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Double trouble!


  We were thinking recently how far we've come as a rescue.


  When we first started accepting dogs from out of area we made sure we had a foster lined up because they were few and far between. 


  Now, we've grown so exponentially that we can say "yes" to many dogs and know we have people who will step up once the dogs get here. 


  Years ago we never would have dreamed of trying to import 6 dogs at a time [like our Ohio dogs] ... now ... we get 'er done. That's a lot of awesomeness! 


Have a wonderful Memorial Day!



and Michele
GSP Rescue NE Board of Directors 

  We need home visits completed in Cornish, N.H., and High Falls, N.Y.

 Are any of our approved volunteers going to be in the area?


If you are, contact CELESTE. Thanks! :-)




Join us Sunday, June 7, at the Lancaster (Mass.) Fairgrounds for the 8th annual Whisker Walk!

What IS Whisker Walk? It's a fundraising event for rescues where money is donated to those willing to walk for a cause. 

It's also a meet, greet and network opportunity for rescues of all types to gather in one spot and be available to the public to answer questions.

Want to walk and raise money for GSP Rescue New England? Check


Want to see more? Check out the video:





When you get there, stop by the big wooden information shed in front of the pole barn pavilions to check out event times/locations, purchase a t-shirt, buy or bid on raffle items. Also, check with all the different vendors and shelters/rescues for special raffles/auctions and events they are hosting at their booth. There are TOO MANY to list! 
ww booth
GSP Rescue New England's booth

10:45 a.m.
    Pre-registration turn in pledge forms/fees to group you walk for 
11:00 a.m.     Whisker Walk OPENS.  
11:15 a.m. - MA State Police Dog Demos 
11:50 a.m. Line up for the Walk & Blessing of the Animals in front of the largest pole barn pavilion 
11:55 a.m. - BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS in front of the INFO BOOTH/BARN 
NOON - Walk kicked off by our friends at WXLO 104.5 fm  
12:30 p.m.  - Worcester Sheriff's Department demo with Nikita and Jaxx-  both of these dogs were donated to the Sheriff's dept by the Sterling Animal Shelter and Nikita is NOW one of the TOP Narcotics detection dogs in the country. Nikita will be featured on an upcoming episode of SHELTER ME - an award winning PBS documentary. 
2:00 p.m. - to be announced - State Police Department canine demos - next to WXLO by wooden info booth 
2:30 p.m.   Raffle - 50/50 - / Auctions / Poop Bag raffle entries close winners announced by the Wooden information shed in front on the pavilions - DEPOSIT a "pooch present" and receive a raffle ticket for each "deposit" made...and win a gift certificate for a nice meal at the Chocksett Inn
GSP Rescue NE representatives get ready
 to join the Whisker Walk!

(Must be present to win)
 3:00 p.m. Whisker Walk ends -Thank you for your support on behalf of the animals
A sampling of the booths and rescues that attend Whisker Walk.


Sterling Shelter Vet Clinic - largest pole barn pavilion - selling DNA test kits and sharing info on their low-cost spay/neuter programs 
  • VCA Animal Hospitals - center pole barn pavilion - Raffles, Rabies vaccine clinic, low cost micro-chipping and ask the Vet booth

  •  C
    ustom ID Tags available for purchase at the Sterling Shelter Pavilion (largest pole barn pavilion)- $10 for one - $15 for two tags - all dogs and puppies should be properly tagged in case they get lost!
  • Rescuer's Reunion - at the Sterling Shelter Pavilion - come meet your dog/s rescuers from Puerto Rico and VA - reunite with your pets siblings! 
  • Poop bag raffle - deposit a poop bag and get a raffle ticket to win a great prize! Multiple locations throughout the property - simply look at the plot plan for locations to deposit a poop bag for a raffle ticket    
  • Canine Carnival Contests for YOUR dog(s) in front of the Sterling Shelter large pole barn pavilion - buy a chance for YOUR dog to win a prize for YOU or your dog.  TENNIS BALL FETCH and DOG POND PRIZES! 
  • Face Painting in between the LARGE and MEDIUM pole barn pavilions by Face Escape
  • Inflatable rides for the kids near the food vendors with All sorts of yummy food & drinks for people 
  • CMDART - Agility Course - Try your pooch on the agility course (center of rescue groups to the far left of 3 pavilions)
  • Just some of the foods: Sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, Veggie Burgers, Fresh Cut french fries, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, drinks, pulled pork sandwiches, Steak and Cheese subs, Chili Dogs, Bowls of Chili PLUS the yummy snacks like -  Soft serve ice cream (cones/dishes), Novelty ice creams, slushes, pretzels, cotton candy, Sno Cones, Popcorn, Candy Apples, Friend Dough with Toppings



GSP Rescue New England was in attendance at the Guilderland (N.Y.) Animal Hospital 60th anniversary Open House!
 Happy anniversary, you guys!





From Southeast GSP Rescue: 


It's Morbid Monday. Well, not really, but this topic is morbid to a few.


We've been asked by some facebook followers how to plan for their dog's care when you pass away - not a pleasant topic but such an important one. So if you haven't planned where your GSP (or any pet) will go when you die, keep reading...


People tend to think of their human children when creating a will, but often leave out their furry children. And it gets complicated if you don't have someone you feel can take care of them. One alternative is including instructions in your will to contact a Rescue that will take your dog into foster care and find a good home for them.


Several good discussions have resulted from being asked about this topic., so we've made a list of things we feel should be considered when making your decision.

First, some general items:


1. Get legal advice, since each state differs on how to handle this in your will


2. Document what you want to happen. We recommend discussing it with a legal representative, but otherwise, document your wishes and have it witnessed/notarized


3. Make sure whatever you choose to happen to your animals upon your death, that you discuss it with the executor of your will, closest family member and the person/Rescue you want to care for them (remember that some Rescues only take a specific breed)


Those are the basics. However, there are several things you need to consider when determining who to leave your furry kids to upon your death:


4. Are the financial aspects considered, i.e. are you leaving money for the person who will care for them? Consider how much you currently spend on food and vet care and also factor in their age (i.e. how many years are they expected to live)


5. Discuss the facts, i.e. costs involved, time involved and how emotional it might be to care for your animals (Remember, they will mourn your loss). Be candid so there are no surprises...


6. In the case of a Rescue, document what type of home you would want them to go to...this will help the foster family tremendously. Also consider leaving a donation for any vet care that may be needed while in foster care.


7. Keep all of your pet records in one place and let them know where you keep the documents


8. In addition to medical records, keep a list of basic items and update it periodically (include the date you last updated it) including:


a) How much food and what medications do they take daily and at what time of the day


b) Who is your vet and their contact information (make sure your Vet and pet sitter has your emergency contact information in case something happens while you're traveling)


c) What is their microchip # in case they are lost; include the phone number for the company where it's registered, e.g. HomeAgain, PetWatch, etc.


d) To make the transition easier, document their personality, likes, dislikes, habits, things to watch out for (e.g., counter surfing, etc.) and ways to calm them if they are anxious (e.g. favorite scratch spot, favorite tv station, music, cuddling, etc.)


We all too often find dogs in shelters because there wasn't a plan in place. So please, hope for the best, but plan for the worst!


I call it "The Umbrella Theory."





Support GSP Rescue New England simply by walking your dog! Check out this app at and use it each time you grab for the leash. It's healthy for you, your dog, and GSP Rescue NE!


Did you know that the Wooftrax app also has a setting for running and biking? If you enjoy doing either, take a look!


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More GSPs have found their forever homes!


They are:  Hunter, Lance, Sophie, Kassie, Tucker, Kassie and Lindy.


Hooray for the dogs!! Hooray for their new families!! :-) 


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Zeppa Studios designs and produces unique gifts for dog and other animal lovers. 


Their Project Rescue was specifically created to help rescue groups earn money and for customers to save money!


Enter the coupon code for German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue New England (GSPRNE) during your online check-out or mention it to the customer service rep when ordering by phone. Customers get 10 percent off their order, GSP Rescue NE will get 20 percent. 


For information or to see their product line, go to ZeppaStudios  


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GSP Rescue New England is listed among rescue groups and shelters that have participated in Hale Pet Door's Rescue Rewards program. 
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In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

For more information on Hale pet doors, go to

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Fitness exercise with your dog (One, Two, Three, Four, Kiss??) - Eric Ko & Teeny
Fitness exercise with your dog
(One, Two, Three, Four, Kiss??)
-- Eric Ko & Teeny