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Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
 February 2014


Hope Starts with Us        

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay delivers on a promise made long ago that those in our community who face emotional, financial, or personal struggles will always have a place to come for help, hope, and healing!  It is that promise and the realization that hope starts with us that compels us each day.

This past year, we kept our promise over 168,000 times as we counseled 104,000 people who called our 211 Crisis Hotline; transported 39,000 patients to a hospital or mental health facility; assisted 27,000 people at the airport through our Traveler's Aid program; prevented 1039 families from becoming homeless; conducted forensic exams and provided advocacy services to 335 survivors of sexual assault; provided therapy to 350 children and 279 adults struggling with the aftermath of trauma and sexual violence; and helped over 1200 people thinking of suicide make plans to live.

Numbers don't complete our story at the Crisis Center.  Our story takes shape in the face of every man, woman, or child who regains that light in their eyes that was missing... After Jessica learned that her six year old daughter Megan had been molested by her 18 year old step son, she spent the next eight years frantically taking Megan from doctor to doctor and counselor to counselor only to witness things go from bad to worse.  Before Jessica found the Crisis Center, Megan was failing school, getting into fist fights and life at home was a living hell.  It was in utter desperation that Jessica and her daughter came to our Corbett Trauma Center.  And it was at the Corbett Trauma Center where hope was born and their healing finally began.

It's important you know that the services we provided Jessica and Megan weren't paid for by a government grant or contract; they were paid for by our donors and sustainers.  In fact, less than 22 cents out of every dollar we spend comes from the government.  The rest comes from you and our TransCare Ambulance service. 

It is only with your help and generosity that we can be there whenever a person in our community despairs, gives up or loses hope.  Imagine if we raised enough money this year to launch a major awareness campaign so that every household in Hillsborough County knew where to call when problems pile up?  Imagine too how many more abused children we could serve or lives we could save from suicide if we raised enough money to add another ambulance to our newly launched TransCare inter-facility service.  That one additional vehicle could net over $100,000 each year in recurring revenues for the ongoing work of the Crisis Center.  Think about the lasting difference a gift of this magnitude could make for all the unserved people throughout our community.

Thank you for the help, hope and healing each and every one of you make possible when no one has to face crisis alone.    


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