Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday & Cyber Monday SALE! 

November 22, 2012

We've been wading through the slew of catalogs we got in the mail.  We used a forklift to bring in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper chock full of ads.  And the political ads that left us early this month have been replaced with ads from stores opening at crazy times during the day and night.  All of this brought up an idea:  why don't we have a sale too?  Aren't we creative!  ;-)
Here's the deal:  call us anytime 10 am - 10 pm on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday, or Cyber Monday.  We will give you our BEST PRICE on any coin you are interested in acquiring.  Your discount will be at least 10% and if the coin is one we own (i.e., it has not been consigned to us), it probably will be more, even up to 40% off!  Here are the numbers:  Office 717-533-2935, and Cell 717-579-8238.
All coins, as usual, are one of a kind and are subject to prior sale.  Thank you for your business!
Rich Uhrich
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