March 2016

Reuniting a Family             
Latasha loves her job and her family. She's the proud mom of two wonderful sons, James and Jasaun. Her job as a school bus driver is challenging but she loves greeting the children in the morning and seeing their smiling faces.  

While she has a steady source of income for most of the year, she does not receive a paycheck during the summer when school is out of session - and money is always tight.

After 6 years in the same apartment where Latasha and her boys lived, the owner of the complex decided to review tenant files and evict those who were behind in their rent. Latasha and her kids were locked out of the apartment with no money and no way to obtain their personal items.

Latasha sent her children to live with a relative while she worked to get the family back on their feet. Being separated from her boys was one of the most painful experiences she and the boys had ever had.

A friend suggested she call 2-1-1 for help. 2-1-1 connected Latasha to the Crisis Center's Family Stabilization Department. Latasha met with Candice, a Case Manager who worked with Latasha to find a solution to her crisis. Latasha took a Money Matters financial management class, where she learned tips to save money throughout the year. Eventually she found an affordable apartment and was soon reunited with James and Jasaun.  When asked about her experience, Latasha says:

"People don't realize what you go through when you don't have someone to help you. When you get someone who is willing to help, it's a blessing.  It's a weight off your shoulders that there's someone who actually cares."

Your support of the Crisis Center allows hard-working parents like Latasha recover from financial distress when crisis strikes. To hear Latasha tell her story, click HERE.