ANA Newps - Part 2  
September 12, 2013

As promised in our August 22 newsletter, we are now posting Part 2 of our ANA new purchases.  

Our newps include another 1846 half dime, this one in PCGS VG-10.  Capped Bust dimes include an 1827 JR-3 in PCGS MS-64, an 1828 Large Date in PCGS AU-53, an 1829 JR-7 in PCGS MS-63, and an 1833 JR-8 in PCGS XF-45 CAC.  We also acquired a beautiful blue toned 1841 dime in PCGS MS-65 CAC, as well as a low-grade damaged, but affordable 1874-CC dime.  We acquired only one Seated quarter, but it's a really tough one - - 1872-S in NGC F-15.  Several Bust halves included a decent mid-grade 1802 and a gorgeously-toned 1830 in PCGS AU-53 CAC.  Several Seated halves in XF and AU were acquired, as well as an 1842 Seated dollar with 3 obverse cuds, plus two more 1862 Seated dollars.  We also acquired some slabbed Trade dollars. 
We want to congratulate Bill Bugert for being elected into the Rittenhouse Society, an honorary fraternity of numismatic writers and researchers!
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-12 V10 R-6 AU-50, obv. scrs.775
Bust Half Dimes1829 LM-12 V10 R-6 PCGS F-12550
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-9.1 R-6 VF-20, marks400
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-10.3 R-5 VF-35360
Bust Half Dimes1832 LM-11.1 R PCGS VF-25360
Seated Half Dimes1840-O No Drap. V-1 Rev. of 1839-O Large O VG-8750
Seated Half Dimes1844 Date NOT repunched, EF-45195
Seated Half Dimes1844 Repunched Date, VF-3565
Seated Half Dimes1846 PCGS VG-101,850
Seated Half Dimes1850-O Small o G-4100
Bust Dimes1827 JR-3 R1 PCGS MS-643,950
Bust Dimes1828 Large Date PCGS AU-533,750
Bust Dimes1829 JR-7 R1 Small 10C, PCGS MS-631,800
Bust Dimes1833 JR-2 R5 PCGS AU details, questionable color800
Bust Dimes1833 JR-8 R-5 PCGS XF-45 CAC1,500
Bust Dimes1833 JR-8 R-5 PCGS VF-20850
Bust Dimes1834 JR-4 R5 PCGS XF-45875
Seated Dimes1837 Large Date, EF-40, lt. clnd.360
Seated Dimes1841 Dime PCGS MS-65 CAC5,750
Seated Dimes1864 G-6 in a PCGS AG-3 holder700
Seated Dimes1874-CC PCGS Gen., AG details, damage4,950
Bust Quarters1828 B-1 PCGS VF-20495
Seated Quarters1872-S NGC F-154,750
Bust Halves1802 VF-20 / F-153,150
Bust Halves1809 O-101 R-5 PCGS Gen., VF det., dmg., XXX edge 950
Bust Halves1809 O-102 R1 PCGS XF-45950
Bust Halves1818 O-108 R1 PCGS XF-40 CAC375
Bust Halves1823 Broken 3 O-101 R1 PCGS VG-10225
Bust Halves1824/various dates O-103 R1 PCGS VF-30395
Bust Halves1829/1827 O-101a R1 PCGS VF-30250
Bust Halves1829 O-116a R4 EF-45, doubled edge lettering395
Bust Halves1830 O-108 R3 PCGS AU-53 CAC2,750
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery PCGS F-15, 2nd one775
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery VG-10450
Seated Halves1840-O PCGS XF-40 WB-13, rare!495
Seated Halves1841 AU-58, lt. clnd.800
Seated Halves1845 PCGS XF-40 CAC600
Seated Halves1846-O Medium Date PCGS XF-45450
Seated Halves1848 VF-20325
Seated Halves1849-O EF-45300
Seated Halves1854-O PCGS AU-55600
Seated Halves1865-S AU-50 details, NCS clnd.800
Seated Dollars1842 NGC XF-45, 3 obverse rim cuds1,450
Seated Dollars1862 PCGS XF-40, 2nd one4,900
Seated Dollars1862 F-12, clnd.1,500
Trade Dollars1873 PCGS Gen., AU details, cleaned395
Trade Dollars1874-S PCGS Gen., AU details, clnd.550
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 PCGS Gen., clnd, AU details360
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 2/2, Repunched 6, micro s, PCGS Gen,. XF details, clnd.500
Trade Dollars1877-S DDR @ 420, PCGS Gen., AU details, clnd.475
Trade Dollars1877-S PCGS XF-40375
Trade Dollars1877-S PCGS VF-30295
Trade Dollars1878-S PCGS Gen., AU details, clnd.395
Half Cents & Cents1793 Half cent, PCGS Gen., Envir. dmg., VG details2,000
Half Cents & Cents1793 Chain cent, PCGS Gen., VG details, damage6,000
Half Cents & Cents1793 Wreath cent, PCGS Gen., holed & plugged, VG details800
Half Cents & Cents1804 Large cent, PCGS Gen., Bent, G details850
Nickels1877 Nickel NGC PR-82,995
Other 10c thru $11978-S Ike dollar PCGS PR-67 DCAM, super toning795
Coin Dealer Etiquette - - Collector's Perspective
We have heard a lot of comments about last newsletter's article on Coin Show Etiquette - Collectors Selling Coins.  In fact, one of our client couples, Scott and Sue, offered to write an article on etiquette for dealers, from the collector's perspective.  I thought this was a great idea, so here are their thoughts:
  1. I know not to interrupt you when talking to another customer but greet me soon after I arrive at your table. Be polite don't ignore me and even if your last customer was frustrating don't be rude to me.
  2. Have someone at your table most of the time and make sure you have enough help at your table so I don't have to wait forever.
  3. Answer questions. Talk to me about the coin(s) I am interested in. Honestly describe any problem a coin might have.
  4. I prefer to see prices on coins you are trying to sell. When I go to a restaurant, lobster is marked "market price". I understand that, but I won't eat at a restaurant that doesn't have any prices on its menu. Help me understand why prices are what they are, especially for coins priced a lot higher than price guides so that I don't waste my time on coins that are too expensive for me.
  5. Don't throw coins at me. I might not be ready to catch them. If I do ask to see a coin I am interested in please stop flipping through other boxes of material and talk to me about the coin.
  6. Be gentle when criticizing my coins. If you don't want to buy the coins I am trying to sell, possibly suggest someone else who might be interested.
  7. Please don't display a large number of coins that are not for sale. But one, two, or a small group is OK, if they are really cool.
  8. I understand you might have to eat at the table, but please don't eat onions, garlic or something else that will cause bad breath.

Remember that I am not just a possible customer today, but may buy from your website or your ads, buy at a future show, call and talk to you, or recommend you to another collector or dealer. In the end, I as a customer want to feel that I have made the right decision when dealing with you. It's the personal interaction along with the quality of the experience, service and price that brings me back or causes me to create that lasting relationship with a dealer.

                                              - - Scott and Sue
Remembering the Past / Looking Toward The Future
I am saddened to report that my Mother passed away on Labor Day.  She and my Dad (who passed away in 2002) got me started collecting coins when I was 4 years old.  They nurtured me in this hobby more than I could expect any parents to.  I learned a lot from both of them and will miss them dearly.  
My next show is a local show in Lancaster, PA on Saturday, September 14, followed closely by the Whitman Philadelphia show Thursday, September 19 to Saturday, September 21.  I will be at my table for most of the show.  If you go to either or both shows, please stop by and say hello!
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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