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More than $6.7 million distributed through Charitable Organization Endowment program
Donor perception survey
Scholarship application process moves online
Tornado recovery response: An update
Year-end gifts offer favorable tax treatment
Investment Performance and Asset Growth
For Fiscal Year 2013, our overall investment performance was 11.24%. We received $37 million in gifts, distributed $24 million in grants to nearly 1,000 organizations and ended the fiscal year with $706 million in assets, the highest level in our 44-year history. Read our 2013 Investment Performance and Financial Report  here.  
Estate Planning 1.5
We continue to offer the monthly teleconference series for professional advisors from Cannon Financial Institute. The free series offers 1.5 hours of continuing education credits and has averaged more than 50 attendees each month. We plan to continue to provide this opportunity for professional advisors in 2014. For more information, click here or contact Joe Carter at 405/606-2914.

Louie Jamieson Retires 
Louie Jameison Longtime employee Louie Jamieson retired from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation effective Sept. 30, 2013. Louie began working for us in 1997 and provided administrative support for gift processing and served as our receptionist at one time. We wish her the best.

Office Holiday Schedule 
Our office will be closed the following workdays:
Nov. 28-29
Dec. 25
Jan. 1

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GiveSmartOKC provides insight into charitable sector
Now entering its second year, GiveSmartOKC features publicly-viewable data on 200 (and counting) area nonprofits. These participants have met a top standard of disclosure by voluntarily sharing 78 data points about their organizations. This data can also be used to help us better understand the overall health of central Oklahoma nonprofits. For a breakdown of the first 200 GiveSmartOKC organizations by annual income and sector, click here. Visit www.GiveSmartOKC.org to learn more about charitable organizations in central Oklahoma. If you don't find your favorite nonprofit, please encourage them to contact Jana Steelman at 405/606-2922 or email [email protected].
More than $6.7 million distributed through Charitable Organization Endowment program
Oklahoma City Community Foundation president Nancy B. Anthony with Hayley Moore and Stan Chase of NewView Oklahoma at the Charitable Organization Endowment Reception.
Oklahoma City Community Foundation president Nancy B. Anthony with Hayley Moore and Stan Chase of NewView Oklahoma at the Charitable Organization Endowment Reception.
In October, we began distributing more than $6.7 million to the nearly 320 nonprofit organizations in our Charitable Organization Endowment program. On Oct. 10, we hosted our annual distribution event to kick off the distribution process. As of June 30, 2013, the market value of these endowment funds was $165 million. Read our 2013 Charitable Organization Endowment Program Report here.
Donor perception survey
We recently partnered with the Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct a confidential survey of our donors to provide us with valuable feedback on our performance. We would like to thank those of you who participated in the survey, as your input will be beneficial to the Trustees and staff as we develop plans for the future. We look forward to sharing the results with you after the first of the year.
Scholarship applications move online
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online application process for more than 90 of the 120 scholarship and award endowment funds we administer. Hosted by AcademicWorks, the convenient and easy online application will allow students to apply for multiple scholarships with one basic application. In addition, it will greatly reduce the paperwork for our staff and improve efficiency of the selection process. Learn more about the online application process by visiting www.occf.org/scholarships or contact Megan Hornbeek on our staff with any questions at 405/606-2917.
Tornado recovery response:  An update
Following the devastating tornadoes and floods that impacted central Oklahoma in May 2013, we reactivated the Tornado Recovery Fund first established in May 3, 1999 and began to immediately receive gifts to the fund. As of Oct. 1, 2013, we had received 1,751 gifts totaling $3.4 million. Of that amount, $1.98 million was given to the Shelter Oklahoma Schools fund established to encourage storm shelters at all Oklahoma schools.  We have awarded nearly $300,000 in grants to assist with case management including providing bilingual managers, mental health services and the replacement of band equipment for the Crutcho Public School. Our staff will continue to lend expertise and determine opportunities to assist during the long-term recovery. To learn more, click here.
Year-end gifts offer favorable tax treatment
As Congress continues to entertain significant tax reform legislation, the future of the charitable deduction and other tax provisions remains uncertain. By making a gift to an Advised Fund by Dec. 31, you can receive a 2013 charitable tax deduction and have the opportunity to defer grant recommendations to charitable organizations to 2014 and beyond.

Advised Fund options
  • An Express Fund can be an ideal vehicle for year-end gifts of cash, appreciated stock or other non-cash assets to benefit multiple charitable organizations now or in the future. Established with a minimum gift of $1,000, the fund balance is completely spendable and does not benefit from investment performance.
  • A Gift Fund may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000 and the balance is completely spendable. Gift Funds benefit from the performance of our general investment pool.
  • A Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment with an annual spendable amount that also benefits from our investment performance and may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000.
Types of gifts we accept
All of our Advised Funds may be established with a variety of gifts in addition to cash. Appreciated stock can be an attractive giving option as they offer a charitable deduction on the full market value and are not subject to capital gains tax on the appreciated value. We also accept gifts of real estate, oil and gas interests, life insurance and business-related assets. Please contact Kenneth Conklin at 405/606-2926 or Joe Carter at 405/606-2915 for more information.