Our Latest Newps   
December 8, 2014

We have quite a few newps that have just recently been photographed, so we are offering them now.

Our newps are highlighted by several nice PCGS Bust half dollars incl. an 1802 in VG-10, nice Seated half dollars incl. PCGS 1871-CC and 1873-CC No Arrows in VF, Seated dollars incl. 1856 and 1861, two gorgeously toned proof Indian cents, and three of the FS-104 1972 doubled die cents (the rarest of the 1972 doubled die cents), plus an 1887 3c nickel in PCGS AU-53 and the rare 1873 nickel with Large over Small date. 


1802 half PCGS VG-10
1827 half O-104 PCGS AU-55
1873-CC NA half PCGS VF-35 CAC


All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website www.richuhrichcoins.com.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Seated Half Dimes1843 EF-40, obverse bisecting die crack100
Seated Half Dimes1848 Medium Date F-1250
Seated Half Dimes1849 VF-20, cleaned150
Seated Half Dimes1850-O Small o VF-20, 20 degree rotated reverse495
Bust Dimes1820 JR-5 PCGS Gen., VF details,clnd.300
Bust Dimes1824/2 JR-1 VG-10200
Bust Dimes1827 JR-2 R5 G-6, pinscratches295
Bust Dimes1829 JR-1 R4+ Extra Large 10C, G-6 / VG-885
Seated Dimes1840-O No Drapery PCGS VF-35400
Seated Dimes1846 PCGS VG-10650
Seated Dimes1850-O rotated dies F-105a VF-20250
Seated Dimes1868-S VG-8, lt. scrs.75
Seated Dimes1879 Proof-61400
Seated Dimes1887 AU-5050
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1875-S 20c Piece VF-20 or close145
Bust Quarters1815 PCGS F-12825
Seated Quarters1839 Very Long Claws VF-20 or close300
Seated Quarters1846 AU-55, harshly cleaned375
Bust Halves1802 PCGS VG-102,100
Bust Halves1812/1 O-102 R2 PCGS XF-401,100
Bust Halves1823 Ugly 3 O-110a EF-40 or close750
Bust Halves1827 O-104 R1 PCGS AU-551,250
Bust Halves1828 O-102 R2 F-12150
Bust Halves1833 O-111 R4+ PCGS VF-30360
Bust Halves1837 GR-15 R3 EF-40200
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery EF-40, rare rev. die crack1,700
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery EF-40, rev. marks1,100
Seated Halves1840-(O) Medium Letters AU-501,995
Seated Halves1841-O NGC VF-30275
Seated Halves1844 AU-50250
Seated Halves1857-S AU-501,300
Seated Halves1858 AU-53275
Seated Halves1861-O PCGS Gen., AU, clnd. WB-104 speared bud875
Seated Halves1866 EF-45, clnd.175
Seated Halves1871-CC PCGS VF-302,750
Seated Halves1873-CC No Arrows PCGS VF-35 CAC3,250
Seated Dollars1846-O G-6, 30 degree rotated reverse500
Seated Dollars1856 PCGS VF details, scratches1,650
Seated Dollars1861 AU-50, clnd.3,450
Half Cents & Cents1883 Indian cent NGC PF-64 BN CAC1,850
Half Cents & Cents1902 Indian cent PCGS PR-66 BN3,750
Half Cents & Cents1970-S Cent "Atheist cud" over WE TRUST MS-6470
Half Cents & Cents1972 Cent Doubled Die Obv. FS-104 PCGS MS-633,250
Half Cents & Cents1972 Cent Doubled Die Obv. FS-104 PCGS MS-632,750
Half Cents & Cents1972 Cent Doubled Die Obv. FS-104 PCGS MS-622,650
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1887 3c Nickel PCGS AU-53900
Nickels1873 Nickel FS-1301 Large/Small ANACS VF-20 det. clnd.1,850
Other 10c thru $11892 Dime AU-50, cool die crack on "2"165
The NEW Gobrecht Journal   
Issue #121 of the Gobrecht Journal, the official magazine of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, is a quantum leap into the future for the club.  The new publication is now 8 1/2" x 11", full color for all pages, and much improved picture quality.  It is issued only to LSCC members.  LSCC membership is $20 per year, and is one of the best buys in numismatics!  See www.lsccweb.org for a membership application.  Congratulations to Bill Bugert, editor of the Gobrecht Journal, for a great new publication! 
Looking Toward The Future
Keep an eye out for my year-end review, which I customarily issue on December 31.  Last year's review (a condensed version) was published in Coin World!  My next show is the FUN show in Orlando, FL January 7 thru 10, 2015.  We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you next year! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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