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Jan Carley square This is a combined issue due to time restrictions as I have been consumed with the writing of my new book, Finding your Overtone. The first draft is almost ready for my beta readers and after that it goes to the publisher. Super exciting!

From May 16-22 the world is celebrating International Coaching Week. To acknowledge this wonderful profession that has changed my life, I am offering free 45 minute laser coaching sessions to anyone who wants quick clarity and direction on a work or personal topic. Email me this week with your interest and we will schedule your coaching session in May.  (no strings attached...only a desire to have more people experience the benefits that an agenda-free thinking partner can provide.)  #ExperienceCoaching 
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Feature Article: Seeing with New Eyes 
I recently flew from Saskatoon to Calgary and was seated beside a young man in his mid-twenties who excitedly told me that it was his first time EVER flying in an airplane. Though I was exhausted and tired of air travel, his eager questions about each step on the process, from takeoff to landing, invigorated me and my flying perspective. Seeing things through the eyes of a first-time flyer, the process, and the miracle of modern flying turned the trip into appreciative adventure instead of a tiring necessity.

It occurred to me that seeing with 'new' eyes might be a worthwhile practice to incorporate into my life.  They say a change is as good as a rest. What might we see if we looked at things with a different perspective?  Read on for ten easy ways to kick start your mindset refresh.  

10 Easy Ways to Refresh your Perspective
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1/ Drive to work by a new route - Nothing will shake you out of your unconscious competence like driving an entirely new route to work. Challenge yourself (without your GPS). Notice the different sights along the way, the speed of the traffic, your increased attention to the act of driving.

2/ The drying challenge - Start your perspective refresh in the morning by switching up the way you 'dry' yourself after your shower. Always start head down? Change to feet up. Always start right to left? Notice your pattern and switch it up.

3/ Be a tour guide - The very best way to see and appreciate your city anew is to be a tour guide. Don't have anyone from out of town visiting you? Have some fun with a friend. Take each other to parts of the city and imagine you are touring around a newcomer to your city.

4/ Transit turnaround - Sit in a different seat in a different part of the bus or train. If you never take public transit - experiment with doing so. You might be amazed at what you see when you are not responsible for driving.

5/ Change up your routine -  Are you a creature of habit? e.g/ Always do your food shopping on a Saturday? Mix it up and see who is shopping at 8 pm on a Wednesday.   

6/ Experiment weekly - Make a conscious effort to try something new once per week. It might be visiting a new coffee shop, it might be pumping some air in your old bike and going for a ride...keep track of your 'new' things and make it a family challenge.

7/ Borrow a dog (or a kid) - Kids and dogs have a way of opening up our worlds in a way that we might not otherwise experience. The kids and dogs can take down a barrier and make us approachable. If you are currently kid or dog-less consider borrowing one for an afternoon. Notice the new connections you make and the new conversations you have.

8/ Riser shakeup - For singers: Try standing in a different place on the risers.  Ask your director to experiment with doing a 'riser shakeup' as part of your rehearsal night. Singing with different voices around you will focus your brain in a new way.

9/ Adopt a learner mindset -  Start exercising your curiosity muscle instead of your knowing muscle. Ask questions. Letting go the need to know or have the answer will free your mind to other learning possibilities.

                                                                      photo: Jan Carley 
10/ Unplug in public - Do you walk down the street checking your text messages? If so, you are missing the real action. Stick the phone in your pocket and connect with the people you pass on the street. Shift their day by adding a smile. 


Lightbulb of the Month
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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust

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About Jan Carley  

Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Known as a high-performance catalyst, Jan specializes in coaching individuals and teams to focus and clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to open possibilities and maximize their performance potential.  

3rd edition of Jan's book  

Jan's book, Harmony from the Inside Out, has been acclaimed worldwide and is now in its 3rd printing. Her second book, Finding your Overtone, will be released in 2016.    


Jan is Associate Faculty of the renowned Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program, a Professional Mentor coach and a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory .    


Jan lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and is available for individual & team coaching, workshops and speaking engagements worldwide. PCC logo

Contact Jan at 604 873-1763    email: jan@creativecoachinggroup.com     

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