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I was honoured to spend a few days recently at Royal Roads University in Victoria serving on the evaluation panel of the Executive Coaching Program Capstone Graduation Event. 40 students successfully launched themselves as Certified Executive Coaches after courageously demonstrating their coaching skills live in front of the evaluation panel.  


It was thrilling to work on the panel alongside some of the best and brightest Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in North America. Those Master Coaches, at the top of their craft, spoke passionately to the students about how their personal commitments to continuous learning and ongoing work toward mastery allow them to contribute more deeply and expansively to the coaching profession, their relationships and to society.  


The experience reminded me of the need to refocus and ramp up the energy of my own journey toward personal mastery in order to serve the world in the biggest way possible. Is it time for you to refocus too? Read the feature article below for some tips to accelerate your growth to personal excellence.  


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 Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  

Professional Certified Executive Coach   

Creative Coaching Group 

Feature Article: 7 Steps to Accelerate Personal Mastery

Whether it's a gold medal, a blue ribbon, or a glistening trophy, we view those at the top of their craft, no matter what field of expertise, with respect and awe.  These external awards seem to signal some sort of extra special mastery level.


In fact, all of those award-winning musicians, athletes and executives know that the key to success is their commitment to continuous lifetime growth. The awards of excellence or achievement received merely signal a signpost on the road instead of the end of the road. In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talks about how it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill. Those committed to personal mastery understand there will always be new frontiers to cross, nuggets to learn, and ways to grow.  


Why is adoption of a personal mastery discipline important?  Mahatma Gandhi said, "We must be the change that we envision" and personal mastery is the route to making change.  A personal mastery discipline thinks of life as a creative work, and we can create infinite possibilities for our lives when we are inspired to keep striving to go beyond ourselves. Living from that place of empowerment can help us choose the actions and achieve the results that move us toward our personal vision we truly desire.  The benefits of focusing and refocusing on our vision are increased happiness, peace, purpose and success.   


Personal mastery is perhaps the most important of all invisible and intangible assets to which we can dedicate our life energy.  Mastery is a journey, not a destination and the real jewels abound in the journey.  


7 Steps to Accelerate Personal Mastery


1/ Create a Personal Vision:  Without an evocative personal vision, your journey is directionless. Clarifying what is important to you and creating a vivid picture of your 'possible future' will add compelling fuel to your mastery journey.  Noted leadership thinker and author Peter Senge said "It's not what the vision is; it's what the vision does".  A vision adds energy, excitement and garners support for your journey and your life legacy. 


2/ Define your Current Reality:  Become self-aware and willing to look at yourself without judgment or labels. See your current reality clearly for it is from this place that you launch your quest for personal mastery.  Every step forward from where you are right now is a step forward.  I call this the power of incremental improvement.   


3/ Embrace the Creative Tension between your Vision and Current Reality:  Senge talks about the force generated inside ourselves that is the gap between our personal vision and our current reality. He calls this force "creative tension." Tension always seeks resolution and when we commit ourselves to relieving that tension by cultivating the thinking that will have us working towards our personal vision we in turn move toward personal mastery.  Senge recommends that we live life from a creative vs. reactive viewpoint and lean into that creative tension.  


4/ Show up as a learner:  Open up your world and your thinking by actively showing up as a learner in everything you do. Seek knowledge. Be curious.   As soon as you think you know it all, you atrophy.  There is no end to the mastery continuum that we can set for our lives.   


5/ Share your knowledge: Teaching or mentoring another is a quick start way to deepen your personal mastery skills. Allow your knowledge and experience to enrich and influence the lives of others and feel your inner light glow as you watch the light bulbs come on for someone else. 


6/ Challenge yourself daily:  Do one new thing daily - to relieve your creative tension and move you toward your vision. 


7/ Surround self with people who are ahead of you: It is said you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Take a look at your Top Five. Are they actively working to improve themselves, enrich the world, contribute and learn?  If not, find some people who are and fuel your journey with renewed energy.  


Finally,  get support and be sure to celebrate each signpost on your journey. You deserve it!  

Resource: Peter M. Senge, The Fifth Discipline,  Doubleday USA  1990, 2006


Lightbulb of the Month

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 "Everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself."  - Leo Tolstoy, author



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About Jan Carley  

Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Known as a high-performance catalyst, Jan specializes in coaching high-achieving individuals and teams to focus and clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to maximize their performance potential. She is Associate Faculty of the renowned Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program and a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory TM. 

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