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Benny Camponello with his Fall flowers. 



She's famous! And because we ride on her coat-tails, we're kind of famous, too!

Our very favorite transport coordinator, Martha Chandler, was featured in a piece on NBA's Today show recently. The story focused on "Martha's Mutt Movers," the transport system GSP Rescue NE relies on so heavily to get its out-of-area dogs to New England.
Martha Chandler

The first year we worked with Martha we saved $3,100 on transportation costs. All of the money went to help our needy dogs.

Martha was the feature of the piece, appearing with the Today's show's Jill Rappaport. Also featured was a dog some of you may remember -- handsome Cole, now Monty, on his journey from North Carolina to Maine.

Cole, now Monty, on his way
from N.C. to Maine.

Sickly Monty was pulled from a high kill North Carolina shelter by long-time friend of GSP Rescue NE, Courtney Diani McLawhorn, nursed to health and then transported to New England via Martha's Mutt Movers.  


His new mom and dad, long time GSP Rescue NE volunteers and adopters, Jan and Bruce Grieco are seen at the very end of the video greeting Cole and running around with him!

The TV segment got Martha some well-deserved national attention for the hard work she does daily keeping dogs safe and moving them to their forever homes.

Congratulations, Martha! Well done!

Celeste,Audrey and Michele                         GSP Rescue NE Board of Directors 

Martha's Mutt Movers On 'Today'
When Martha Chandler heard about 9-year-old Sarge, a dog in need of transportation to a new home after he was found sitting loyally by the side of his deceased owner, she was quick to lend a hand. It didn't matter that the boxer-St. Bernard mix was in Washington, D.C., and his new home with the man's daughter was more than 1,000 miles away in Kansas.

To read about how it all started, click on TODAY.

To read more about Martha's Mutt Movers, click HERE or check out her Facebook page.
Back To School Blues

The kids are back to school; new routines are being set; and the ones that may have the most difficulty with all this newness is the dog.

Dogs especially experience sadness when the kids are gone all day. They've spent a summer hanging with their best friends and now it's back to the regular routine. They have to re-learn how to be on their own again.

If Sparky starts to bark incessantly, mope around the house or chew on things he shouldn't it's a pretty good bet that he's suffering from the back-to-school-blues. Now is not the time to punish him for his behavior. You need to help him find his place in the new routine.


Stimulation is the answer. Provide him with new interactive toys, treats hidden in various spots around the house, and more walks. Now might be a good time to spend a couple days a week at doggy day care.

Make regular walks a part of the routine. Perhaps an after-school walk would be a good chore for the kids during the school year. It will also help set the routine to set regular feeding times. Don't be tempted to make up for it with extra treats that could bring on an unhealthy weight gain.


Most pets will adapt to the new routine in a week or so. But if they refuse to eat or remain in bed all day it could be a sign of something more serious and a visit to the vet is required.


Be patient & kind with Sparky and things will get back to normal in no time at all.

Treats Recall
The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has announced a voluntary recall of Joey's Jerky Chicken Jerky treats due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.


A total of 21 people in Merrimack and Hillsborough Counties have been identified with the same strain of the illness. However, no deaths have occurred.


Joey's Jerky is produced in New Hampshire and the manufacturer, Kritter's Kitchen Kreations, LLC, has voluntarily recalled all of the product.

Joey's Jerky was sold at the following six stores:


  • America's Pet in Hudson
  • Blue Seal in Bow
  • K9 Kaos in Dover
  • Osborne's Agway in Concord
  • Sandy's Pet Food Center in Concord
  • The Yellow Dogs Barn in Barrington

Confirmation through laboratory testing of the jerky is pending at the New Hampshire Public Health Labs.


DHHS is asking people to determine if they have any of these jerky treats at home - and if so, to discard them.

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RECIPE Deadline is September 20th!
We don't have nearly enough recipes for our cookbook. The deadline to submit them is Sept 20th.  Recipes may be submitted in a Word Document. Copy those old familiar recipe cards right into a doesn't have to be perfectly typed...just legible and accurate!

Hurry and get yours in soon so we can move forward with our cookbook fundraiser to help our needy dogs!

Submit your recipes to Celeste.
Auctioneer Needed!
Do you know how to run an online auction? We have a lot of brand new donated items and need someone with expertise to run an online auction for us. Jewelry, an original watercolor of a GSP, a steam machine, a gorgeous custom dog collar are among some of the items just waiting for a new home and to make some much needed funds for our dogs.

Email Celeste if you'd like to take on this project.

Help Us Help Them
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GSP Rescue New England now has a presence on Facebook. Go to:

Look Who's Been Adopted!

More GSPs have found their forever homes!


They are: Tic, MalibuZuke,Dexter, Chloe and Jake2


Hooray for the dogs!! Hooray for their new families!! :-) 


Donations have gratefully been accepted this month from: Peter and Jonnie Hallett in memory of Mr. Fonda; Agilent Technologies, Bob Klepach, Maurice and Margaret Bennett,  Enrique and Judith Margalejo.  


Thank you all for your generosity!

Thank You, Donors!

For those who have graciously made donations to GSP Rescue NE and would like a receipt, please contact Celeste.


And, once again, a big THANK YOU to you all. :-)

 Help Us With

Our Year-Round Fundraisers




Zeppa Studios designs and produces unique gifts for dog and other animal lovers. 


Their Project Rescue was specifically created to help rescue groups earn money and for customers to save money!


Enter the coupon code for German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue New England (GSPRNE) during your online check-out or mention it to the customer service rep when ordering by phone. Customers get 10 percent off their order, GSP Rescue NE will get 20 percent. 


For information or to see their product line, go to ZeppaStudios  


Book Donations Needed

   Book bin

 GSP Rescue NE is joining with Got Books? as a new means of fundraising. Got Books? works by placing bins for recycled books in parking lots. If you have a parking lot with one extra space for a bin please contact Celeste.

This is a one year commitment. All you have to do is donate the space and call Got Books? to empty the bins when they're full.  

Rescue gets paid per pound of books. Got Books? will work for rescue through active participation by the GSP Rescue organization and the community.


Requirements are:
1. Safety - The bin must be placed in a safe location for drivers, pedestrians and participants
2. Location - The Got Books? container should be visible to your members as well as the surrounding community 
Successful programs establish a plan for getting books from the community. Posting information in the weekly program and bulletins, posting information on your website, and alerting local paper
about the Got Books? program and what Rescue is raising the money for. Every organization is unique and there is more than one way to accomplish the task of getting the books in to the Got Books? container.


Got Books? is a great way to increase recycling and earn extra money for programs within Rescue.  


For more information on Got Books? or if you have room at your business to house a collection bin, contact Celeste.  

Dog Door Discount!

 Hale Pet Door logo

GSP Rescue New England is listed among rescue groups and shelters that have participated in Hale Pet Door's Rescue Rewards program. 
The Rescue Rewards works this way:  When  customers let Hale know that they adopted a pet (either recently or in the past), they receive a 10 percent discount on the cost of their Hale Pet Door.  And then Hale makes a donation for that same 10 percent amount to the organization that the customer tells them about.


In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

For more information on Hale pet doors, go to

COMEDY CORNER                                                 



Cute Guilty Funny Dog
ANYONE WHO THINKS a dog does not remember or does not feel guilt has not lived with a dog. Just look at the expressions on the faces of these three dogs when they are asked the same question at the same time..... NOTE the immediate reaction of the two dogs on the right side of the screen. ;-)