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Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
 September 2013


Hannah Receives Hope and Healing  

after Calling 2-1-1


The voice on the other end of the line was confused and uncertain. She said her name was Hannah; that she was 15 years old; and was depressed & alone and thinking about suicide.

A Crisis Specialist in 2-1-1, Daniella, listened patiently as Hannah described the events that led up to her call. Hannah had been sexually molested by a family member. She confided in her best friend, but instead of receiving support and understanding, her "friend" told other students in school. This led to a relentless combination of in-person and online bullying from her classmates. Hannah felt alone, betrayed, and helpless.

Daniella arranged for a safety plan to be put in place for Hannah. She received follow up calls from a Care Coordinator who provided support and discussed options to help her through her crisis. She was also referred to the Corbett Trauma Center and sexual assault services at the Crisis Center.  She agreed to trauma counseling but said she was not able to go because her family had no transportation. Her Care Coordinator contacted TransCare and arranged transportation to the Crisis Center for counseling.

Hannah is currently working with a counselor in Corbett Trauma Center. Her Care Coordinator in 2-1-1 also stays in touch with her to see if things are going well in school. Life is still difficult, but Hannah knows that she is neither alone nor helpless.

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