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This is a slightly embarrassing confession to make. Even though I regularly coach my clients through a system to ensure successful project completion, I have been less thorough with my own personal work discipline.

However, I recently followed my own system in the creation of a 9 day BKWR (Butt Kicking Writers Retreat) to get serious about the writing of my new book. I approached the BKWR with intent, commitment, focus, added bite-sized planning and accountability, and guess what? The system worked!

I got 70% of the first draft of my new book completed and my writing accountability partner made a sizeable dent in her young-adult novel. (all this with the distraction of the cutest Jack Russell in the world) (see pic). Find out the secrets to my success in my feature article below.

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Feature Article: 9 Easy Steps to Get the  'Big One' Completed   
black-laptop.jpg You have a monster project looming that you really want to complete - yet your progress is slow and time marches on. Maybe the project seems too enormous to even start or perhaps a deadline is close at hand and you are suffering from overwhelm paralysis.  Sound familiar? I recently went through this process when faced with the daunting task of completing the first draft of my new book. With a simple system I got re-energized and back on track. The 9 steps to my success are outlined below. (Hint: Success really does lie in the set-up and planning)


1/ Establish a Compressed 'Blitz' Time
The quickest way to kick-start momentum is to create an intense, yet realistic Project Blitz. This involves committing to a specific compressed time period where you will attack your project with zeal. Choose a 'blitz block' that fits with your life and other routine commitments.  Will the blitz last every day for 1 week, or every other day for 1 month? Can you commit 3 hours per day? Or full days every other day? Block off the chosen 'blitz time' in all of your calendars with strict boundaries so the time becomes sacrosanct. Untouchable and immovable by other appointments or distractions.
Give your 'project blitz' a name. My 9- day writing blitz was called the BKWR (Butt Kicking Writers Retreat). Having some fun with this 'naming' will up your level of commitment, and make it interesting to talk about to friends and family. Saying it out loud to others will amp up your accountability.

2/ Create desired Takeaways 
Before you begin your 'blitz period', ask yourself what your desired takeaways are. What will make you feel like your blitz time has been a success? Write those takeaways down and keep them visible to remind yourself.


elephant 3/ CHUNK IT DOWN
This step is written in CAPS on purpose as it is probably the most important part of the process. We all know that the answer to "How do you eat an elephant?" is "One bite at a time". Without breaking a project into chunks, you will quickly fall into overwhelm paralysis. Do this 'chunking down' part judiciously and realistically. Get super specific. In my case, it was delivery of a specified number of chapters for each day. 

4/ Remove Distractions
Set up yourself up for full focus success. Turn off your phone ringer and email; take yourself out of regular environment if possible. (My BKWR was at a friend's cabin up north - no cell phone access!)
This is the easy part! If you have paid attention to the set-up and planning, this part will be a breeze.

5/ Set the timer
Work for 20 minute blocks, then get up for a stretch...perhaps even have a drink of water, tea or a cookie. It is easier to mentally commit to focusing for 20 minutes than a 3 or 4 hour block.  (oh, and if you happen to work through your timer and are on a roll - that's fine too!)

6/Check-in and Recalibration
Check-in with yourself or your accountability partner after each day of the blitz. Recap your progress and if need be, do some recalibration if your progress has been slower or faster than anticipated. Do all of that without self-judgement! You are doing it!

7/Support Partners
I say partners (plural)  because you really do need more than one. Your support partners are interested in your progress, and supportive of your efforts. They will encourage and applaud your efforts. Who will be your cheerleaders and supports?

I strongly recommend you have a designated accountability partner for your project blitz. If not a coach, then enlist a supportive colleague or your spouse or a friend. Your accountability partner might also be a support partner though the roles are slightly different. Your accountability partner will ask you the tough questions - and you will be accountable to your results. Your accountability partner will ask you  how you will keep up the momentum/or how you will course correct to achieve your goals. Check in on a regular basis with your accountability partner.

jumping for joy 9/Celebration and Rewards
After the Blitz, it's time to celebrate. Even if you don't complete your full desired takeaways in the time allocated, the momentum you get from creating such forward motion will keep you going (especially with your accountability partner (see #8). This kind of intense focus deserves rewards on a regular basis. My brother used to celebrate progress by treating himself to a 'scratch and win' bingo card when he reached certain project milestones. Whether for you it's a nite out, a nite off, a walk or a couple of homemade cookies...consciously celebrating your work and effort is important.
SUMMARY: 9 Steps to Getting the 'Big One' Done
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  • Establish a Blitz Time Period
  • Create Desired Takeaways
  • Chunk it Down
  • Remove Distractions
  • Set the Timer
  • Self-check ins and Recalibration
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Celebration 

Lightbulb of the Month

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it"
                   -Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer
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