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Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
 November 2013


Nicole & Ashley: Help, Hope & Healing...1 Year Later


Many Crisis Center supporters are already familiar with Nicole & Ashley's story. This resilient mother & daughter shared their story in the 2013 video that was shown at the Cup of Compassion breakfast. The video is featured on the Crisis Center's website and You Tube Channel (Click HERE to view).

Nicole was experiencing the normal joys and struggles of having a blended family with 6 kids. One day she was putting together a meal for her family in the kitchen when her teenage daughter Ashley came to her and whispered that she and her sister were being molested by her step-brother.

Ashley had been living in fear.  Each night she could hear her step-brother trying to get into her room. She didn't feel safe in her own home and had reached the point where she was having thoughts of suicide. She also wasn't able to focus at school and her grades started to suffer.  She was afraid and didn't know what the consequences would be of telling her mom.

Nicole, Ashley and her sister came to the Corbett Trauma Center for help.  They learned that the Corbett Trauma Center had an office in Brandon, which was close to their home. At the trauma center, they met with a counselor on a weekly basis and were able to learn how to heal from the hurt and trauma they experienced.
Over a year later, Nicole's family is growing stronger. Ashley's step brother is no longer at home and Ashley and her sister feel safe in her house again. Her grades improved and she graduated from high school. Ashley says she's interested in  

helping others and is considering attending Hillsborough Community College to become a counselor.

Nicole credits the Crisis Center for giving her and Ashley hope for the future and  

for saving her marriage. The Crisis Center exists to provide help, hope, and healing to people in crisis, but it takes the financial support of people in our community to make this happen. You can support the Crisis Center today by making a secure donation through our website. Click HERE to donate.




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