The William Cowburn Collection of Trade Dollars Acquired 

March 3, 2013

William (Bill) Cowburn (1955 - 2013) was a good friend, a consummate collector, and an expert on Trade Dollars, as well as a Table Assistant for me.  He was a friendly man who always had a smile on his face.


I feel honored that Bill Cowburn selected me to handle his collection of Trade Dollars. Bill had a passion for Trade Dollars, studied his coins carefully, wrote extensive notes on die marriages, and loved to share his knowledge with others. He recognized the importance of provenance to collectors, and he requested that his Trade Dollars be sold with his provenance. We have respected his request and have packaged these coins in 2 x 2 Saflips with cards noting The William Cowburn Collection, along with Bill's cards from his flips as well as any grading service tags left when he removed his coins from the slabs. 


We are sending some coins to PCGS for grading, but many great coins are now being offered raw. Photos were difficult to take because of the toning, lustre, and/or proof-like surfaces on the coins; specifically, hairlines show up much more on the photos than on the actual coins. We've done the best we can on the photos and we've added to the description our opinion on surfaces, lustre, etc. observed on the coins in hand. 

This group of coins also includes a few Bust Halves.  As was the case with the coins offered in the last two newsletters, most of the Trade Dollars and Bust Halves are nice collector coins and are priced to sell. 
All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s)
that you want.



Trade Dollars1873 AU-55, nice white coin, pinscrs.350
Trade Dollars1873-CC AU-50 clnd ex ANACS (tag incl.)1,550
Trade Dollars1873-S AU/UNC, lt. clnd., pinscrs900
Trade Dollars1874 EF clnd ex ANACS (tag incl.)325
Trade Dollars1874-CC EF-45, lt. clnd., pinscrs. obv. fields550
Trade Dollars1874-CC EF-40, lt. cln. ex ANACS (tag incl.)450
Trade Dollars1874-S AU-58 ex NGC775
Trade Dollars1874-S MS-60, lt. cln., pinscrs.695
Trade Dollars1874-S ex NCS AU clnd Minute s Ex Reiver (tag incl.)400
Trade Dollars1875 Ty 1/2 EF-45900
Trade Dollars1875-CC AU-581,600
Trade Dollars1875-CC Ty 1/1 AU, clnd. and retoned495
Trade Dollars1875-CC Ty 1/1 AU-50, clnd., obv. scr.450
Trade Dollars1875-CC Very tall CC, scarce variety. VF-20, scr.395
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 AU-58475
Trade Dollars1875-S ex NGC AU-58 Ty 1/2 micro s better var750
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 AU-58 ex ANACS (tag incl.)475
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 AU-55, nice toning500
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/2 AU-53375
Trade Dollars1875-S Ty 1/1 AU-50, lt. cln.275
Trade Dollars1876 AU Ty 1.5/2 clnd/retoned, rev scr750
Trade Dollars1876 Ty 1/2 AU-55, lt. clng. ex ANACS (tag incl.)250
Trade Dollars1876 EF+ Ty 2/2 sm. rim bump below date775
Trade Dollars1876-CC Ty 1/2 AU - UNC.2,650
Trade Dollars1876-CC Ty 1/1, very wide CC, rare, EF-451,450
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 1/1 AU-55360
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 1/2 AU-55 clnd. ex ANACS (tag incl.)275
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 2/2 AU-55, lt. clnd.250
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 2/2 AU-50, clnd. ex NCS ex Reiver (tag incl.)275
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 1/2 AU-53, clnd. ex NCS (tag incl.)225
Trade Dollars1876-S Ty 2/2, Repunched 6, micro s, EF-45, clnd.400
Trade Dollars1877-CC AU-58, 2 very sm. obv. rim bumps1,300
Trade Dollars1877-CC EF-45, lt. grey, pinscrs.825
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-53 ex PCGS (tag incl.)575
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-55 ex NGC (tag incl.) 450
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-55 ex ANACS (tag incl.)425
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-58 ex ANACS   s .9 mm360
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-58 ex ANACS   s .8 mm360
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-55 ex ANACS (tag incl.)225
Trade Dollars1877-S DDR AU-58 ex ANACS (tag incl.)600
Trade Dollars1877-S DDR @ 420, MS-60, clnd. ex ANACS (tag incl.)575
Trade Dollars1877-S AU-50 ex ANACS (tag incl.)360
Trade Dollars1877-S MS-60, clnd. ex NCS (tag incl.)400
Trade Dollars1877-S Incompl. Arr., AU-55 clnd. ex ANACS (tag incl.)500
Trade Dollars1877-S DDR AU-58, corr. ex ANACS (tag incl.)525
Trade Dollars1877-S PCGS XF-45 RPD FS-301700
Trade Dollars1877-S EF-45275
Trade Dollars1877-S EF-40 ex ANACS (tag incl.)275
Trade Dollars1877-S EF-45, clnd., somewhat bright, pinscrs.195
Trade Dollars1878-CC EF-45, lt. clnd. ex ANACS (tag incl.)2,250
Trade Dollars1878-S DDR @ 420 GR & TR AU-50650
Trade Dollars1878-S AU-58 ex ANACS (tag incl.)450
Trade Dollars1878-S AU-58 ex ANACS (tag incl.)375
Bust Halves1810 O-103 R2 SEGS XF-40, weak struck obv.140
Bust Halves1822 O-108 R3 AU-50, sm. lamination, original275
Bust Halves1825 O-105 R-2 VF-30225
Bust Halves1827 VG-8 lt. clnd. O-140 R4195
Bust Halves1829/7 O-102 R2 EF-40 or close, pinscrs.225
Bust Halves1829 O-112a R2 AU50395
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