ANA Show Report & Newps - Part 1 
August 22, 2013

We had one of our best shows ever at the Chicago ANA.  There was a lot of activity on the bourse floor and a buzz permeated the room.  We were busy throughout the show.  Sales were very good, we did well at the auction, and we made some great new purchases!  Part 1 of the newps will be shown now, and next week we will post Part 2. 

Our newps include two 1846 half dimes in PCGS holders.  This date has always been scarce, but the supply has dried up over the last couple of years.  We also acquired a nice PCGS MS-64 1849/8 half dime.  Early dimes include a 1796 dime in PCGS G-4 and an 1829 Curl Base 2 in PCGS VG-8, both of which are very choice for the grade.  Other dimes include an 1860-O in PCGS VF-35 and a decent VG 1867.  We found nice examples of the 1866-S and 1867-S quarters.  In half dollars, we located an 1837 O-137 in VG-10 (R6).  This is not only a rare Overton variety; it is also pedigreed to Al Overton's personal collection!  We also found 1857 and 1862 Seated dollars in PCGS XF holders.  Both of these are very tough dates, and the 1862 compares favorably with the 1863, one of which sold recently in PCGS XF-45 for $5,875! 
We also have in stock the new 2nd edition of Bill Bugert's Die Varieties of Liberty Seated Half Dollars, Carson City Mint.  The new 2nd edition includes about 20 new pages with 4 new 1876-CC die marriages, die linkage diagrams, and a page on die layout lines.  You can order it now!
Two of our table assistants made presentations at the ANA Chicago show.  We want to thank and congratulate Bill Bugert for his presentation on Carson City Liberty Seated Half Dollars, and Len Augsburger for his presentation (along with Joel Orosz and Pete Smith) on 1792 Coinage.
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Seated Half Dimes1846 PCGS F-152,250
Seated Half Dimes1846 PCGS G-6 CAC1,100
Seated Half Dimes1849/8 PCGS MS-642,350
Seated Half Dimes1864 PCGS VF-25 business strike1,450
Bust Dimes1796 PCGS G-4 CAC JR-2 R43,950
Bust Dimes1823/2 JR-2 R-5 PCGS G-6 CAC250
Bust Dimes1829 Curl Base 2 PCGS VG-88,750
Bust Dimes1829 JR-1 R4+ Extra Large 10C, PCGS VF-25 CAC 900
Bust Dimes1829 JR-3 R4 Small 10C, PCGS VF-20 CAC 500
Bust Dimes1829 JR-4 R2 Small 10C, PCGS XF-40625
Bust Dimes1829 JR-11 R4+ Medium 10C, PCGS F-15475
Seated Dimes1860-O PCGS VF-35 CAC3,995
Seated Dimes1867 VG-8, business strike1,400
Seated Quarters1866-S PCGS VF-25 CAC 2,400
Seated Quarters1867-S PCGS Gen., damaged (scratch), VF details1,500
Bust Halves1807 Capped Lg Stars PCGS F-15 O-114 R3825
Bust Halves1809 O-102 R-1 G-VG95
Bust Halves1811 O-110 R1 PCGS AU-531,150
Bust Halves1812 O-104 R1 rotated dies EF45 ex ANACS325
Bust Halves1822 O-111 R2 PCGS XF-45425
Bust Halves1827 O-137 R6 VG-10 from Overton Collection6,250
Seated Dollars1857 Dollar PCGS XF-454,500
Seated Dollars1862 PCGS XF-405,500
Trade Dollars1874-CC NGC AU det., clnd.1,250
Trade Dollars1874-CC PCGS Gen,, clnd., XF details450
Trade Dollars1874-S ex NCS AU clnd Minute s Ex Reiver (tag incl.)400
Trade Dollars1875 Ty 1/2 PCGS VF-35950
Trade Dollars1875-CC Ty. 1/1 PCGS Gen., ques. color, AU det.975
Trade Dollars1875-CC Ty 1/1 PCGS AU-531,100
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 PCGS Gen., clnd, AU details360
Trade Dollars1877-S DDR @ EPU, PCGS Gen., polished, AU det.600
Trade Dollars1878-S DDR PCGS Gen., clnd., AU details, 1st one600
Trade Dollars1878-S DDR PCGS Gen., clnd., AU details, 2nd one 700
Nickels1880 Nickel PCGS Gen., Proof, AU details, clnd.395
Nickels1952 PCGS PR-67 CAM225
Coin Show Etiquette - - Collectors Selling Coins
There has been a lot of discussion on how collectors should sell coins at coin shows, and how they should not sell coins at shows.  Here are some of my tips for successfully selling your coins at shows:  
1.  Identify what kind of coins you have, and find those coins in a dealer's case.  Then offer your coins to that dealer.  The reason is simple.  When that dealer sells the coins he has, he needs to buy more in order to keep selling.  Plus, a dealer who sells primarily Morgan and Peace dollars is unlikely to be interested in buying your Capped Bust dimes.  If that dealer does buy them, it will be at a price that allows him/her to sell them to a collector or specialist dealer in that field.  Bring nice coins to the dealers who specialize in them. Bring bulk coins to dealers who specialize in them.  In short, look at the cases, when you see coins like yours, that is the dealer to pitch your coins to.
2.  Do your homework on market values.  Determine how much you want to receive for each coin.  Do a reality check.  At every show, people want to sell me coins at prices higher than what I am selling the identical coin for.  Obviously, if I pay more for coins than I am selling them for, this is not good for the business.
3.  Critically review your coins.  If you have a coin that is raw and has scratches and corrosion, someone is unlikely to pay the same price that a clean-graded PCGS coin of the same issue and grade would be worth.
4.  Remember transportation.  If I fly to a show, I have only a certain volume of coins that my security company will ship.  Therefore, it is unlikely that I will want to purchase a bag of silver dollars, bulk silver, or anything requiring special transportation arrangements.
5.  Be polite.  Don't interrupt deals already in progress.  Don't complain if the dealer doesn't want your coins, and don't say that your coins are better than the dealer's coins, even if they are.  If the dealer is not interested, you might want to ask him/her what other dealer in the room might be interested in your coins.
6.  Follow the rules.  You can't go into McDonald's parking lot and set up a hot dog stand.  Similarly, you can't set up a display of your coins at an unattended table that you haven't paid for.  This sounds rather obvious, but I have seen it several times. 
7.  If you want to trade with another collector, one of the best ways is to have a dealer act as an intermediary.  We had that situation at ANA.  A collector had a coin I didn't want to buy, but I knew a collector on the floor who might want to buy it.  I sent one of my table assistants to find that collector.  He came to the table, and I said, this coin belongs to this collector, it is $x to me, and it is $y to you.  The collector said yes, and both parts of the deal were transacted.  Now you might say, why does a dealer have to do this?   It cost me nearly $10,000 to do the ANA show.  Every little bit helps to cover these costs.
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is a local show in Lancaster, PA on Saturday, September 14, followed closely by the Whitman Philadelphia show Thursday, September 19 to Saturday, September 21.  I will be at my table for most of the show.  If you go to either or both shows, please stop by and say hello!
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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