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On Nov. 15 I spent 14 hours working in a polling station for Vancouver's Municipal Election. With a ballot that held a staggering 119 candidates for Mayor, City Councillor, Parks Board and School Board, voters had a challenging time figuring out who to vote for.


Each candidate's platform that described 'what they stood for' became of prime importance. The successful candidates were those who had platforms that were clear, connected and compelling.  


How developed is your personal platform or have you ever really thought about what you stand for? Read my feature article below for guidance on identifying and standing fully in your personal platform.




  Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

  Professional Certified Executive Coach   

  Creative Coaching Group 

Feature Article: Creating your Personal Platform 

Politicians running for office understand the need to create a platform describing what they stand for if they want to get elected. A platform focuses their campaign, enhances understanding, garners support and amplifies the effectiveness of their work by helping their constituents understand what is really important to them.  

We could benefit by exploring this concept in our own lives.  


In last month's newsletter (click here to read) we delved into the VALUE OF VALUES as the critical core pieces that act as drivers, influencers and supports for our lives. With values as our foundation - holding us up - what then do we stand for? What is our WHY? Simon Sinek's brilliant TED talk  examines how we must start with our WHY, our reason, our cause, our beliefs, in order to live an inspired life or inspire others. Without knowing our WHY, any vision or action plan is rudderless.  


I thought I would test out the question the other night while out for dinner with a coach colleague. When I asked our young waiter "What do you stand for" he hesitated and said "Wow, that's a big question." After a few minutes he returned to our table with visible excitement and said "I stand for 'experiences' - because that's how we grow".  


I invite you to get excited as you create your personal platform while considering the 3 keys below.  


3 Keys to Creating an Inspirational Personal Platform


1/Make Your Platform Clear and Hold it Near  

Create your platform with simple, brief statements, not encumbered with extraneous detail. Start by writing your statements with "I believe in ...." or "I stand for..."  To hardwire your platform in your brain, you must pay it repeated attention. Write out your platform, read it aloud daily, discuss it with your loved ones, your colleagues, your coach.


2/Connect Your Platform 

a/Connect to your Values: It is critical that your platform be aligned with your most deeply felt beliefs. If there is a disconnect between your platform and your core values, there will be a subconscious reluctance to move forward boldly. If connected with what you hold as most important, energy will flow.  

b/Connect with others: A platform that is solely about you is your ego talking. This is about contribution, not ego. Go outside yourself and create the connections between what you stand for and how that can impact others. What you here on this earth for? What will your legacy be?  


3/Make Your Platform Compelling 

Inspire yourself and you will inspire others. Really delve into your "WHY" and your feelings around why you stand for what you stand. Create a picture of what you stand for using your 5 senses  - What does that picture look like? Feel like? Sound like? Smell like? Taste like?  

It's the emotional element that expertly transfers that picture into your brain's memory cells. Think about the emotions you will feel when you live into your WHY. What does it feel like in your heart, your gut, your soul when you think of your platform? Allow your body to respond to the feelings associated with the picture you have created.   A compelling platform will act as an energy driver and create the momentum to inspire both you and those around you. 


Lightbulb of the Month

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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung  


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About Jan Carley  

Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Known as a high-performance catalyst, Jan specializes in coaching individuals and teams to focus and clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to open possibilities and maximize their performance potential. Jan is Associate Faculty of the renowned Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program and a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory TM.  

Jan lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and is available for individual & team coaching, workshops and speaking engagements worldwide.  PCC logo

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