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Jan Carley
As the world around us swirls in turmoil, I am sure you, like me, feel a lot of emotion including a sense of helplessness. 

Occasionally, there's a Facebook post that hits to the heart of the matter. Peter Jorgensen - a musical theatre professional I know -said it beautifully: "This is what I know I can do. It's too late for me to become a Jason Bourne, or James Bond. I'm not wealthy enough to become Batman or Iron Man. I'm not gonna cure cancer, or end poverty, or stop wars. So, I'm just gonna keep on doing what I can do. I'm gonna tell stories, and make music, and dance. I'm going to do it with people who are full of love and wisdom.
Cause when horrendous sh*t goes down, it's the only way I know how to make this world even a tiny bit better."

In the face of such upheaval, Peter was actually talking about 'being' the only person he knew how to be. That caused me to think about who I am 'being' and reminded me of a lesson I learned from the Dalai Lama. Read my feature article below.

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Feature Article:   BE DO HAVE - The Importance of 'Being'  
I was honoured to hear the Dalai Lama speak in Vancouver a few years back at a sold out event in the 50,000 seat BC Place Stadium. At the end of his talk he asked for questions and someone way up in the nosebleed section asked: "How can we create peace in the world?"

The Dalai Lama paused and then answered: "You can't."

There was a shocked hush in the audience and the Dalai Lama went on to explain:
"You can't create peace in the world. You CAN create peace in yourself. And once you have created peace in yourself... then turn to your family - create peace in your family. And once there is peace in your family...turn to your neighbours...and once there is peace with your neighbours, turn to your community..." and so on. 

Part of our helplessness in these turbulent times stems from our feeling out of control. Yet the most important part of our world is the one thing we do have control over - that is, who we 'be'. We get to choose what and who we want to be. In these times of turmoil, rather than ask "What can we do?" let's ask instead - "What can we be?"  Start with BE.

So much of our focus is put on our almighty 'to do' lists, on the 'doing'.  Yet, the real meaning of life is not in the doing. As Neale Donald Walsch said "We are human beings, not human doings." In fact, our 'doing-ness' has really become our 'undoing'. We have been sucked into the DO HAVE BE formula for living. If we DO 'x' then we will HAVE 'x' and then we will BE 'x'.   E.g./ "After I get through University, I will get a job and then I will be fulfilled" or "If we work hard, we can buy a house and then we will be happy" or "Once this busy period at work is over I will have more time and will be less stressed out."   Many of us suffer from "If ...then" disease. Always striving, we will be happy when.... 

The cure for the IF...THEN disease is a simple flip of the words DO HAVE BE to BE DO HAVE.


Most important first is who we 'BE' - which inspires the 'DO' that follows... with the 'HAVE' then being the result. We are on this earth to 'be' something - and possibly be many things. And we are here to live and contribute in this moment. If you are intentional about how you 'be' in each moment you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. 

1/ Choose your BEING State: On your 'to do' list, create another column beside your action items - call it your 'Be' Column. In your 'be' column  you will choose your 'being' state - that is, who you choose to 'be' when  'doing' your list?
Your state of being is the way you express your very definition of self. It has to do with the feeling and essence of the energy that you produce and radiate in each moment of your existence.  
2/ Get Intentional: This is as easy as reminding yourself of 'who you be' and how you want to show up - on purpose. Run the word(s) that describe your desired 'being' state through your mind during the day. Create a visual reminder by putting the words on a postit note and stick it on your computer screen or car dashboard.

3/Check in with yourself throughout the day: If you get off track, re-center to your daily 'being' intention.

4/ Evening Reflection: Get consistent and become more self-aware by reflecting on your day and looking at yourself without judgment or labels, simply observation. How did you show up? Who were you 'being' today? A practice of journaling those awareness recaps will be beneficial. It is from this place of awareness that you launch your quest for personal mastery.
"You must be the change that you wish to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Lightbulb of the Month

 "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy, Writer  1828-1910

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