Newps from PAN and Baltimore   
November 19, 2014

We recently had wonderful shows at PAN (PA Assoc. of Numismatists) and Baltimore, and we now offer many of our newps from these two shows.

Our newps are highlighted by an 1806 Draped Bust quarter in PCGS AU-53, an 1853 No Arrows quarter in NGC MS-62 (!), a nice white 1859 quarter in NGC PR-64 Cameo pedigreed to the Richmond Collection, a few nicely toned Bust Halves, a wonderful 1842-O Small Date half in PCGS VF-25, an 1851 half in NGC MS-63, an 1870-CC half in PCGS VG-8, a very scarce 1855 Seated dollar in PCGS XF-40, and an 1884 3 nickel business strike in PCGS VF-25.


All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-1.3 R1 AU-50, clnd., pinscratches225
Bust Half Dimes1831 LM-5 R1 EF-45, some color225
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-8.1 R3 VF-20, lt. clnd.,some color115
Seated Half Dimes1837 Large Date VF-35170
Seated Half Dimes1839-O G-5, rev. die crack60
Seated Half Dimes1840 No Drapery EF-40, harshly clnd.100
Seated Half Dimes1840-O No Drapery V-4 VF-3075
Seated Half Dimes1844 V-3c Repunched date VF-2040
Seated Half Dimes1846 Half Dime PCGS VF-303,450
Seated Half Dimes1853 W/Arrows F-12, obv. rim die break45
Seated Half Dimes1854 AU-50, clnd.125
Seated Half Dimes1856 AU-55, clnd., heavy reverse die clashing145
Seated Half Dimes1858-O G-5, rev. cud90
Seated Half Dimes1868 VG-8, no LIBERTY, some roughness in shield100
Bust Dimes1805 PCGS G-61,300
Bust Dimes1821 JR-8 R2 Small Date VF-30325
Bust Dimes1827/7 JR-1 VG-8200
Bust Dimes1834 JR-1 R1 F-12/VG-10, dig by mouth40
Bust Dimes1834 JR-5 R1 AU-53, clnd., many pinscratches500
Bust Dimes1834 JR-7 R2 Small 4, F-15, several pinscratches55
Seated Dimes1849 F-102 AU-50, clnd.150
Seated Dimes1865-S PCGS VG-10475
Seated Dimes1877/6-CC Ty. 2 rev., EF-45 clnd, F-107, 6 barely visible90
Seated Dimes1878-CC F-12 scrs. / AG-3250
Bust Quarters1806 B-2 PCGS AU-535,500
Bust Quarters1820 B-5 VG-8/AG-3, attempted hole above head225
Bust Quarters1831 B-1 R-3 PCGS AU-50, wonderful toning1,950
Seated Quarters1853 No Arrows, NGC MS-626,250
Seated Quarters1856 AU-55, harshly cleaned140
Seated Quarters1859 NGC PR-64 CAMEO3,250
Seated Quarters1878 Proof-61, hairlines450
Bust Halves1807 Capped Sm Stars F-12 O-113a R3900
Bust Halves1814 O-102a R3 VF-20240
Bust Halves1818 PCGS AU-55 with wonderful toning!2,350
Bust Halves1823 O-106a PCGS XF-40, wonderful toning2,500
Bust Halves1826 O-111 R2 VF-30115
Bust Halves1827 O-122 R5 PCGS VF-301,300
Bust Halves1827 O-127 R5 ANACS F-12475
Bust Halves1827 Half O-140a PCGS AU-50 2,450
Bust Halves1832 O-122 R1 EF-40 clnd.115
Bust Halves1835 O-101 R1 PCGS AU-581,950
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery PCGS EF-402,400
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery PCGS Gen., clnd., VF details950
Seated Halves1840-(O) PCGS XF-451,995
Seated Halves1840-O Baseball Crack reverse, PCGS VF-301,500
Seated Halves1841-O WB-101 WB-10 AU-53+550
Seated Halves1842-O Small Date WB-101 WB-1 R5 PCGS VF-25 3,250
Seated Halves1843-O WB-103 WB-17 AU-50 lt. clnd.200
Seated Halves1844 EF-40, clnd., toned at STATES165
Seated Halves1844 EF-40, clnd.165
Seated Halves1846-O Medium Date WB-101 WB-14 AU-50 clnd., lt. scrs.200
Seated Halves1847-O WB-101 WB-17 EF-45, sm. dig150
Seated Halves1848-O PCGS XF-45400
Seated Halves1851 Half NGC MS-634,500
Seated Halves1851-O NGC AU details, clnd., quite nice 1,600
Seated Halves1853-O W/Arrows & Rays WB-101 WB-14 EF-40400
Seated Halves1853-O W/ Arrows VF-35, pinscrs. in obv. fields165
Seated Halves1854-O WB-101 WB-7 PCGS XF-45200
Seated Halves1855-O WB-102 WB-1 AU-58, some sm. scrs.275
Seated Halves1855-O EF-45 - AU-50, lt. clnd.225
Seated Halves1856-O Repunched 56 WB-103 WB-15 EF-45, sm. scrs. under date200
Seated Halves1857-O WB-103 WB-4 EF-45, sm. dig250
Seated Halves1858-O WB-106 WB-3 PCGS XF-40 OGH200
Seated Halves1858-S AU-55, clnd., large scratch between stars 9 & 10450
Seated Halves1859 AU-50, lt. clnd., hairlines225
Seated Halves1859-O WB-104 WB-9 EF-45 clnd.170
Seated Halves1859-O WB-101 WB-15 EF-45 clnd.170
Seated Halves1860-O WB-105 WB-10 EF-45 sm. obv. scrs., toned200
Seated Halves1860-O WB-103 WB-5 EF-40 clnd.140
Seated Halves1861-O WB-104, EF-45, harshly cleaned, CSA issued495
Seated Halves1865-S PCGS VF-25 original WB-103 I think450
Seated Halves1870-CC PCGS VG-83,250
Seated Halves1870-CC G-62,200
Seated Halves1876 EF-40 WB-113250
Seated Halves1876 VF-35, lt. clnd., pinscratches, MPD-003, 6 in rock85
Seated Halves1881 Proof-55, lt. hairlines725
Seated Halves1887 PCGS VG-10975
Seated Dollars1844 PCGS VF-20650
Seated Dollars1855 PCGS XF-404,750
Half Cents & Cents1908 Indian cent PCGS PR-64 RD OGH1,350
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1884 3c Nickel PCGS VF-25 business strike2,100
A big surprise at the PAN show   
I was quite surprised at the PAN (Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists) show in October, to be named as PAN's Dealer of the Year.  The award states, "For outstanding commitment and unselfish participation that has helped define the image and culture of the PAN Association."


I am truly honored and I want to thank PAN for this award.  I will continue to support PAN in the future. 

                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is the FUN show in Orlando, FL January 7 thru 10, 2015.  We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you next year! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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