A Gift of $20 to the Crisis Center Provides: 
25 items to help restock the Crisis Center food pantry. 

A Gift of $330 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Three trauma therapy sessions for a child.

A Gift of $1,000 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Six trauma therapy sessions for a child and three for a parent.

Crisis Center Mission: 
To ensure that no one in our community has to face crisis alone.   
A Time for Thanks and Giving

Clara Reynolds
President & CEO
With the holidays quickly approaching (hard to believe, I know!), November is a great time to reflect on the passing of another year.  If you're like me, this year has brought happiness and struggle, along with challenges and surprises. This has been an amazing year of opportunities for me, so I'm going to take this moment to offer these words of thanks.

To our volunteers - I want to thank each and every one of you who give of your time and your heart to help ensure that no one in our community has to face crisis alone. We have inc
redible volunteers in telephone reassurance, sexual assault services, Corbett Trauma Center and even in administration. One of the largest groups of Crisis Center volunteers work at Tampa International Airport at the Travelers Aid desk.  These amazing volunteers provide help, hope and healing to travelers seven days a week. One of my favorite stories is of a young couple who was traveling with their dog. They were flying across the country and due to a mix-up, their dog could not board the plane. A former airline employee was in the booth volunteering that day when the teary-eyed couple came looking for help. The volunteer was able to get the couple and their dog booked on another flight with little delay.

To our staff - I want to express my appreciation that you're part of the Crisis Center team.  We're so lucky you've chosen to share your expertise with this agency.  Each of you impacts the lives of thousands of people in our community who are facing crisis and trauma.  This is an awesome privilege and an incredible responsibility. At times, you may not know you are making a difference, but please remember that you are, and I speak for the community when I say THANK YOU!...READ MORE 
KidsatTheCrisisCenter- MORE GOOD NEWS! -

GulfShore Bank: A Commitment to Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Crisis Center and GulfShore Bank
Employees Restock the Food Pantry
GulfShore Bank is a "community bank" in every sense of the words. As a locally owned bank, GulfShore's culture includes maintaining strong ties to the community. Their leadership feels so strongly about community involvement that each employee is encouraged and expected to volunteer with their favorite cause.     

The bank supports numerous non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area including the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. GulfShore sponsors the Cup of Compassion breakfast and is a member of the Crisis Center's Sustainer Society.  Each year it participates in the Holiday Giving Program, and most recently it held a Fall donation drive to help restock food and personal care items in the Crisis Center's pantry.

And GulfShore's support of the Crisis Center isn't limited to corporate donations.  President & CEO, Joe Caballero and Senior VP, Barbara Curts, are both involved individually with the Crisis Center. Joe and Barbara are both members of the Sustainer Society and Barbara serves on the Crisis Center's development committee and is a Women in Action member...READ MORE   
Crisis Center Helps Young Family Stay in their Home

Natalie and Jacob were doing everything they could to make ends meet. They were both employed at a department store in Tampa and were proud parents of twin 4 year old boys, Dylan and Tim. Each month was a challenge, but they managed to put together enough money to keep the power on and the landlord happy.

When Natalie learned she was pregnant, she knew it would make things much more difficult. Her company had maternity benefits that would help in the interim time between when she had the baby and when she went back to work.  They would still be able to afford their apartment and basic expenses.

Their plan seemed to be on track when Natalie entered the final trimester of her pregnancy. One morning she woke and things didn't feel right.  She was able to see her OB/GYN that day and her doctor let her know she was having complications that could put the baby at-risk. She was advised to take a leave of absence from work....READ MORE

Crisis Center Helps Homeless Vets on Veterans Day

The Crisis Center Team
at Operation Reveille
Just over a year ago, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay launched an innovative service as part of the 2-1-1 Contact Center. The new program, called the Florida Veterans Support Line, allows veterans in a 5 county area to call 1-844-MyFLVet and speak with a fellow Vet who understands the unique challenges and obstacles faced by many veterans.

On Veterans Day, a team from the Florida Veterans Support Line and 2-1-1 participated in Operation Reveille, a collaborative effort of non-profit organizations and government agencies to rapidly re-house homeless veterans into permanent housing across Hillsborough County. The event is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that homeless veterans in Hillsborough County find housing by the end of 2015....READ MORE  

December 1st is #GivingTuesday!

As we pack away the spooks and spirits of Halloween, begin to plan Thanksgiving dinner, and untangle the holiday decorations, a warm glow is kindled in our hearts. A sense of kinship and understanding for each other becomes stronger when we approach this season of gratefulness and giving.

During the holiday season there is a day for giving thanks,  there is an unofficial "holiday" for getting great deals, and there is a day when we give to friends and family...but what about our community?  In that spirit, an idea was born. It's a day for the world to come together and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and it's called Giving Tuesday!  On December 1st, people will celebrate Giving Tuesday by expressing generosity and service to the community.  You can celebrate those same cherished ideals with a gift to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay by clicking HERE.  Your gift will help transform lives as the Crisis Center works to provide invaluable services to those in need. Let's make our community a healthier and happier place to live. Happy holidays, and happy Giving Tuesday! 
Strokes for Hope Swim Raises Over $5,000 for the Crisis Center!

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 8th, a group of endurance athletes gathered on the "People's Beach" in Clearwater next to the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Everyone was there to challenge themselves by participating in TriFloyds 8 Mile Swim across Tampa Bay but Crisis Center CEO, Clara Reynolds, and Board Member, Jamie Klingman, were there for an even greater purpose.

When Clara and Jamie decided to participate in the
Clara and Jamie Being Interviewed
by 10 News after the Swim
swim, they also made the decision to dedicate their efforts to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. They named their swim "Strokes for Hope" and used the event to raise funds and awareness for the Crisis Center.

It was a sunny day on the 8th, but there was a strong wind, waves, and high tide. This combined with a very strong current prevented half the swimmers, including Clara and Jamie, from completing the swim.  The event was still a big win for Clara, Jamie, and the Crisis Center because over 60 people made a Strokes for Hope donation and the event raised over $5,000.

It's not too late to thank Clara and Jamie for their dedication to the Crisis Center! You can still make a Strokes for Hope donation by visiting Your gift helps fund crucial programs that include trauma counseling, suicide prevention services, the 2-1-1 contact center, and sexual assault services.

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