seated Dollars1849 EF-40, clnd.600
Seated Dollars1849 VG-10440
Seated Dollars1855 PCGS VF-203,950
Seated Dollars1869 VF-20, slt. rough500
Half Cents & Cents1936 Lincoln cent Brilliant PCGS PR-65, wonderful color both sides 5,750
Gold Coins1895 Quarter Eagle NGC PF-64 Ultra Cam11,500
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is the PAN show in Monroeville, PA (east of Pittsburgh) May 7 - 9.  Then there is a break until the Baltimore show July 16 -18.  And August 11 - 15 is the ANA World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, IL.  If you get to any of these shows, please stop by and say hello! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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