Baltimore Newps & Show Report 

November 21, 2012

We acquired about 80 newps from Baltimore.  Highlights include a 1795 LM-2 half dime (R7) in NGC VF-30 from the Jules Reiver Collection, an 1820 STATESOFAMERICA dime in PCGS AU-55, TWO 1822 dimes in VG (one PCGS and one NGC), a gorgeous proof 1881 quarter in PCGS PR-64 CAC (I don't expect a coin this nice to last very long, so if you are interested in it, act quickly):
Plus, a nice affordable 1873-CC quarter in NGC G-4:

Also, the rare 1857 quarter with the clash from the Flying Eagle cent in PCGS AU-50, a nice 1803 Large 3 Bust dollar in PCGS VF-30, and cleaned but acceptable 1856, 1857, and 1871-CC Seated dollars in PCGS cleaned holders. 


All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s)
that you want.

Bust Half Dimes1795 NGC VF-30 LM-2 R7 Jules Reiver Collection11,000
Seated Half Dimes1838-O V-2, G-6250
Seated Half Dimes1848/7/6 EF-40225
Seated Half Dimes1848-O V-4, Small o centered, G-6110
Seated Half Dimes1865 PCGS F-15875
Seated Half Dimes1867-S F-15125
Seated Half Dimes1868 PCGS VF-20325
Bust Dimes1820 JR-1 R4 STATESOFAMERICA, PCGS AU-554,650
Bust Dimes1820 JR-1 R4 STATESOFAMERICA, PCGS F-12650
Bust Dimes1822 PCGS VG-83,500
Bust Dimes1822 NGC VG-83,600
Bust Dimes1823/2 JR-3 R2 Lg. E\'s F-12195
Bust Dimes1827 JR-2 R5 VG-10400
Bust Dimes1828 Large Date F-15450
Seated Dimes1838 Large Stars, PCGS XF-45100
Seated Dimes1885 NGC PF-66 CAM, wonderful toning2,750
Seated Dimes1876-CC EF-40140
Bust Quarters1825 B-2 G-4, rim bumps, later die state599
Seated Quarters1840-O W/Drapery, Sm. o, Br. 1-B, F-12200
Seated Quarters1841 PCGS AU-50950
Seated Quarters1842-O Large Date VG-8100
Seated Quarters1853 NA NGC VF-303,995
Seated Quarters1854 Thin Date PCGS XF-401,600
Seated Quarters1857, rev. clashed w/Flying Eagle cent, PCGS AU-504,750
Seated Quarters1866 VF-25 clnd.1,750
Seated Quarters1873 No Arrows Closed 3, NGC VG-101,550
Seated Quarters1873-CC Quarter NGC G-4, should be VG-8 or G-66,450
Seated Quarters1877-CC NGC AU-58500
Seated Quarters1878-S VG-8, normal weakness at bottom of reverse525
Seated Quarters1881 Quarter PCGS PR-64 CAC with outrageous toning!2,850
Seated Quarters1887 EF-40950
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery Fine-15, sm. rim nicks360
Seated Halves1842 Small Date Lg. Letters EF-40, lt. clnd.450
Seated Halves1845 Fine-12125
Seated Halves1846 Medium Date EF-40, lt. clnd.450
Seated Halves1848-O AU-53450
Seated Halves1850 Half EF-45, lt. clnd.925
Seated Halves1850-O EF-45, lt. clnd.500
Seated Halves1859 EF-45285
Seated Halves1860 VF-20, 2nd one150
Seated Halves1862 VF-20, lt. clnd.300
Seated Halves1864 F-12200
Seated Halves1864-S EF-40, marks180
Seated Halves1865 F-12250
Seated Halves1866-S No Motto, F-12900
Seated Halves1867 VG-8/1095
Seated Halves1868 Good-675
Seated Halves1873-S PCGS XF-45800
Seated Halves1876-CC VG-8 / F-12115
Seated Halves1878-CC G-5, sm. scrs.1,050
Seated Halves1882 AU-501,000
Seated Halves1883 VG-8, rim bump475
Seated Halves1884 EF-40 Business strike, sm. rim nick750
Seated Halves1884 ANACS F-12850
Seated Halves1885 F-15+775
Seated Halves1886 VG-8750
Seated Halves1887 NGC VG-8950
Seated Halves1887 ANACS VG-8925
Seated Halves1888 VG-8450
Seated Halves1889 F-12, clnd.295
Seated Halves1890 PCGS XF-40825
Seated Halves1890 EF-40750
Seated Halves1891 EF-40295
Seated Dollars1855 PCGS Gen., Fine detail, plugged1,375
Seated Dollars1856 EF-402,750
Seated Dollars1857 PCGS genuine, F details, clnd.1,200
Seated Dollars1870 PCGS XF-451,100
Seated Dollars1870-CC PCGS G-4750
Seated Dollars1871-CC PCGS genuine, Fine det., clnd.5,250
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1883 3c Nickel PCGS XF-45 bus stk1,500
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1886 3c Nickel PCGS PR-40575
Nickels1879 Nickel PCGS XF-40, 1st one1,450
Nickels1879 Nickel PCGS XF-40, 2nd one1,450
Nickels1913-D Type 1 2 feather EF-45110
Other 10c thru $11947-S Dime, NGC MS-67175
Other 10c thru $11953 Dime, PCGS MS-65, red/orange/gold obv. toning225
Other 10c thru $11896-S Quarter ANACS VG-81,600
Other 10c thru $11958-D Qtr. PCGS MS66 CAC, green/red obv. toning450
Other 10c thru $11803 Bust Dollar Large 3 PCGS VF-302,850
Tokens & MedalsNumismatic News 1987 1-oz.silver round, PR66Cam75
Baltimore Show Report
The Baltimore show was our best show ever in terms of sales.  This included the Carl & Josephine Legacy Collection of Bust Dollars which we consigned to the Stacks Bowers auction.  The sale consisted of 85 Bust dollars which had been stored in a bank box for nearly 40 years.  We and the consignors were quite pleased with the results. 

We sold a lot of great coins at our table, and bought quite a few great coins as well, as you can see from the listing above.  Our table was busy constantly, and it was great to see some of you at the show!  Those of you who visited our table probably met our new table assistant, Dick Graham, who is the author of "A Registry of Die Varieties of Reeded Edge half Dollars 1836 - 1839".  We welcome Mr. Graham, and he did a fantastic job!
In addition to the Bust Dollar auction, I also attended part of the fabulous colonials auction. 
Our Coins Are Worth A Second Look - - Find Out Why 
Our coins are worth a second look, BECAUSE we are now using photographs instead of scans.  As you might guess, this was a significant effort, but we believe that it is worth it to give you the best possible picture of every coin we are offering for sale.  We will, as per our usual practice, point out any picture that is better or worse than the coin. 
Looking Toward The Future
My next show is the FUN show in January 2013.  Hope to see you there!

                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich

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