We acquired 1823/2 quarter at busy Central States show, plus Newps
April 27, 2014

We acquired one of the real rarities in Bust coinage with our purchase of an 1823/2 quarter.  The coin is a PCGS graded Good-4 and is pedigreed to the collection of the legendary John J. Pittman.  (The pedigree is on the holder.)  There are about 30 known 1823/2 quarters and this is the 4th one we have handled.  At Central States, we also acquired an 1822 25/50 quarter in PCGS AG-3 (with a Good reverse, almost all of these coins have a better reverse).  We will post pix of these coins when they are returned to us by our shipping company.


The Central States show was non-stop action every day from opening until closing.  We were constantly busy at our table, both buying and selling.  Sales exceeded expectations, especially on Saturday.  I was able to acquire some nice coins, including about 40 Seated half dollars.  These Central States newps will be delivered in May.


This newsletter contains part 2 of the Baltimore newps, which include a fabulous 1866 dime in NGC MS-64 (and it is definitely a business strike), an 1806 O-124 half (R6) in PCGS VG-10, an 1807 Bearded Goddess half in PCGS VG-8, and awesomely gorgeously toned examples of the 1830 half, 1836 Reeded Edge half, and 1859 Proof half. 

1830 half PCGS AU58+
1830 half PCGS AU58+
1836 RE half PCGS AU-53 CAC
1836 RE half PCGS AU-53 CAC
1859 half PCGS PR-64
1859 half PCGS PR-64


All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website www.richuhrichcoins.com.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Seated Half Dimes1862 V-4 uphill date F-1295
Seated Half Dimes1868 V-2 VG-8100
Bust Dimes1832 JR-3 R-3 AU-58 cleaned & retoned900
Seated Dimes1840 W/Drapery F-101 F-12125
Seated Dimes1866 Dime NGC MS-643,450
Seated Dimes1881 F-101a VF-20360
Bust Quarters1818 B-9 EDS R-5+ VG-8, choice995
Bust Quarters1822 B-2 25/50 rev. R-5+  PCGS AG-37,250
Bust Quarters1823/2 PCGS G-4 Pittman52,500
Bust Halves1795 O-109 R4 PCGS VG-8 2 leaves1,800
Bust Halves1803 O-101 R3 VF-20 / VG-8500
Bust Halves1806/5 O-103 R2 VF-20995
Bust Halves1806 O-124 R-6 PCGS VG-102,775
Bust Halves1807 Draped O-108 R3 G-4225
Bust Halves1807 Capped O-111b, Bearded Goddess, PCGS VG-82,500
Bust Halves1807 50/20 O-112 R1 VF-25725
Bust Halves1808/7 O-101 R1 F-12225
Bust Halves1809 O-106 R3 VF-20 clnd.165
Bust Halves1811 Sm. 8 O-111 R1 VF-30150
Bust Halves1813 O-109 R3 VF-25225
Bust Halves1814 O-104a R2 EF-45+600
Bust Halves1817/3 O-101a R3 NGC VF-20550
Bust Halves1823 O-108 AU-50550
Bust Halves1824/1 O-101a R2 NGC XF-45550
Bust Halves1824/1 O-101a R2 NGC XF-45, 2nd one550
Bust Halves1825 O-103 R4 G-480
Bust Halves1826 O-101 R1 F-1295
Bust Halves1827 O-105 R3 VF-20 clnd.85
Bust Halves1827 O-107 R3 EF-40225
Bust Halves1827 O-142 R3 VF-30140
Bust Halves1828 O-109 R3 VF-35 clnd. Sq 2, Lg 8\'s135
Bust Halves1830 O-113 R2 PCGS AU-58+, gorgeous toning!6,250
Bust Halves1831 O-118 R3 VF-25150
Bust Halves1833 O-107 R3 VF-25150
Bust Halves1834 O-111 R1 Sm. Date & Let., ANACS AU-53 details, clnd.270
Bust Halves1834 O-116 R1 AU-53, clnd, net EF195
Bust Halves1834 O-118 R4 F-12, scratched115
Bust Halves1834 O-119 R4 VF-25 clnd.135
Bust Halves1836 O-106 R1 PCGS XF-45600
Bust Halves1836 O-119 R3 VG-8 / G-665
Bust Halves1836 Reeded Edge PCGS AU-53 CAC, gorgeous toning!9,750
Bust Halves1839-O PCGS VF-351,950
Bust Halves1839-O PCGS G-6850
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery EF-451,750
Seated Halves1859 PCGS PR-64, gorgeous toning!5,250
Seated Halves1861-O EF-45400
Seated Halves1889 PCGS F-12675
Seated Dollars1864 F-15850
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1885 3c Nickel PCGS VF-302,900
Quiz - - Answers from prior Newsletter     
We have a quiz in this issue; here is how it works:  I will issue one name or phrase which relates to only one year and denomination.  You have to determine the date and denomination.  For example, if I say "VDB", the correct answer is "1909 Lincoln cent."  So here are the phrases (answers in RED):
1.  Huge O  1854-O quarter                  6.  Platina   1814 half dollar
2.  50/UNI   1813 half dollar                 7.  Silver center   1792 cent
3.  Paquet reverse 1861-S $20 gold       8.  CSA obverse   1861-O half dollar 
4.  50/00    1836 Capped half dollar       9.  Eagle laying egg    1860-O half dollar 
5.  Wimpy first 8   1878 half dollar       10.  Office boy reverse  1820 dime

Prize:  The correct respondent sent his email only 11 minutes after the newsletter is received.
Thanks to Bill Bugert for helping me put this Quiz together! 
Looking Toward The Future
My next local show is the Hershey show Saturday, May 3, 10 am - 4 pm, at the Campbelltown Fire Hall.  That will be followed the next week by the PAN show in Monroeville, PA (east of Pittsburgh) Thursday, May 8 thru Saturday, May 10.  If you go to one of those shows, please stop by and say hello! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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