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Happy June from newly-adopted Max Morris! 
ww booth
Jen Weston manning the Whisker Walk booth. 


On a beautiful Sunday in June, hundreds of people came from all over to enjoy the  Whisker Walk held June 9 at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, Mass.


Whisker Walk is a fun day for families and their dogs plus a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit New England animal shelters and rescue groups.  


GSP Rescue NE was there with a booth filled with Rescue goodies. Over $150 was raised and we got to meet and visit with lots of members of our rescue family.


We handed out a good number of business cards to people interested in adopting a GSP and hopefully we'll be hearing from them as they look to add these truly wonderful dogs to their families. 


Many, many thanks to those who took the time to work at the booth, to those who stopped by to say hi, to those who donated money or bought items, and to those who brought their rescue dogs.  We appreciate you all!


Celeste,Audrey and Michele                         GSP Rescue NE Board of Directors 

Whisker Walk: The Day In Photos

What a fun day we had at the Whisker Walk! It was a huge treat to finally meet our Facebook friends Peter and Jonny Hallett, below, along with the very handsome and ever-so-tolerant Gunny, and his foster brother, Forrest, below.


Cheryl Martin, Richard Murray and Debbie Schottler, below,  were on hand with their dogs -- Cheryl hugging Boone and Flyer, Richard with Jack, and Debbie with Lizzy


Also dropping by were with Charlotte Carroll and her son with Buster and Dakota and Jamie Marie with her Italian greyhound, Isaac.

Thanks to everyone who took pictures. What a great way to remember the day!

From left, Janice Gregory, Richard and Lana Murray and Jack greet visitors at the booth.

A lineup of the neighboring booths -- rescues of all sorts!

Peter and Jonnie Hallett's foster boy, Forrest, left, and Cheryl Martin's Flyer. Yes, Flyer is blind (those are cataracts in his eyes) but you'd never know it. That dog moves around like nobody's business.

Even MORE booths!

Ask us anything about GSPs! From left, Janice Gregory, Cheryl Martin, Jen Weston and Jonnie Hallett.

Forrest, left, and Boone, right.

The very handsome Jack Murray. 

Boomer flyer
Boone and his brother, Flyer.

Waiting to begin the Whisker Walk with Buster, Dakota, Forrest, and Gunny.

Doin' the walk with Buster and Dakota and the Carrolls. 

Jonnie Hallett and Gunny, left, and Jen Weston and Forrest get ready to head out.

The Hallett boys -- Gunny and Forrest -- getting down to business. 

Jen Weston, center, with Forrest, and Jonnie Hallett, right, with Gunny.

Jamie marie
Cheryl Martin happened to look out into the crowd in front of the GSP Rescue booth. "Isn't it funny," she says,"how dog people will recognize a dog before they recognize a person?!"
"There was a lady with an [Italian greyhound]. I went up to her & said 'Excuse me, what did you say your dog's name is?' She said, 'Isaac.' " It was Jamie Marie, the woman who took saved a little GSP named Chance, who neighbors were barely feeding and had banned to a cold shelter in their backyard. Says Cheryl on running into Jamie, "It's a moment I will always remember!"

Forrest takes Peter Hallett for a stroll.

Cheryl Martin's handsome boy, Flyer.

Charlotte Carroll reported that Buster was so tired from a hot day at the Whisker Walk, he slept on the way home. Smart boy, Buster!


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Help Us Help Them
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GSP Rescue New England now has a presence on Facebook. Go to: Facebook.com/GSPRescueNE

Look Who's Been Adopted!

More GSPs have found their forever homes!


They are: Girl, Rika, Buddy, Max and Cash.


Hooray for the dogs!! Hooray for their new families!! :-) 


Donations have gratefully been accepted this month from: Anonymous, in memory of Jewels Morris; Jill Smith, Frank Straccia, Margaret Reidy, Kim Giardina, Julie Doucette and Peter Russo.


Thank you all for your generosity!

Thank You, Donors!

For those who have graciously made donations to GSP Rescue NE and would like a receipt, please contact Celeste.


And, once again, a big THANK YOU to you all. :-)

Banjo Needs A Foster Home


Nine-year-old Banjo is coming from the same shelter in North Carolina that Girl was from after being  surrendered by his owner. Banjo had been adopted out but was returned because he was "destructive" outside. Destructive? Banjo likes to dig holes.  


This boy is just as sweet as Girl is. He'll need some obedience, seems to be house trained and is crate trained. He gets along with all dogs, people and kids and is a lovely tempered dog. Once Banjo learns the rules of the house, he's going to be an easy, turnkey dog. If you've been waiting for a sweet senior dog to foster, here's your boy! Banjo will be arriving in New England next week.


Foster homes provide TLC, some basic manners and food but a food stipend is available if needed; rescue pays all vet bills 

 If you're interested, email Celeste and she'll tell you more!

Spotlight On: BOB


Eight-year-old Bob has been with GSP Rescue NE  since October when he was picked up in western Massachusetts as a stray.  He's very sweet and gentle boy, loves other dogs and seems to get along with everyone.  



 Bob is smaller in stature at about 40 pounds and we believe he is a mix with possibly a springer spaniel since his hair is slightly feathered in spots.




Bob is house trained and while he can be crated, he would rather not be. He's like most dogs and would rather be loose with his family. An owner who is home all the time and can work with him to ease his anxiety will be ideal.   




He is a velcro dog and will follow you around the house or lay at your feet while you work from home or watch TV.



For more information on the very handsome Bob, contact Celeste


Combatting Choke
Thanks to Shari Owens for sending along this video . . .


If something were to get lodged in your dog's throat, would you know what actions to take? No one expects the unexpected, which is why it's always a good idea to prepare yourself for the worst just in case an emergency scenario arises.


Melanie Monteiro is a dog safety expert and certified pet first aid instructor -- yep, those actually exist -- as well as the author of "The Safe Dog Handbook."



In this video, she demonstrates four techniques dog owners can use if their dog is choking.  
Safe Dog Safety Tip: Choking 
Safe Dog Safety Tip: Choking
 For more dog health-related tips, go to 

Logo Contest

Are you feeling creative? 


GSP Rescue NE is looking to freshen up our logo. Could you be the one to do it?!


We are looking for something that is fun and creative, and depicts GSP Rescue NE and what we stand for.


You must incorporate our current logo (above) into your idea. It can be an original drawing or computer-generated but cannot be from pictures taken from other sites that may be copyrighted or trademarked.


Send your logo in .jpg form to Celeste.  All submissions will be displayed on GSP Rescue NE's facebook page as they are received. All entries become the property of  GSP Rescue NE.

The winner will be selected by GSP Rescue NE's board of directors, and will receive a whole bunch of really cool swag from the Rescue store. The contest will probably run until the end of May, or until we find the perfect logo. And the new logo will be incorporated onto a whole bunch of new T-shirts!

THANKS for participating! 


 Help Us With

Our Year-Round Fundraisers




Zeppa Studios designs and produces unique gifts for dog and other animal lovers. 


Their Project Rescue was specifically created to help rescue groups earn money and for customers to save money!


Enter the coupon code for German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue New England (GSPRNE) during your online check-out or mention it to the customer service rep when ordering by phone. Customers get 10 percent off their order, GSP Rescue NE will get 20 percent. 


For information or to see their product line, go to ZeppaStudios  


Book Donations Needed

   Book bin

 GSP Rescue NE is joining with Got Books? as a new means of fundraising. Got Books? works by placing bins for recycled books in parking lots. If you have a parking lot with one extra space for a bin please contact Celeste.

This is a one year commitment. All you have to do is donate the space and call Got Books? to empty the bins when they're full.  

Rescue gets paid per pound of books. Got Books? will work for rescue through active participation by the GSP Rescue organization and the community.


Requirements are:
1. Safety - The bin must be placed in a safe location for drivers, pedestrians and participants
2. Location - The Got Books? container should be visible to your members as well as the surrounding community 
Successful programs establish a plan for getting books from the community. Posting information in the weekly program and bulletins, posting information on your website, and alerting local paper
about the Got Books? program and what Rescue is raising the money for. Every organization is unique and there is more than one way to accomplish the task of getting the books in to the Got Books? container.


Got Books? is a great way to increase recycling and earn extra money for programs within Rescue.  


For more information on Got Books? or if you have room at your business to house a collection bin, contact Celeste.  

Dog Door Discount!

 Hale Pet Door logo

GSP Rescue New England is listed among rescue groups and shelters that have participated in Hale Pet Door's Rescue Rewards program. 
The Rescue Rewards works this way:  When  customers let Hale know that they adopted a pet (either recently or in the past), they receive a 10 percent discount on the cost of their Hale Pet Door.  And then Hale makes a donation for that same 10 percent amount to the organization that the customer tells them about.


In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

For more information on Hale pet doors, go to www.halepetdoor.com

Partners For Pets Program

 Bissell logo

Bissell's Partners for Pets program supports pet adoption and homeless pets. When you buy selected pet products on bissell.com, you save 10% (with free shipping) and BISSELL will donate 10% of your purchase price to a pet shelter of your choice. For more information, click here.
 Use the code ADOPT at the BISSELL checkout to receive the discount. 

Click here to view eligible products.

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