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I love fall as it always signals new beginnings and inspires new thoughts.  One of my favourite fall events is the Annual Parkinson's SuperWalk.  My mom has been living with the progressively debilitating Parkinson's disease for 13 years.  When I watch her struggle it is easy to feel helpless.  However, when I adopt a more generative way of thinking, I spring into positive action and find myself walking to find a cure.
Flipping to a generative way thinking will instantly shift your energy.  The first chapter of my book, Harmony from the Inside Out talks about how to flip your focus. Click here to download a pdf of Chapter 1 . My feature article below will give some ideas on how to incorporate generative thinking into your life.

I also want to tell you about a couple of opportunities to kickstart your new beginnings with me this fall.  First, be sure to sign up for my Free Teleseminar on Oct. 2 if you would like a 60 minute mental Defrag and Reboot.   And if you really want a boost to make some lasting change, please consider registering for my GET BACK TO YOU 4 week Tele-boot Camp. Details below.

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Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

Professional Certified Executive Coach   

 Creative Coaching Group 

Feature Article: Generative Thinking - Going Beyond Positive  

Positivity vs. Negativity - which is better? That's a no brainer. We know that negative thinking takes us on a downward spiral into the land of scarcity and keeps us paralyzed there. Positive thinking creates forward momentum and possibilities. We all value positivity. Or do we?  


I espouse the value of positive thinking in my coaching work with high-performance groups worldwide and surprisingly have encountered some misunderstandings and resistance around the positivity concept. There are concerns that being positive all the time means not being 'real' or 'truthful' and therefore ignoring the things that aren't working which could inhibit forward progress to mastery. 


I have always maintained that being positive does not mean we walk around with rose-colored glasses ignoring what is wrong and blowing "smoke" over the problems. If positivity is a platitude, ignores reality, or is an unrealistic glossy sugar coating on tarnished background - being positive can actually be negative. Putting a positive spin on something won't go far unless it is authentically based in truth.

For truly immediate shifts and forward momentum we must take our thinking beyond simply being positive and embrace a dynamic and exciting GENERATIVE approach to our thoughts and actions.  A generative approach unleashes new life, energy and  possibilities by focusing thought and actions on opportunities for change or growth vs. problems and weaknesses.  A generative approach inspires creative action.  



KEY STEPS to Move into Generative Thinking


1/ Identify and Acknowledge Reality-  

In order to think generatively and create new life, ideas and possibilities we have to be aware of and acknowledge (without judgement) the current reality or situation.  Be real, don't gloss over the facts. Once the awareness is there, shift your focus. Rather than remaining focused on the lack, or the problem, move to Step 2 , begin to think generatively and watch the possibilities open up.  


2/ Begin to Think Generatively -  

The one question you must always ask yourself "Is this thought GENERATIVE?" (Does it open possibilities or move me or the situation forward?)  If not, reframe and ask yourself some generative mindset questions.  e.g. / How could I shift my thinking about the current situation?  What is the opportunity in this situation (vs. a focus on 'lack', 'weakness', or problem).  How could I change my perspective? Where could we grow? What could we change for a better result? Notice the mental space that opens up when you begin to think generatively.  


3/ Focus, Act and Speak Generatively -  

Continue to focus and refocus your energy on the generative piece for more powerful impact. "Where thought goes, energy flows". Focus on the result or conditions you WANT, instead of focusing on what you don't want. Acting generatively will inspire you to move you toward a solution instead of moving away from a problem. When examining a situation, or working to better it - approach your planning from a generative perspective.  Feel the momentum that surges as a result. When you speak, listen to your words - are they generative? Or do those words keep you standing still? Speak about what life looks like having resolved the current challenge and then work toward moving into that vision.


4/Generative thinking with your organization -

Many of you will have participated in SWOT analyses in group planning sessions where you look at your organization's S - Strengths, W- Weaknesses, O- Opportunities and T- Threats. The difficulty with the SWOT exercise is that one tends to spend the most time, and energy in the Weaknesses and Threats areas. That negative energy tends to take over and draws our focus.  

The SOAR approach

Shifting to a generative SOAR acronym (S - Strengths, O- Opportunities, A- Aspirations, R-results) will expand your creative space and possible results. What formerly was labelled a W-weakness is now an O-Opportunity for growth and change.  A- Aspirations focus on getting at you and your organizations deepest desires. What do you really want?  

And R - Results are of course the desired end point.  

You can use the SOAR concept as a generative touch point for your personal life, or your group or team.   

Lightbulb of the Month

blue lightbulb


"Consider the possibility that the little obstacles in
life are not obstacles at all, but stepping stones.  

Look to see what they offer you in terms of growth, and
you'll see their treasures"  - Neale Donald Walsch, Author

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About Jan Carley  

Jan Carley square Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Known as a high-performance catalyst, Jan specializes in coaching individuals and teams to focus and clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to maximize their performance potential. Jan is Associate Faculty of the renowned Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program and a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory TM. 

3rd edition of Jan's book  

Jan's popular book, Harmony from the Inside Out, has been acclaimed worldwide and this 3rd edition includes a bonus 50-page Action Guide download. Purchase the book online at


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