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Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
 November 2013


Miracle Workers


When 7 year old Josh stopped wetting the bed after years of sexual abuse by a relative and 4 weeks of therapy at the Corbett Trauma Center, his mom told me that for the first time in a long while, she knew what it meant to be hopeful.  And a few weeks later when the nightmares stopped and his teachers commented about how much better he was doing at school, his mom asked me, "Is this for real?"  But it was two days after Josh climbed into her lap on an ordinary Saturday afternoon  

in mid-July and said, "I love you!" that his mom told me, "You folks at the Crisis Center are miracle workers."   


I think sometimes about Josh and his mom and about all of the help, hope and healing that we dispense each day here at the Crisis Center and I realize that there are miracle workers in our midst, but it's not me or my coworkers.  It's civic  

leaders like our County Commissioners, who since the Crisis Center was created in 1972 have year in and year out provided our core funding.  It's all of our donors and supporters who make up the difference between what government pays and what  

it costs to serve kids like Josh. And it's those truly rare souls, like Cornelia and Dick Corbett, who are the real miracle workers for they are the ones who give their all to ensure that kids like Josh might heal.  


As you read about the dedication of the Brandon office of the Corbett Trauma Center and the many other ways our donors and supporters are helping hundreds of kids take back their childhoods and thousands of families become whole again, if you aren't already, I hope you'll think about becoming a miracle worker as well.  Come on a tour, volunteer or donate.  It doesn't take much, but when you realize the life transforming impact that you can have for a little guy like Josh and his family, you'll be glad you did. 



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