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Jan on her bike I am amazed that my clients' biggest coaching challenges each month always seem to mirror my own. This month it is 'overwhelm paralysis' and the paradoxical inability to get started on the very projects that they know will give them results and move them forward in the way they want. 

Confession: The same thing happens to me!  That realization prompted me to abandon those lengthy formulas for success and identify 2 simple steps (yes, only 2!) that will help get me (and you) moving forward. (see the feature article below)

To your success! (whatever that means to you) 


  Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

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Feature Article:  2 Steps to Succeeding at (Almost) Anything!  
I, and hundreds of authors and coaches have been guilty of creating overly complex strategic goal-setting systems for maximum success.  "7 Success Habits", "9 Secret Tools", "11 Winning Strategies" ...the brain boggles!
Yet I find that my coaching clients have 2 themes that consistently surface as the major blocks to their moving forward. I am convinced that addressing the hold backs of 'overwhelm paralysis' and 'waning motivation' with a simple 2-step formula is the key to achieving (almost) anything. Let's explore further.
You know the feeling. The task in front of you is huge...your pre-set commitment or deadline looms...yet you spend the evening rooted to your chair, watching yet another Reality TV show, unable to get started on something you really do want to accomplish. You want the outcome, and you know that to get started and keep the ball rolling will give you that desired outcome, yet still you sit. Paralyzed, wracked with guilt at what you 'should' be doing, and moving back and forth between self-judgment, resignation and justification for your inactivity.  
Whewff - that's a lot of energy wasted. What is stopping you from doing something that will help move you in the direction you want? It's simple!  More often than not, your defined task is probably too big.
2 of my clients came to me in this week alone paralyzed from doing that which they knew would bring them success. Why? Their 'task' was TOO BIG. Each one of them needed to 'chunk it down'.
E.g./ "Finish my book this fall" was one client's task. I asked "What needs to be done?" We then chunked it down into small pieces. I asked "What first?" We flagged that. I asked "By when?" She determined that. (and then we went to the next incremental step)

Another client was involved in a job search - and the prospect and energy required absolutely flattened him simply thinking of it!  Again, we worked to chunk it down - and create a manageable and do-able first step. 

elephant The power of increments. Every step forward is a step forward! Like the answer to the question  "How do you eat an Elephant?" A/ "One bite at a time."
It may not be glamorous, dashing, or overly exciting, yet taking small bites will give you a sense of satisfaction AND create momentum toward your big goal. T
Unless you are superwoman, it is near impossible to keep consistently self - motivated even if you really want the outcome you are working toward. The vast majority of us need external supports and motivators to help us 'keep on keepin' on.'  If we privately hold our goals we won't have a good success rate. As un-sexy as it sounds, putting a structured accountability system in place is the key piece to ramp up the success of our goals.   
We have no problems with setting accountability structures in our businesses. We are consistent and conscientious about helping our staff team create specific action plans to help achieve business goals; we hold meetings to check in on their progress, we ask them to report back to us on deliverables, we hold them accountable and they act.
Now all we need to do is follow those same accountability practices ourselves. Here are 3 easy steps:
Personal Accountability: Write it Down and Acknowledge your Progress
You must actively measure your progress by putting pen to paper. The process of writing and recording your efforts has a huge impact on results. It makes you acknowledge your incremental successes and remain conscious and intentional about your progress. Writing it down holds you personally accountable.  I also am a big believer in visual supports to acknowledge and celebrate your progress. I use a 'sticker system' to reward myself when I act on a plan. There is a reason that 'stickers' are used in primary school - they WORK! What made us think we suddenly wouldn't need that kind of motivation as we grew old? Think of a reward that works for you. One of my clients told me that she gets great satisfaction from crossing off items on her 'to do list' in a hot pink fluorescent marker when she completes her daily goal.
Get a partner (s)
Find a specific accountability partner (or two) who are invested in seeing you achieve your goal. Make sure you pick accountability partners without personal agendas. Pick ones who will support you, encourage you, celebrate with you, remind you of the reasons for your setting your goal and help you get back on track if you get stalled. 
Be specific with your accountability partners. How often do you want them to check in with you?  Are you going to give them daily progress reports?  Will you email them or phone them?  How do you want to be held accountable? What kind of encouragement do you need from them?  Set up clear and specific parameters for your accountability partnership.
Go Public
Going public signals that you are truly committed to your goal. Think about this as garnering public support for your goal.  You are much more likely to keep on track if your colleagues and friends are asking you how it is going. Saying it out loud starts to reinforce a personal belief system that builds energy and keeps you going. Get bold and shout it out loud!  

Lightbulb of the Month

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain, Writer (1835-1910) 

Do you know anyone with Parkinson's Disease?
As you know that my wonderful Mom (Mig) passed away on January 3, 2015 after courageously living with the progressively debilitating Parkinson's disease for 13 years. 

In memory of my mom,  I am taking part in the Parkinson SuperWalk on Sept. 13 to raise funds for better treatments and research into the causes of Parkinson's, and hopefully one day, a cure for this brutal disease.  Thanks for any support you can give!
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