ANA Show Report & Newps, Part 1   
August 17, 2014

The ANA Annual Convention is usually the biggest show of the year, and this year's show was no exception!  And, when you see our newps, I think you will agree that this is our greatest group of newps in a long time, maybe ever.  We were always busy at our table, and we bought and sold a lot of coins!  ANA was wonderful, EXCEPT for the fiasco with the Gold Kennedy halves, which I will discuss below.

Part 1 of our newps includes an 1851 Original Seated dollar NGC MS-60, an 1858 dollar PCGS PR-62, an 1850 dollar PCGS AU-55, an 1862 dollar NGC XF-45, an 1842 Small Date half PCGS MS-65 (tied for highest graded), an an 1804 14 stars dime PCGS VF-35, 1814 STATESOFAMERICA dime PCGS AU-55, an 1820 JR-12 dime PCGS VF-35, and several toned Bust halves incl. an 1820 PCGS AU-55 with absolutely monster toning on both sides.  Five of these coins are pictured below. 

1851 dollar MS60

1842SD half MS65

1804 14 star dime vf35

1814SOA dime AU55
1820 half AU55 CAC
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Dimes1804 Dime 14 star rev. PCGS VF-3545,000
Bust Dimes1814 JR-5 R-3 PCGS AU-55 STATESOFAMERICA8,750
Bust Dimes1820 JR-12 R6 PCGS VF-355,850
Bust Dimes1833 JR-2 R5 PCGS XF-451,750
Seated Dimes1863-S VF-20         450
Bust Halves1803 Small 3 O-104 PCGS F-151,100
Bust Halves1820 O-108 R2 PCGS AU-55 CAC8,950
Bust Halves1824 O-115 R2 VF-20500
Bust Halves1827 O-104 R1 EF-40360
Bust Halves1829 O-115 R1 PCGS AU-532,750
Bust Halves1839 PCGS VF-351,350
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery VG-10, lt. clnd.450
Seated Halves1842 Sm Date PCGS MS-6528,500
Seated Halves1865-S PCGS VF details, cleanedl395
Seated Halves1872-S PCGS AU details, cleaning340
Seated Halves1873-S W/ Arrows PCGS XF-40750
Seated Halves1876-S PCGS AU details, cleaning195
Seated Halves1877-S PCGS AU-55, nice toning on both sides650
Seated Dollars1850 PCGS AU-555,750
Seated Dollars1851 Original NGC MS-6057,500
Seated Dollars1858 Dollar PCGS PR-6213,000
Seated Dollars1862 NGC XF-453,000
Seated Dollars1864 VF-351,100
The Gold Kennedy fiasco at the Chicago ANA show    
The U. S. Mint decided to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half with a gold issue this year, to be released at ANA and the three Mint stores starting on August 5.  They also decided to issue 500 coins per day at the ANA show, one per customer.  The grading services decided to slab the coins issued at ANA with a special label indicating they were issued at the ANA show.  And, they also decided to note the first few coins issued (not the first coins struck, the first coins issued.)  

Here's what happened:  several speculators, including at least two prominent PNG dealers, decided to hire people to stand in line to buy the gold Kennedy halves.  The lines were overnight, and there was a huge crowd of people in line every day at 8 am when dealers are allowed to enter the hall.  Some of the speculators bought dealer badges and/or early bird badges for the line-standers.  As a result, quite a few non-dealers had dealer badges and could get into the show while we were setting up our tables each day.  It doesn't take a police detective to see how this significantly raised the security risk.  All of this occurred because there are collectors who have to buy the gold Kennedys with the special label indicating they were issued at ANA.  In fact, the first coin issued was sold for $100,000 (and that is NOT a typo)!  Fortunately, after three days, the ANA and the Mint discontinued sales of the gold Kennedys. 

I have been invited to join PNG, and I feel honored to be invited.  But I am not sure I want to join when I see PNG dealers gaming the system and compromising my security in order to make some money.  Furthermore, I wonder how selling a coin for $100,000 that is the exact same coin that could be bought over the internet for $1,240 isn't a violation of the PNG Code of Ethics, specifically Section 8 which states:  "To refrain from any of the following in dealing with non-professional customers:  (a) buying or selling at unreasonable prices, . . . (g) intentionally misrepresenting the value of a coin".

Hopefully, the ANA and the U. S. Mint have both learned something and will take actions so that this doesn't happen again.  And, I will be patiently awaiting news on what disciplinary actions will be taken by ANA and PNG against the dealers who abused the system and compromised our security.  Sad to say, I expect no such discipline to be taken.

Just my opinion.              - - Rich Uhrich
Congratulations to Bill Bugert
At ANA it was announced that Bill Bugert won a 2014 Numismatic Literary Guild award for Extraordinary Merit for his latest book, "A Register of Liberty Seated Die Varieties, Volume IV, New Orleans Branch Mint, 1853-O WA to 1861-O".
And, in my opinion, this book is essential for any serious collector of Liberty Seated Half Dollars!  
Looking Toward The Future
My next three shows are local Central Pennsylvania shows in Lancaster (Sept. 13), Gettysburg (Sept. 20-21) and Harrisburg (Oct. 4).  Later in October, I will be at the PAN show (Monroeville, PA near Pittsburgh) and then Baltimore.   If you go to any of these shows, please stop by and say hello! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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