Pre-ANA Newps 
July 22, 2013

We are looking forward to ANA!  But, before then, we offer a short list of new purchases. 

Our newps include two gorgeously toned 1881-CC Morgan dollars, NGC graded in the GSA holder (Note:  both are more vibrant in hand than pictured):
1881-CC dollar NGC MS-64 green  
1881-CC dollar NGC MS-64 pink
We also have some new half cents including a low-grade 1796 (!) and an Original proof-only 1841, plus a few Bust halves and some nicely toned Jefferson nickels.  All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Dimes1830 JR-2 R1 Small 10C, PCGS AU-581,050
Seated Dimes1879 PCGS MS-63650
Bust Quarters1828 B-4 R3 VG-10225
Seated Quarters1871-CC PCGS VG-814,000
Bust Halves1795 O-116 R4 G-4995
Bust Halves1809 O-102 R-1 G-VG95
Bust Halves1811 O-112a R5 VF-20, old clng.450
Bust Halves1814 O-102a R3 VF-20 / F-12, clnd. esp. rev.115
Bust Halves1831 O-103 R1 VF-25100
Bust Halves1834 O-109 R1 AU det., clnd., obv. scrape95
Bust Halves1835 O-102 R3 VF-20, microcorrosion on rev.65
Bust Halves1839 EF-45, some sm. scrs.225
Seated Halves1840 Sm. Letters, AU, rough on rev.150
Seated Halves1857 EF-40190
Seated Halves1873 W/Arrows EF-45, lt. clnd., hairlines225
Other 10c thru $11881-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS-64 gorgeous!2,500
Other 10c thru $11881-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS-64 gorgeous!1,650
Half Cents & Cents1796 Half Cent With Pole G-4/Fr-2, corrosion11,750
Half Cents & Cents1808/7 Half Cent C-2 F-12 det., slight corrosion250
Half Cents & Cents1841 Half Cent Original NGC PF det., rim bumps3,450
Nickels1871 F-12160
Nickels1875 F-12100
Nickels1938-D Jefferson PCGS MS-66, wonderful toning!75
Nickels1941-D PCGS MS-66, wonderful toning!90
Nickels1947 PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!75
Nickels1947-D PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!125
Nickels1948 PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!60
Nickels1948-D PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!150
Nickels1949 PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!60
Alas, Those Counterfeits
Just about every week I get a call or two from someone wanting to know if their newly acquired Bust dollar, Seated dollar or Trade dollar is genuine.  Since I can't figure that out on the phone, I request pictures.  Inevitably, when I receive the pictures I have to deliver unhappy news that the coin is counterfeit.  Then I ask, where did you get the coin?  The answer is usually, from some place such as a local auction, eBay, Craigslist, etc.  Then I ask, did you buy this coin because you are a collector of this series?  And almost always, the response is "No, I collect Lincoln cents (or Walkers or Morgans, etc.), I just bought this because I thought it was inexpensive."  Which makes sense - - counterfeits can be inexpensive compared with the genuine coins.  For one thing, the person selling the counterfeit usually has to pay a lot less for it than I would have to pay for a genuine coin. 
But if you don't collect that series, you probably don't know what the genuine coin looks like, in which case how can you be sure that coin you buy in some out-of-the-way place is genuine and not counterfeit?
And, remember, a slabbed coin is not without risk, either, because some slabs have been counterfeited and contain counterfeit coins.
To avoid these problems, I suggest you use a dealer who:
1.  As a collector, collected all of the U. S. silver, nickel and copper series to virtual completion,
2.  Identified counterfeit coins being sold in counterfeit PCGS holders,
3.  Got seller's (in #2 above) advertising priviliges revoked by Coin World and Numismatic News,
4.  Furnished information to PCGS that helped PCGS win its legal case against the counterfeit seller,
5.  Presented information on the counterfeits to a meeting of Liberty Seated Collectors Club members at the Baltimore show, to educate collectors and dealers, and
6.  Has a ten day return privilege on mail order sales for any reason for a full refund with no restocking fees.
Oh, and by the way, that dealer is me.
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is the ANA show in Rosemont (near Chicago) Tuesday, August 13 to Saturday, August 17.  I will be at Table #535 for the entire show.  If you go to the show, please stop by and say hello!
                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich
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