Baltimore Newps Part 2   
December 4, 2013

As promised previously, we are now posting Part 2 of our Newps from the Baltimore show, plus some other newps.  

Our newps include a very attractive 1829 half dime in PCGS AU-50, a decent 1846 half dime in NGC VG-8, several Bust dimes incl. 4 in PCGS holders, the finest known 1887-S F-111a shattered reverse dime, an 1820 Bust quarter in PCGS XF-40, a wonderful 1825 AU quarter with the "L" counterstamp, an 1830 Large Letters half in PCGS VF-25, several Seated halves incl. a nice 1876, an 1873 Trade dollar in NGC XF-45, a set of the prototype 1938 nickels, and a set of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club medals in NGC holders.  We have also posted (without pix) about 20 nearly new books acquired from a collector.  We have only one copy of each, so act now before the book you want is sold to someone else.  Numismatic books make a great holiday gift for the coin collector!

All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.


Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-18 R-4 PCGS AU-50900
Seated Half Dimes1846 NGC VG-81,600
Bust Dimes1814 Small Date VF-20, marks550
Bust Dimes1814 JR-5 R-3 G-6/4 STATESOFAMERICA350
Bust Dimes1820 JR-11 R3 PCGS VF-35495
Bust Dimes1821 Small Date JR-10 R3 VG-885
Bust Dimes1824/2 JR-1 G-6175
Bust Dimes1825 JR-2 R-2 PCGS XF-40 CAC925
Bust Dimes1825 JR-4 R-2 F-12, rev. scrs.         140
Bust Dimes1827 JR-2 R5 VG-8, clnd., scratches, marks325
Bust Dimes1828 Sm Date JR-1 R2 F-12, lt. scrs.100
Bust Dimes1828 Sm Date JR-1 R2 VG-875
Bust Dimes1829 JR-5 R4 F-1280
Bust Dimes1829 JR-6 R3 VG-850
Bust Dimes1831 JR-5 R1 PCGS XF-45500
Bust Dimes1834 JR-6 R2 PCGS VF-35260
Bust Dimes1837 JR-3 R2 VG-850
Seated Dimes1887-S F-111a Shattered Reverse EF-40+850
Bust Quarters1820 B-2 R2 PCGS XF-402,250
Bust Quarters1825 B-2 Quarter with L counterstamp AU-552,950
Bust Quarters1834 B-5 R5 VF-20550
Bust Quarters1835 B-5 R2 PCGS AU-50850
Bust Quarters1837 B-2 R1 PCGS VF-35425
Seated Quarters1871 VF-30, cnld. and retoned250
Bust Halves1806 O-109a R3 ANACS F-12435
Bust Halves1826 O-114 R4 VF-30225
Bust Halves1830 Lg Let O-114 R-5 PCGS VF-254,000
Bust Halves1833 O-111 R4 PCGS F-15185
Seated Halves1842 Med. Dt. WB-106 Repunch. Dt., EF-40 clnd.300
Seated Halves1843 ANACS VG-10, retained cud under date175
Seated Halves1861-O PCGS VF-25 CAC, W-09, CSA issue300
Seated Halves1876 PCGS XF-40250
Trade Dollars1873 NGC XF-45495
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1887/6 3c Nickel PCGS PR-55, strong overdate700
Nickels1868 Repunched date, EF-40200
Nickels1873 FS-008.8 Doubled Die Obverse180
Nickels1878 Nickel PCGS PR-301,600
Nickels1901 MS-63 Repunched date, tripled 9300
Nickels1915-D/D VF-20, scratches235
Tokens & Medals1938 Jefferson Nickel Winning Design medal set225
Tokens & MedalsLiberty Seated Collectors Club silver medals pair400
BooksWalter Breen's Encyclopedia of U. S. Half Cents45
BooksDan Holmes Collection of Early Date Large Cents, Part 160
BooksRobinson S. Brown, Jr. Collection of Large Cents 1793-183925
BooksWes Rasmussen Collection of Large Cents20
BooksStanding Liberty Quarters 4th edition J. H. Cline5
BooksU. S. Early Silver Dollars 1794 - 1803 Jules Reiver30
BooksMorgan and Peace Silver Dollars by Van Allen & Mallis30
BooksU. S. $3 Gold Pieces 1854-1889 Bowers & Winter40
BooksPattern Coins by Judd, Bowers, Hughes15
BooksThe Mint on Carson Street by Rusty Goe400
BooksHistory of the U. S. Mint and Its Coinage by David Lange30
BooksThe History of U. S. Coinage by Bowers15
BooksThe U. S. Mint and Coinage by Don Taxay15
BooksSo-Called Dollars, 2nd edition, soft bound20
BooksGobrecht Journal Collective Volumes 1 thru 5100
BooksWalter Breen's Encyclopedia of U. S. & Colonial Coins175
Books100 Greatest Coins 1st edition, Garrett & Guth20
BooksThe Treasure Ship S. S. Brother Jonathan by Bowers30
BooksThe Harry W. Bass, Jr. Museum Sylloge by Bowers30
BooksObsolete Paper Money by Bowers20
BooksThe Cherrypickers Guide 4th edition, volumes 1 and 215
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is the FUN show January 9 to 11 in Orlando, FL.  If you go to FUN, please stop by and say hello!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you in 2014! 
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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