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Happy Valentine's Day!
If you're looking for something to do with your Valentine -- either the two-legged or the four-legged variety -- we have a suggestion: sit back, make some Valentine dog cookies, and watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show! Will the German Shorthaired Pointer win? You won't know if you don't watch!

Below, we have information on the oldest sporting event in the United States -- yes, the Westminster show -- and recipes for cookies that you and your dog can enjoy while watching the two-day event.

What better way to spend time with your dog-loving -- and doggy -- friends!

Enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day!


and Michele
GSP Rescue NE Board of Directors 

The 140th Westminster Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, on Monday and Tuesday, February 15-16, in New York City, reached a combined entry this year of over 3,000 dogs in three competitions. 

 Only twice in the 140-year history of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show has a German Shorthaired Pointer been named Best in Show. The first was in 1974, with Ch. Gretchenhof Columbia River. The most recent in 2005, with Ch. Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses. This year, a field of 34 GSPs will vie for the top prize in the nation's biggest dog show. 

This world-famous dog show has a long history of bringing the best examples of their breeds to the viewing public as the second-longest continuously held sporting event in this country, beginning in 1877. In 2014, the show expanded to include the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and new this year is the Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster. Continuing a tradition to display only the highest level in the sport, this competition was an invitation-only event for top-ranked obedience dogs. 

Weave poles at the Masters Agility Championship.

The third annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster will take place on Saturday, Feb. 13, at Pier 94. There are 330 dogs entered representing 28 states with the largest numbers coming from New Jersey (81), New York (75) and Connecticut (31). The competition will feature dogs of all breeds and mixed breed dogs (All American dogs) showing spectators and the television audience why the American Kennel Club calls agility "the most exciting canine sport for spectators." Finals will be broadcast live on FOX Sports 1 from 8-10 p.m.  

Meet The Breeds!

Along with the agility competition on Saturday will be the 7th annual AKC Meet the Breeds. This is the second year for the popular Meet & Compete event. This a joint effort between Westminster and the American Kennel Club provides an opportunity for people to interact with over 100 breeds and learn about responsible dog ownership.  

Monday, Feb. 15, marks the inaugural Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster. The nation's top obedience dogs were invited to fill a limited 35-dog entry. Competition will consist of existing AKC approved Open and Utility Exercises with some modifications. Exercises will include hand signals, retrieving over high jump and scent discrimination. There are 34 dogs from 17 states. Golden Retrievers represent the largest entry with 13. Like agility, the obedience competition was open to both purebred and mixed-breed dogs at the highest level of the sport.

The evening Group competition will be televised live each night from 8-11 p.m.  Monday's telecast of the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups will be on CNBC. Tuesday's telecast will be on USA Network and will include the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups, as well as Best In Show. 

 Breed judging during daytime hours will be posted with live streaming video and results on westminsterkennelclub.org and the Westminster App. 


Have you ever wanted to make homemade dog treats for a special occasion, but you get overwhelmed by all of the options when you search for the perfect recipe? Well, here are two you can try that have already gotten their lick of approval, just in time for Valentines Day!

Homemade Valentines Heart Shaped 
Peanut Butter and Carrot Mini Cakes

Made with Peanut Butter, Carrots and Honey, these mini heart shaped dog cakes are sure to make your pups tail wagging in delight, find the recipe HERE.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter
and Bacon Valentine Dog Treats 

These all natural (and gluten free) dog treats, will have your dog begging for more! Find the recipe HERE


A fight can break out between dogs at any time and over many things.

It's not uncommon to see a sudden fight break out between two dogs while introducing them to one another. Dogs scuffle over food or toys or when one of them isn't feeling well and gets bothered by the other dog. It can happen at the dog park or while you're walking down the street with your dog leashed. Your dog may even redirect on one of his housemates if another dog is walking outside of your fence and gets him upset.

These are scary scenarios but it's important to remember if your dog is involved in a fight, it doesn't make him a bad dog.
Dogs don't usually go straight for a fight, but will give each other warning signs first. The best outcome is for them to work out their troubles and retreat before getting too aggressive. Dogs don't naturally resolve their issues by immediately fighting. Their ancestors, wolves, don't walk around all day looking to fight. It is a last resort and often lasts only moments, until one animal gets the message and agrees to back off. Not every physical interaction between dogs is indicative of them fighting. Dog play can look just as intimidating.

Lindsay Vonn suffers dog bite
Lindsay Vonn suffers dog bite

Again, it doesn't mean your dog has become bad and you can no longer handle him. It's emotionally draining to see your dogs fight, and I've seen people turn off from the love they once had for their dogs because of it. But there are methods experts and shelter managers recommend for breaking up fights as quickly and safely and possible. Our first reaction is to get right into the middle of the fight, but as you will read below, we are better off getting behind the fighting pair.
Grabbing a dog by his collar to break up a fight can result in your getting bitten.

The method I'm addressing below is to be used when the dogs are fully engaged and no longer responding to verbal communication. Some of the other methods people use are squirt bottles, cans with coins taped inside, air horns and hoses - and while they may be effective at the initial onset of the fight, they are not as effective as human intervention if the dogs don't immediately back off.

If two dogs are clearly engaged into a fight, the situation has escalated to a point where physical intervention is necessary.
Ideally, a dog fight should be broken up by two people. A method called "the wheelbarrow" is the safest one to use. Each person grabs a dog's back feet and lifts them off the ground. 

Demonstration of the wheelbarrow method.

After a moment, the dogs should disengage and each person must pull their dog by his back legs away from the other. It is crucial to separate them immediately to allow for recovery time.
Breaking up a dog fight when you're alone is much more difficult and daunting. It takes speed and swift movement and lots of adrenaline. Again, the goal is to break up the fight without getting hurt. If you can manage to stay calm and focus on the task on hand, you should be able to succeed before any real damage is done.

Screaming at the dogs to stop will only result in you having a sore throat. Remember that they are only focused on the fight, and like a boxer responding to the bell, they can't focus on what's happening around them. 

You'll need to grab a leash. Slide one end of the leash into the looped end and slip it under the dog's belly, towards the groin, creating a sling. Like the wheelbarrow, lift the dog and give a moment to allow the dogs to disengage - and very quickly but calmly, direct the dog away, preferably to another room or behind a fence. If the other dog is still coming for the anchored dog, step around to the rear of loose dog and use the wheelbarrow method to steer that dog in the opposite direction.

 The wheelbarrow is helpful in keeping your hands and arms away from their mouths, but still be aware of their heads. A highly stimulated dog may attempt to redirect on you.

It's important to note that if your dog is on leash and he gets into a fight with a dog off-leash, drop the leash before you or the dog become tangled in it. If two leashed dogs get into a fight, drop the leashes and use the wheelbarrow method. More damage can be caused by two owners yanking their dogs apart by the leash. 

Prevention is of course the best way to never have to experience breaking up a dog fight.

Puppies learn how to communicate with each other from their elders and more experienced dogs.

What are the warning signs? We often mistake dog's body language as mimicking our own. A dog who is giving what appears to be a wide smile may actually be panting and fearful. And a fearful dog cowering and looking away is not looking for a big body hug. He's trying to make himself invisible. A dog will lick his lips when he's nervous. An exaggerated yawn is also a sign of stress. He will turn away from you and flatten his ears. The dog's tail may flicker or flag and stand straight out or tucked.

 One of the final signs you will see in a dog who is on the threshold of reacting is the "whale eye." The dog will turn his head away from the perceived threat while keeping an eye on it, exposing the whites of his eyes. At that point, things are going to escalate and you should remove yourself or the other dog from the situation promptly. 

An example of "whale eye."

Dogs will communicate these signs to humans and other animals. Whether you are introducing a new dog to your dog or just looking to enjoy some time at the dog park, be aware that an interaction can change from positive to negative in a heartbeat. This doesn't mean you should be paranoid or avoid allowing your dog to interact with other dogs, if he is well socialized. It means you need to be responsible for your dog and yourself.


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